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Zhou Yu badly hurt antworten

> Roselle Mountains, is a mountain range stretching hundreds of miles,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, winding right and wrong, such as a creeping dragon. www, QUANben com In this one, there are a lot of high, steep peaks, the gully ravinein more bottomless! Rushing! The distance, two voices one after swept, in front of a black youth, and looked calm water, looks and ordinary people without any distinction, but his eyes, as if contains a starry sky, glowing Dongche the calm eyes of the people. Black youth behind, the same is a black youth, two sleeves at some tattered, his whole body exudes a faint cold murderous kind of reject indifference thousands of miles away. "There is!" Behind the youth looked at the front of the majestic mountains, said quickly. "Well!" Yang Xuan stopped in her tracks,OP Art Coach Sale, looked up a piece exudes Senhan atmosphere mountains, brow Wei Zhou, said: "Zhou Yu, you here?" Zhou Yu will be solemn youth, smell words, he nodded his head, and certainly authentic: "I do not remember correctly!" Yang Xuan frown said: "Where is that mentally?" Zhou Yu looked up and looked at the depths of the mountains shrouded in a cold atmosphere,Air Jordan Big Ups UK, pondered a look, said: "Sure enough, I guess is good, it should be in the heart!" Yang Xuan looked at him, did not say much, direct grazing on a high altitude and flew straight on that mountain inside. Zhou Yu is sighing loudly, hard on the heels with Yang Xuan behind and flew. At high altitude, he could feel the wind blowing, blowing Yang Xuan clothes fluttering sound, he looked down, I saw the river at the foot of trees, flew backwards, and soon, a mountain towering into the sky, falling in front of into the eyes. "Here is the heart!" Yang Xuan parked in front of this mountain, look dignified, he faintly heard from under the mountain waves of crazy beast roar! That mentally the peaks below Shen Jian, mentally around, evil beasts guarding the last time I came, they saw a dragon guarding a mentally next. "Zhou Yu, pointing to the bottom of the mountain said. Yang Xuan figure of a move through the layers of mist, landing it. I saw the foot of this mountain, there is a very deep gully, the bursts of shrill beast roar, is this outgoing Shen Jian. Yang Xuan gaze for a moment, immediately frown slowly, said: "You get into this ravinein?" Zhou Yu smile authentic: "I had to fly directly into the results almost died in the inside there's evil The beast is extremely brutal and tyrannical power, the weakest has 400 times normal system, powerful monster, but there is a system of five or six hundred times! "Yang Xuan nodded, immediately figure a move that Shen Jian storm swept his past. "Well ..." Zhou Yu saw to Yang Xuan washed down, the reigning Yie, quickly shouted, he had meant some long-term perspective and Yang Xuan, but did not actually think the latter temper in such a hurry ... Yang Xuan dark Shen Jian sprang, the wind blowing in the face, his eyes sharp mind a move, grow a layer of golden scales on the skin, forehead at the same time, there is the emergence of an ancient A mark! "Support day owners are the beasts of the statue!" Yang Xuan cold eyes forward faster, "all the beasts in front of me are ants!" With the continuous deepening of ...... "Roar!" Dark Shen Jian , a sudden burst of sound earth-shattering roar of the beast, the beast roar sounded the dark abyss of a whole body dark dragon straight out, its blood-red dragon heads full of violent atmosphere, close to Yang Xuan moment, mouth a spit, a black column of energy storm rushed over. Yang Xuan eyes a cold, raising his hand to move a finger. One finger down, a sudden increase in temperature between heaven and earth, a wisp of white flame, smoke from their fingertips, instant extended to baizhang,, unite into a fire boxing, Henhendixiang black energy column H to! The white flame of the Yuan Ying Yan, than the Pill fire tyrannical times! Bang! The fire fist crashing hit the black energy column, one thunder the loud roaring sound, around the world whom flick, air waves rolling in, turned invisible shock wave dissipated to the surrounding. The black column of energy is the energy of the dark lines, corrosion effect immediately etched off nearly one-third of the flame in the fire fist. Fire power of boxing is extremely weak, the temperature of terror directly to the black column of energy incineration into aerosol! Glowing Yang Xuan golden eye pupil cold, shiny, form the most looked at the dragon, the body flash, follow closely behind the fire punches towards the dragon straight past. "Explosion!" Fire Fist first rushed to the dragon, in the latter the Gang Yu resist the moment, with the Yang Xuan Di, suddenly burst open! Furious high-temperature flame spread to the surrounding open, from explosive fire punches dragon, but it is the body Yi Chan, the scales of the whole body cracked open, bloody DC. But, this blood was actually black! "Roar!" Seriously injured, dragon not only did not escape, but even more crazy, the sky and shrieked loudly, the whole body emitting a black flame, like a ** general, rushed straight to Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan looked cold, one pointing to: "Dead!" Black magic in the air in his body crazy cohesion to the fingertips, into a glow, fired straight between the eyes of the dragon! This glow fast, like a flash of lightning! Poof! Dragon's forehead, a finger hole, shattered brain know the sea, the destruction of the soul! All this happened in a very short process, when Zhou Yu came from behind, suddenly saw the dead bodies of the newly dead dragon, a shrink could not help Double Vision, hearts set off a tidal wave. The last time, he is defeated in the hands of the dragon, although a gap of three months, but powerful head dragon, he still fresh in my memory! "Too strong, the absolute strength does not emerge! See Zhou Yu to Yang Xuan eyes, more fear. Yang Xuan figure a move, came to the front of that dragon, right hand, such as claws, break open the dragon's head directly probe into it. "Well?" Yang Xuan brow wrinkled, "There is no nucleus?" Groping again a few times, in addition to the soapy brains, Yang Xuan did not find nuclei. "This monster does not have nuclei, why on earth monster has a nucleus, is it, that is, for the sake of the mysterious virus do?" Yang Xuan pondered for a moment, did not immediately think of, but along the road and flew directly to the deeper . Looked at high altitude, two people quickly Shen Jian darkness swallowed. Flight about three or four minutes, Yang Xuan finally in a cliff side, found a palm-sized, whole body golden mentally! Guardian fine piece of God, the same is a dragon. After a lot of World War II, Yang Xuan successful mentally, and then further! H, roaring ...... dark Shen Jian, sometimes sounded earth-shattering roar, which sometimes surprise sound: "It's actually two mentally ..." in-depth about tens of thousands of meters, Yang Xuan looked gradually thickened, with the stop depth, the mentally more and more the monster encounter more and more powerful, a monster, they almost hurt him! "You go back!" Yang Xuan Zhou Yu said side. Zhou Yu badly hurt, mainly Yang Xuan in combat, but the monsters seem to have seen that he is any punches either have to attack him, so ... he became cannon fodder. Zhou Yu smile a sound, helpless sigh, said: "Well, I'll follow a cumbersome! From that moment on, you get nervous, I tell you all, I am a little credit for not, will not." Yang Xuan "Well," a cry. Zhou Yu rolled his eyes and muttered: "even a 'thank' words do not say ......" ...... Zhou Yu left, Yang Xuan continue to sneak into the deep, in order to be first, he must fit enough God fine! Forward four or five minutes later, Yang Xuan met a 12-arm black ape violence, violent ape cruelly, just the sight of Yang Xuan immediately rushed over. Yang Xuan call out the chaos stick greeted. Humming humming ...... dark Shen Jian, a series on the H sound, the endless darkness, a black man in the bloody mad to kill! The three mentally ...... "" Next! "Half-dragon? According to kill!" Half an hour later, Yang Xuan looked tired, suspended in the dark, he had numerous bloodstains, after such a long fight , in the face of dozens of head extremely powerful monster, his physical overdraft very serious, the lower endurance Pharmacy drink it simply does not work. Received a total of 28 fast mentally, Zhou Yu left, I get fifteen! "Yang Xuan View the harvest, not by mouth revealing a trace of a smile, happy smile, smile from the heart. "As long as these mentally, will be able to get first place, will be able to see Wei children ......" Yang Xuan eyes the color of Remembrance, after a moment, sigh loudly, looking at the endless abyss below, shaking his head: " here has reached the limit, and then go on will only give away their lives! "Yang Xuan looked at the top of the head, the figure of a move, and flew up. My tribe ...... over ...... "At this point, a fluttering transitory man's voice, very clearly appear in the Yang Xuan ear, like someone whispering in his ear in general. At the sound of the moment, Yang Xuan pediment body suddenly meal, stopped. ...... Requirements votes! ! ! ! Head hurts, and passed over four days, how cold is not good! ! ! Roar! ! <

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