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clothes every now and antworten

> Yang Hin hearts startled, suddenly looked up, his eyes seemed to penetrate the endless time and space, and ultimately falls on the end of the stunning looks of that sight. The www! QUANBen! Com this moment, between heaven and earth all the sounds are gone. Time seemed to slow down. I saw the doors, the sun,Jordan 10 Sale, that white girl leaning against the wind standing, her beautiful face, with a dash of tension, dash surprise dash of hope ...... this moment, she is like a flower Chu Chen, stunning and moving. Day Joan of indifference, the moment she turned, already faded from her body, as if time reversal back to a year ago ...... we knew it, Yang Xuan clenched fist loose off, sank to the bottom deep heart, once again warm up the corners of his mouth at the slowly revealing a little bright smile, smile some thrilling, the world eclipsed all of the air reduces down. Two, looking windswept between the two. Wei children in the eyes of surprise gradually turned into a moved, youthful eyes again in the slightest mist, she looked at the emaciated man, a year gone, the man has become more mature, the whole body is full of masculine gas, as if the sky is falling, he can also be supported solely by! "Joan of His Royal Highness!" When suddenly, a white woman hesitated a moment,Nike Jordan Spizike, carefully asked: "how do you?" Wei children, and Yang Xuan himself startled awake in the twinkling of an eye over this awareness to the wrong occasion to avoid each other eyes. Wei child's face once again restored cold, invisible coercion comes out cold and said: "you wait, I still do!" Then she look to Yang Xuan, eyes soft, gentle and said: "You come with me!" Yang Xuan eyes flash, nodded his head. Whew! Whew! Wei children Lianbuqingyi to, such as teleport like flashes several times and landed on the red phoenix bird back. Yang Xuan sports body Reiki, spouting from foot to push the body, such as the rocket is generally straight into the sky, also fell on the back of the red phoenix bird. Cries! "Yang Xuan feet to just fall supple red phoenix bird feathers, red phoenix bird immediately struggled up, it seems quite reluctant of unknown origin standing on its back. Wei children looking for a change, angrily said: "Give me quiet!" Red phoenix bird flick of the body, this is the first time I heard Wei children it anger, watery eyes, not help revealing wronged, it glared back Yang Xuan one, form the most authentic: "Miss this large number of adults, put you on a horse, hum!" reached a certain level of monsters are able to control the throat to simulate a variety of sound. Red phoenix bird childish, Yang Xuan bit of shock, immediately shook his head smile soon. "Do not go!" Wei children stare at it. Red phoenix bird is extremely reluctant to thud of wings, turned into a streamer, snatched away to the distant sky, the blink of an eye, it turned into a fine black specks. ...... In a dark room, carved with a demon grim faces of the stone platform, cross-legged sitting in a white youth. Quite a while, the white youth suddenly opened his eyes, two cooling and power projection out, his expression dark, cold channel: "Sure enough, you bastard!!!" "Do you think you really can with her gone? "white youth mouth bent the Senleng smile, act recklessly, and I dare you to grab a woman!" "What are you why!" deserted house, no one, but suddenly sounded a the sound of the vicissitudes of life, sigh said: "For a woman, you give up this life, it is worth it?" worth it! "the authentic white youth did not hesitate:" She is not the same and any woman I've ever seen! Do you know because she has always been smart as a demon, he awakened the blood Dan! Do you know awakening of blood Dan, you must be in a desperate and angry mood, to inspire them! ...... I have long, long time ... not despair and angry! "vicissitudes sound was silent for a moment,Nike Jordan Take Flight UK Sale, slowly said:" Do you remember your oath? "remember" the eyes of the white youth revealed the arrogance of the world arrogance, TAG channel: "I want the whole world under his feet! the only way ... no one, anything can be a threat to me! "to pinch, do not you want to give up once for a woman?" white youth help Yizheng He fell silent, the whole house, once again into silence! ...... Height above a fiery red clouds moving rapidly every now and then. Standing the red phoenix bird back, Yang Xuan figure straight, feet, such as filling the lead water line before quickly, but he is not shaking, the other side, Wei children fluttered in the stands, clothes every now and then, like a fairy ... brush ! Through layers of clouds, red phoenix bird from a height straight down, the whole earth continued to enlarge in front from the beginning of a cyan layout, to the mountains and rivers which rise amid later, are the clear thing fundus, finally, even the peaks green grass can be seen clearly. If you continue down this pace, even though iron can be smashed to crumbs! But standing in the back of the bird Hung Luen Yang Xuan, but it is looked as usual with no fear. "Whew!" Red phoenix bird wings pick up, set off a fierce wind, the trend of decline sharply, and finally slowly landed in a lush Qingfeng. Yang Xuan flash figure, such as Teleport general and landed on the ground. "Humph!" Just a floor, the red luan bird Jiaoheng of sound is sounded it Cha Cha uneven authentic: "just the rate of decline is so fast, how do you had nothing to fear!" Yang Xuan could not help chuckle, said: you are not afraid, why should I be afraid? "......" red phoenix bird sudden shortness of breath, it just deliberately drop at full speed, the purpose is to scare a scare this from unknown sources, you know, in addition to its hostess ride outside, from no other station it back, even that horrible man, but today he was the silly man to ride, how to not let it shortness of breath. "Well!" Wei children Xiumei Qingzhou, waved, said: "You first play for a while." Wei children, red phoenix bird quite afraid, although it was very angry, but still helpless nodded, double wings pick up, roll up a violent gust of wind, fly nine days. Red phoenix bird left on the green grass, they just stood Yang Xuan Wei children. Both as a right. Quite a while later, Wei child hung his head, Youde said: "Walk with me!" Yang Xuan mouth affects about half the day, silently nodded his head. ...... The request of the recommended votes ...... scores badly ...... blame yesterday only one more ...... call ...... every day Faded up yesterday sleep 10 hours, a lot of body recovery, and now the head is not too much pain, you should also can code ...... even two chapters ... I hope you give me some power ...... <

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