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This paycheck to paycheck antworten

Yang Xuan holding process research, walking slowly at the base city. Www. QuAnBeN. The COM process research looking forward to for so long, until finally the arrival of Yang Xuan, her heart excited along the way like a sparrow-like twitter asking questions. "My brother, how did not see small eight uncle, did he go?" Process research blinked his dark eyes, puzzled authentic. Yang Xuan smiled, did not answer, but said: "Do you know that young children how long?" "......" Process research Waizhaonaodai thought, said: "there are about three or four days!" Yang Xuan nodded, suddenly, he looks a move, a sudden flash of eyes naked surface, he looked as usual, quietly pull tight process research soft little hand, picked up speed, and walked to the base outside the city. Before long, the two men is down the street, out of the base city, and went into the wilderness suburbs. In the suburbs, and much dilapidated high-rise buildings, like experiencing numerous weathered, teeter down. Abandoned building, the roar of the monster, creepy bones from the sound of chewing. A black youth, a cute little girl holding a Qiaosheng Sheng, walking between waste occasionally encounter some low-level monsters that young black hair just frowned, these monsters off saving their own skins. Since Yang Xuan awakening the Dragon blood, his body has been one natural majesty, as the power over the world, standing nine days on the Creator, overlooking the Lan Cang earth every living creature! You know, Yang Xuan Dragon blood, is no ordinary Dragon, the most advanced but legendary Dragon: supporting the sky Dragon! Supporting the sky Dragon, distinguished, far more than the Department of cairica and sacred dragon Dragon King, if you really want to figure it out, supporting the sky Dragon is the Dragon Wong Department of blood! Legend ... the ancient world, the world early on, Pangu was born, and then over 100,000 eight thousand years, Pangu ax on chaos, draw talent to create an original world ... However, that world does not have any rules and energy, just over eighteen thousand years, to open up the heavens to the earth, they would gradually become depressed. Pangu experience many years of loneliness, he did not want to once again plunged into permanent darkness, they waved the heavens, and the elevator feet to the earth, life and life to drag the whole world! However, Pangu ancient man of God, did not power without control, over 180 million years of exhaustive Pangu died, his eyes turned into the sun and the moon, his hair, into the mountains and rivers, his sweat turned into a sea ...... his body everywhere, turned into the land of mountains and rivers, vast land and has evolved into a world! However, his body hard Beiji Gu, eventually turned into an ancestor of the Dragon, known as: supporting the sky! Proto-Drake, is to support the day the ancestor of the Dragon, he replaced the Pangu, continue to complete the mission of supporting the sky! Then numerous years, the ancestor of the dragon breeding offspring, collectively referred to as supporting the sky family! These supporting the sky Dragon, combine with each other to multiply it. However, after countless years, the family, there is a brace days Dragon, fell in love with an ancient days snake ...... a combination of both, it spawned some cairica sacred dragon king Department Dragon! As the offspring of supporting the sky family, of Yang Xuan blood and soul, all have one indomitable spirit of arrogance and will never bow to any creatures! Although Yang Xuan and not intentional release of coercion, but also as beasts, strong sensitivity of these monsters, they saw Yang Xuan, will be a kind of fear of palpitations, it seems that in the depths of consciousness, they are away from the human ... ... In this way, holding Xuan Yang Cheng Yan, unimpeded along the way, like a walk Xianting, walking in the ruins of the building. Looked around a dilapidated scene, Yang Xuan heart filled with emotion, a year ago, or a crowded downtown area, and now the only remaining empty building ... went to a remote ruins,Air Jordan 12 Sale, Yang Xuan ideas a move, the small eight call out. "Small eight uncle!" Cheng Yan Yi Zheng, immediately a cry of surprise. Small eight opened his eyes skin, hear the sound of the call, he hesitated slightly, a hint of strange feeling, looked down, but saw a cute girl, blinking jewel-like eyes looked at him. You ... call me? "Small eight low voice, as always, a hint of fluctuations. "Well!" Process research hee hee laugh, some authentic curiosity: "small eight uncle, how do you ring from her brother's out, is not that the life ring?" That "small eight-way to the opening, Yang Xuan see in the next scene, heart jump, interrupted interrupted his words and said: "Well, this is the life ring small research, and so you go to the next with a small eight uncle, brother to do something!" things? "process research pouted and said:" Do not you want to leave I am a man, took the opportunity to go away? "" how! "Yang Xuan smile authentic:" I promise you, you will never go back on! obedient, followed by eight Do not run around, I pick you up! "process research and some do not want to, but eventually nodded slowly. Yang Xuan turned his head solemnly authentic, small eight: "little research to you,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, help me take care of him!" "Well!" Small eight points nodded. "......" Yang Xuan paused, soon whispered authentic: "not to say do not talk nonsense!" "Should not have said?" Small eight have some doubts. "Uh ..." Yang Xuan choked him think of it, the small eight is just a robot, will perform is already set in the program in the chip, it is not specific to the human feelings, naturally can not be determined, What to say and not to say ... "Forget it, you take good care of her on the line!" Yang Xuan bitter authentic. Small nodded eight. Watched process research took a small eight-'s clothes go away, Yang Xuan looked at this large and one small two back, until the latter has disappeared from his eyes, before slowly opening: "with so long, tired of it? "silent ruins, empty, only the whining the wind blowing in the dilapidated building issued. Yang Xuan looked calm, standing there, seems to be quietly waiting for something. After a moment, the ruins of the original silent and empty, suddenly there was a muffled voice sounded: "I never thought you had been able to detect the deity!" Then down, Yang Xuan behind kilometers of a building, flat suddenly appeared on the walls of some wrinkles, followed by a body such as King Kong rugged man, dressed in black, slowly came out of that wall. Yang Xuan slowly turned his body, cold eyes stared at the tall, stout man in black, cold channel: "Did she send you what want to do?" Black men out from the wall, his heart secretly surprised, steganography, even the usual wonders youth to see through? At the moment to hear the words of Yang Xuan He had thrust his chest, put down yourself of vanity, Chen Sheng said: "Big Sister confessed, she had to drive research! Paycheck to paycheck little girl, nurture, absolutely in the future strong to become supreme throughout, even to the saints throughout, is not impossible! "paycheck to paycheck? Yang Xuan furrowed brow, the role of race, he is just killing Tari informed, purple shirt girl who raised young children, I'm afraid, is well aware of the role of race! For example, Yang Xuan, supporting the sky family blood, institutional, can increase the second weight is so high-handed, not to mention to the future. The Mozu blood, the same for Yang Xuan increase of 10% of the system, but according to the words of the ancient magic, it seems that only reached the Supreme territory only after the inferno system power play! This paycheck to paycheck, Yang Xuan initially know to increase the speed, and only a single attribute increase, and his blood was significantly weaker many, but to know the blood, which in itself is not an unusual thing! The man in black to see Yang Xuan furrowed brow, thought he did not want to agree, snorted his mind, I thought this Big Sister fancy, how could you got to stop? , Paycheck to paycheck, but rumors that the branch of the race, although only a small association, but has a super-rare race, etc. future Big Sister nurtured, in turn is a big help! In the hearts of black men sneer,Satchels Coach Cheap, Yang Xuan loosen brow furrowed, his eyes cold eyes stared at the black man, said: "Man is not given to you, you go back and tell her, if daring to fight the idea of ​​process research, even kill her to the ends of the earth, and I will tear her!!! "said Yang Xuan body crazy murderous emission, moment, from an ordinary youth, into a killing a monstrous devil! Black man sank his face, his eyes Hanmang flashing, said: "deity How you can command, if you do not surrender, you will die!" Yang Xuan sneer, he will know this black man strength is very strong, I'm afraid is the strongest opponent he ever seen! However, wanted him to hand over process research, can not do that! ! ! Whew! Yang Xuan summon chaotic stick, slowly clenched, he looked cold, tone authentic Senhan: "I'm dead, you try!" Sneer black man raised his hand, a mass of black magic in the air slowly gathered in his hands, then turned into a two-edged black rifles. He was holding a spear, form the most authentic: "mere slaves sector ants'm furious, so you see what, what is the strength!" ... To tell you a message ... this book estimates, not shelves. Well, after all free chapters, we can enjoy the collection, enjoy watching ...... not eunuchs! Well ...... today recommended less than yesterday, a lot of, not after the New Year to go to work ...? Still a three-shift, your hands have any tickets did not, smashing hit it ...... I left you ... <

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