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20.05.2013 02:24
straight to Yang Xuan and antworten

> In Australia, a rolling mountains Barry, mountainous, such as column, line cloud, mountains, towering old trees, Chui Lin Ruhai, was a famous place before the end of the world, but in today, but for a title called Mountains of Warcraft! The mountains, the perennial shrouded in mist, which often have a monster roaring sound, around three hundred years, no one dared to close because this mountains of Warcraft is the world's nine hunting strange region, ranking a place! At the moment, two hundred miles away in the mountains of Warcraft, a human team, all the way to laughter, like a vacation travel walked unto the people talk about the discoloration of Warcraft Mountains ... Zhezhi squad, a total of six people, four men and two women , in the front ranks, a black youth, looks moderate, mature atmosphere with a weather-beaten face, while he walk and talk and laugh and chat, while several others. Www! QUaNBEN! COM behind him, a white woman, the clothes fluttering with dye trace of grime smile, Autumn wavefront slightest gentle, quietly looked at the black chat with several others clothing and youth, the depths of the eyes, a dash of tenderness, a dash of tenderness. "Young Brother!" few people, the youngest a teenager, fingers freely Fun edged small feijian, hehe smiles: " go back, I'll take you to Shushan practice it, where the world of Reiki is extremely rich, can certainly let you quickly into the environment Yuan Ying, to, your strength will definitely entered a very powerful level! "Shushan?" Yang Xuan slightly hesitated, word to be heard, but ... Is there really that Shushan comprehension martial art? See Yang Xuan puzzled expression, Feng Ye some pride, said: "You do not know it! Shushan Since ancient times, has been around for thousands of years. Founder of Shushan With a very long time, with an absolutely strong repair, own an overlapping space, this space Shushan prototype, take a Mountain carving, eventually became the martial art of Shushan the foundation of the "want to get into the inside, only when the guard Alexander array open after in the secular, these ordinary people even in Shushan walk and come back, can only see the attractions of Shushan, Shushan rather than genuine! "Feng Ye talking about, said:" Shushan the precepts of very strict, all subglottic disciples, unless there is the thing of the thing, and the elders of personal instructions to leave the gate, came to the outside world, usual, are not allowed to leave the gate half-step! ...... Shushan comprehension Kendo It is said that in the early days, there was a proficient in swordsmanship, drunk on wine poet, who worship into Shushan sects, this panic before Yan Yan, exquisite talent, only three years, begins with the bleed air environment, into the territory of Yuan Ying, then one hundred years, breaking to fit the environment, to become the head of the Shushan! "This life is chic, with the name of Drunken Master, he did not want to charge huge martial art, so to escape ...... people turned out, like a night-blooming cereus, bustling moment is fleeting, but in the comprehension break Hewei name, has said of the Sword! that time, contemporary disciple of Shushan, take human pride, have alterations Kendo, since Shushan a word, called Shushan Jianpai! "with his right Feng Ye, Yang Xuan mesmerized, and my heart is shocked, and comprehension for seniors who thousands of years ago, heart respected! Shushan but a large door, to become its head, which is the dream of countless people! But man, that we should be able to treat them dirt, this boldness of vision and breadth of vision, the world few people will be better than and! Feng Ye see everyone listening attentively, his face more proud, laughed. "How do you know so much?" Yang Xuan are not asked. Feng Ye mouth Alice, proudly said: "You do not look at who I am, I'm Feng Ye, super handsome invincible suave ... yawn, Yang Xuan Wang Chen rubbed some sleepy eyes, Wang The earthquake is looked silence ...... "You, you!" Feng Ye seem to see a few bumpkin in general, not angry, said: "This is what expression Hmmm, I'm not a child ..." "Wow, today the sun is big! "Yang Xuan looked up days, amazing authentic, as if never seen such a big sun-like ..." Well, really great! "Wang Chen quite agree place nod. "The sky is full of clouds, how can there be sun!" Next to Feng Ye angry and want to vomit blood. "I see." Yang Xuan Road. "I've seen." Wang Chen look seriously authentic. Feng Ye: "......" saw several Laotaibuxiao people together bickering, not rain next to Yao and Chen months by the ghost of a smile, as if back to the beginning of the end of the world when ...... As time goes by, that once The person may have changed? ...... Along the way, they chatted, did not feel the passage of time. Soon, they came out of the mountains of Warcraft. Looked up, a majestic and magnificent peaks, like support Pillar of the day, standing in the mountains, swirling clouds, not real. In the forefront is a lush shade trees such as umbrella, blotting out the sun. "Here is the mountains of Warcraft!" The face of the world's most terrifying hunting strange map, Yang Xuan put away laughing, and looked solemn. "Mountains of Warcraft,Jordan Big Ups Sale, there are three boundaries, the outermost monster is relatively weak, but the system have reached about 350 times, a little deeper, even 400 times the system is the middle zone, inside the monster! The innermost monster, five or six hundred times have! "Wang Chen said dignified, he had been here, and so are more familiar with this mountain range. Upon hearing this, Yang Xuan could not help but light suction breath, five or six hundred times the monster met twelve Fortunately, that met ten, twenty, even if he only escape in the negotiations ... "Yes!" Yang Xuan suddenly thought of what confused authentic: "is not to say, this month's monster,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, the strongest it 380 times? how there will be five or six hundred times existence?" Wang Chen sighed: "natural evolution in the virus, indeed cap, the nuclei of these monsters, not only humans can absorb, while the same monster, you can also absorb to become strong!" So ... "he bitter authentic : "Even if we came here, we can not be too careless, otherwise, in the end I am afraid that attracted a lot of trouble!" Yang Xuan nodded, although the team of their line of powerful, but in the face of those five or six hundred times the monster, simply can not compete, only to escape ... "No wonder known as the Mountains of Warcraft, the monsters there are strong metamorphosis exist!" Yang Xuan heart exclaimed. Immediately, a pedestrian slightly prepared a lot, then it is from the entrance, and went slowly. With the depth, the dark eyes and the light, pleasant to the eye at the Zhu Zhu towering trees, towering such as peak. Into the mountains, the spirit of a pedestrian are concentrated, Wang Chen, who is quite tacit, come in after the rain Yao emit spiritual power to detect movement around. Wang Zhen is standing behind the crowd, to prevent the danger from the rear. Yang Xuan and Wang Chen, walking in front, serves as the main fighting. Feng Ye behind the two auxiliary! In this lineup, like a general and substantial steel, unless the monster metamorphosis, or never expect to break into the encirclement of the crowd! Whoosh! Jungle, green leafy shake a few times, then a black shadow,Air Jordan SC 1 UK, like a flash of lightning, suddenly channeling out, rushing straight to Yang Xuan and Wang Chen. However ... in spite of himself! Black shadow just punch in the air, the body is suddenly a stiff, and then if a transparent the fengren across, cut off the neck! Everyone looked down. Found that black figure was actually a rat Jiao strange! Mice Jiao strange, about ten feet, the size of the tiger, the body feline claws of Kau, its tail like a snake, the whole body with black Jiao scales, shiny glowing youleng! 380 times the monster! "Yang Xuan looked some moving idle when he had seen the Monster Manual, Monster Manual is the major base city via satellite captured monster statistics up integrated data, which describes the system kinds of monsters, shape, there are some advantages and weaknesses ... and the Monster Manual, the price is very expensive, only some members of the elite forces, will have a! 380 times a monster in the outside world is absolutely dominant party level, you can lord it over! However, in the mountains of Warcraft, but it can only be regarded as the most peripheral monster in the middle zone, 400 times, or even five hundred times the terror! Really let Yang Xuan moving head 380 times this monster, even in the rain Yao spiritual power, not the slightest power of resistance, they died! Watching the rain Yao appearance, looked calm, as if just very casual! The other hand, Wang Chen et al, it seems well prepared, and looked as usual, without any surprise, apparently have grown accustomed to ...... "the rain Yao strength, actually reached what level?" Yang Xuan heart shock, 380 times the monster, with his the strength of today, you want to kill had fee on some hands and feet would not like rain Yao, the manual did not move, they rely on the spirit of tyrannical force to kill. ... Seeking recommendations votes, Valentine's Day, Hangzhou morning side of the sun, while under the snow goose feather. Snow, roses, the beauty ...... romantic day, but this is not belong to me ...... with my only work codeword Brothers ...... <

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