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20.05.2013 02:34
he arrived in the territory antworten

The 382nd chapter 16-8-8 the next day at seven a.m.. E^ Xu Linyuan was almost in the clear, the dormant cabin had a good sleep after wake up after not see the projection map on the screen and found, only a night time, Qing Yuan, he arrived in the territory. Used in the dormant bin Xu Linyuan nursed back to sleep, every time after dormancy bin, all be in fine fig, full of energy; with high spirit. Exercise in the living chamber, then practice again Yijin Fulong hand, outside the day was bright, few pedestrians on the highway. Xu Linyuan face in life positions brushing your teeth, and made myself a little rice, with two pieces of bread and a small dish when early under the belly, Qing Yuan, has been into the city. About seven o'clock in the morning is a big city commuters peak, when many crowded buses or subway people see there early in the morning a cool cool cars in the streets, still very curious about watching, until that wind car disappeared in the street, just talk to. While the shipping traffic pressure ratio, also is not much difference, especially in the morning rush hour, also often encounter the phenomenon of traffic jams. But Xu Linyuan arrived in China in Qing Yuan, after directly towards the sea, the sea near the vehicle is much less expensive, but the vehicle has a lot of. Of course, area clear, now into the abyss, is a s ī one luxury villa area near the sea. This luxury villa area is one of the most expensive land area of China, the inside is all luxury villa, plus the location near the coast, King s è beautiful, and have a s ī beach, is one of the most rich people like the ideal leisure resort. Since the last Xu Linyuan with Qing Yuan,Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, to build the storage base, and with small Japan does a frame from the sea after landing, once when leave after this near, saw the local environment, so let Chen Lindao through the Zhou Zhengxiang brother Zhou Zhengxiang political f ǔ relationship to help, he successfully the difference between a s ī people bought the villa. Zhou Zheng and in the sea is departmental-level cadres, and Xu Linyuan also had several dealings, Chen Lindao to help him buy a villa here, just a phone call Zhou Zheng and secretary, that is responsible for this piece villa boss know future group chairman want here n ò ng a villa, at that time, without further ado, directly to the parity will be the best one to Xu Linyuan, and in the afternoon on the keys to the hands of Chen Lindao, the faster, let Chen Lindao's breath away. After the villa built, at that time, Xu Linyuan has gone back to the western province, so is always let Chen Lindao to look after, and according to Xu Linyuan's request, to help him buy a villa near a s ī pier, built a wharf, the two s ī yacht park there. So the Xu Linyuan to the sea, just came to this piece of luxury villas. This piece villa area because the living mostly wealthy people, although some don't live here,New Arrivals Coach Bags, but also have a house, so the management is the management of network information technology,Purses Coach Online, very modern, the service is considerate. Other do not say first, when the Qing Yuan, up to the villa area of the gate, you >

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