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20.05.2013 02:28
several youth looked back antworten

> "Run run!" Pulled directly Yang Xuan Wang Zhen flew up, but fortunately found early, such as the mantis found them strange, they've been running a few kilometers away. www. quANBen. COM faster, faster! "Yang Xuan anxious hearts, if so many strange mantis surrounded, it is absolutely a dead end! Their sickle arm is too sharp, as long as they finish the long march, definitely not bleeding so simple. Fortunately, to Yang Xuan body much faster than the these mantis strange, therefore a short time is not easy to catch up. Soon, Yang Xuan and Wang Zhen duo Chen month they came to the floor where they live. Yang Xuan hand pulling the arm of Wang Zhen, the feet suddenly Yi Deng ground, the people directly jumped into the floor on the second floor, broken windows into the room, shocked a few people in the room, but also why the monster intruder. Be to see Yang Xuan and Wang Zhen, are anxiously waiting for Chen month immediately eye-catching,nike jordan outlet, was moved to tears to stay. Only tasted lost flavor ...... know have precious! Seeing Chen month like a confession by a paunch, Yang Xuan immediately anxious authentic: "There are words such as, say, as soon as I go mantis strange chase, a lot!!" Hesitated a few people, they just still immersed in the the joy of them, but now they suddenly heard a bad news! "What did you say?" Zhang Liang stammer authentic. Yang Xuan too lazy to say, anxious hearts fiery Road: "I'm waiting for you downstairs, ten seconds did not come down at your peril!" Then, the people directly goin 'out the window and jumped out. Out of Yang Xuan, Wang Zhen, without hesitation, threw unknown so the month, followed immediately jumped out. Room, Zhang Liang and the others froze for a moment, but also aware of the seriousness of the matter, have ran towards the stairs. They can not Yang Xuan and Wang Zhen as the body, so ... can only run the stairs! Soon, everyone came downstairs. In this case, the group of mantis strange has run several kilometers outside, from afar, dozen mantis strange to quickly swiftly. The month Chen and Zhang Liang, et al have face became pale. "Woo!" Then, Yang Xuan drove before seen bike Hummer rushed over. Fast on the train! "Yang Xuan control the Hummer a large drift, parked in front of a few people. Fortunately, a few people reaction is not slow, just one stop in the car, they have opened the door and drill into. "Woo!" The door is not closed, to Yang Xuan they have started the engine, open to the maximum speed, directly along the trail toward the cell door. Things are now, Yang Xuan gave so much. If he can also run away. But now, they have four Tuoyou Ping. If even with the leg muscles, the month Chen and Zhang Liang they certainly run, but those mantis strange, to inevitably die. Come on! "Yang Xuan Along the way rampage, a few wandering on the road variation all Zhuangfei out, Hummer body is very strong. Soon, the door of the cell has been greeted by Yang Xuan hearts delight, increase the speed." buzz! "Vain, a slight hum coming from Yang Xuan looked from the outside of the vehicle rear-view mirror, suddenly face a change, I saw those mantis strange, even the vast majority of them fly up, look around, the air whistling chase, fast on the ground, a group of mutants, some hundreds, of which there are some bizarre monsters these monsters at the moment have to catch up in the Hummer behind Yang Xuan face some ugly up directly step on the accelerator mad! quickly rushed out of the cell, loud car song is spreading far beyond, and Yang Xuan has been driving a Hummer and ran into the road in Malaysia. "the police station? Asked Yang Xuan Chen month sitting in the co-pilot, heard this, he thought for a moment, and then pointing to the front channel: "In the past this road, then turn left, then straight forward ..." Yuehua Jian, Yang Xuan crazy speed a very long street quickly rushed over the road in Malaysia, the variation of the number of people scary, just a street, it is estimated that there are thousands of people of variation if this siege all over,Air Jordan 9 UK, I'm afraid fairy can not run away! Fortunately, the Hummer speed fast enough, these variants have not rushing, far and they throw off some mutants do not have eyes red open cluster in front of the car, to directly Zhuangfei! accelerate the speed! accelerate Yang Xuan pedal to the metal! half a month after the end of the world, the entire city has been in the doldrums, so, Hummer exhaust pipe sound, as if a bomb in the streets sounded ran did not take long, Hummer behind, they have followed a dense variation, full of thousands of entire streets are packed with in the sky, there are some flying monster! addition to those mantis strange, then gradually appear a variety of other monsters, which led by a monster, turned out to be a blue python! snake is very strange, with a pair of huge meat-wing behind it, actually, after the commencement of some more than twenty meters long! This cyan fly python like a Dapeng, set off a violent gust of wind, followed by a huge snake in the back of the Hummer. walk in the air, some more than fifty meters long piece of silver python encounter than the original Yang Xuan , a full length more than doubled! monster! the overwhelming monster! Yang Xuan his face a horrible cold sweat on his forehead, even if he is no matter how powerful, so many monsters to kill, will be gnawing bones none left! a Great Escape! stop flight finished! "Zhang Liang et al of the rear seat, pale as a sheet, the eyes have been exposed to despair! Deep face of Wang Zhen, was silent. Yang Xuan eyes reveal a crazy color, speed to maximum file! Whirlwind, hurricane! after a corner, where the location is remote, the variation is relatively rare in a corner,Totes Coach Sale, a few young men are carefully Weisha a few variations but the Hummer exhaust pipe sound far rang up. several youth looked back in astonishment, suddenly eyeball almost convex! saw a black Hummer in the driveway rapid gallop, over black Hummer, a huge cyan fly python, blotting out the sun, keep catch up! python compared to fly and cyan, the bike black Hummer like a toy car! In addition to this, in the back of the black Hummer, a large variation of the dense mass of people, out of sight of the head, to rush to the side. shock! absolute shock! several youth horror turned to want to run, but the black Hummer so fast, suddenly over them and they did that chased variation overwhelmed ...... screaming resounded through the sky with black Hummer ride in the surrounding area have set off a wave of super frenzy! riot, roar! come more and more variants to follow! Yang Xuan face thoroughly ugly, so much variation to catch up, even went to the police station, but also could not withstand! "What should I do? What to do? ! Yang Xuan hearts anxiously fire, things happen that has exceeded his imagination. At this time, police far greeted by Yang Xuan has not the slightest deceleration, the car is now not stop, one stop, waiting for their endless variations! continue to run! Yang Xuan steering wheel a turn and rush to a highway! entering the highway, Yang Xuan will be transferred to the maximum speed! do not need to worry about turning on the highway, only red! Soon the variation is not a moment is far from pulling away, out of sight. Immediately those who mantis strange far throw off the black Hummer is like a streamer, speed of terror on both sides views of the rapid retreat Ten minutes later, in the back of a cab, only to the a huge bird cyan fly python! Although only it, but to bring Yang Xuan threat, but no way inferior to that strange group of mantis is At this time, issued in the exhaust pipe burst intermittently Ming Ming, and the speed of progress fade, until finally, completely stopped! ran out of gas?! Yang Xuan face suddenly froze! ...... request for tickets, we help move mouse, the starting point No. login ... (* ^ __ ^ *) Thank you, still a little shy, you can over the previous two books, the brothers who straighten <

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