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20.05.2013 02:41
but Wang Ni heart very surprised antworten

The whole text without advertising the 402nd chapter cards has been sitting there listening to the Wang Ni quietly drinking tea, but she knew her innermost thoughts of the young boss. (full text Free Ebook Download) this is a growing with everything, and ambitions are growing man. His ambition, with his a plan goal, there will be more ambitious, this is not a quiet man, his bones, full of the spirit of adventure, even though his career was very influential, this is not a man to be willing to dull, enjoyment, he is still in order to realize his more ambitious and struggling. But Wang Ni appreciate ambitious man this, often have ambition, he said he would be for him to continue the struggle spirit, climb a peak. Life, should continue to climb over a pressure in front of the mountain, it is brilliant, but once lost ambitions,Nike Jordan Flight 9, lost the fight, only covet is enjoyed, such boss, sooner or later, is not worth her Wang Ni to work. This land. In Wang Ni view, seems to be a shy simple young, but his heart was filled with ambition, full of desire. The company is willing to spend millions to buy his invention, he was willing to make the technical invention unpaid contributions to the company, just to air power project in the company is stepping up its construction for a space for one person, as a springboard, to realize his desire. So the talent, is extremely rare, not only have the strength, and ambitious, very worthy of cultivation. Of course, this ambition only in technical invention and creation of speaking, is very desirable, Wang Ni Yezheng see this trait. The land, will personally take him back,Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, he also want to have a look, Xu Linyuan can see this young potential. However...... When she heard Xu Linyuan and the young of a dialogue, but Wang Ni heart very surprised, she totally unexpected,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, this young man through exercise and growing up in such an environment, can a person's mind to figure out the accurate grasp of such. She believes that Xu Linyuan must have read this land. Ambition, so tactfully refused, example way, let this land. Due to urgent because of heart, just as frankly displays his ultimate objective idea, just one attack on cutting words, let the youth completely surrendered. In this view, the young boss in under the royal road, went a step further, Wang Ni also believe that, this man's hegemonic ambitions, it must achieve. After that, so Wang Ni in Xu Linyuan saw land. Offer technical information road: "Chairman, I propose the design director of regulating land away to aviation Power Corporation as a technical department as chain flushing inlet and exhaust system project!" Xu Linyuan listenned to this words, surprised, because these words Wang Ni says, it was his idea, but he did not adopt Wang Ni's proposal, but opens an encrypted information from the computer, out of which a graphic medium Chao, the computer flipped, see: landing. "You look at the diagram, you can talk about >

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