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18.05.2013 11:09
Yang Xuan Unexpectedly antworten

> "Who says Young Brother can not reach killing five-story tower?" Ye Feng sneer, he had to rescue Yang Xuan, see that all over the body, up to a few thousand, of which there are two mountains like dragon corpse, which obviously are one of Yang Xuan massacre! The Rebel Intruders in the siege of hundreds of thousands of people, such as the strength is how could the ordinary person can have? Quite confident that the hearts of the Yang Xuan Feng Ye. www. QUanbeN. Com, however, he did not know, Yang Xuan not only hunting that has 350 times the strength of two dragon also kill a dozen 300 times more powerful, of which there are 78, are Ares standings top ten existence! "You say he can reach the killing of five-story tower?" Middle-aged man to hear the words of Feng Ye, his brow of a challenge, glanced stood by Yang Xuan, the color of the eyes of disdain flashed, said: "This is killing towers is not by virtue of strong institutions will be able to insist forcing four sub-temple, there are many second layer, even if he has a third layer, it has been considered very good! "" I will know! "Ye Feng frowned looked at Yang Xuan a firm authentic: "I believe Brother Yang, broke into the fifth floor!" "Well!" below the Basilica of Li Qing suddenly Lengheng cry, his hissing authentic: "You should know, killing tower every time you open, we need many nuclei energy, this is not to play with! "Feng Ye cold eyes flashed, he looked directly at the TV drama Li Qing, cold tunnel:" Do not think you are Gezhu disciples, they can do anything, Yuxuan Court created when you just ants nothing, if it is because the morning the elders fancy the power of your blood Dan, you'd be dead! "......" Li Green rage. "Well!" Middle-aged man waved his eyes Yang Xuan who paused a moment, immediately lightly said: "let him test it, anyway, killing the first two layers of the tower on the nucleation energy needs not a lot. "Li Qing bite his teeth, and finally just gave bitterly Feng Ye a. Yang Xuan standing by, he would know that this middle-aged man's demeanor that Liqing move, YE Feng et al. Yuxuan Court high status, but above them, as well as the Venerable repression, In the Venerable above, as well as Gezhu, who elders of the morning ... "Morning elders?" Yang Xuan suddenly hesitated. "Could it be that ... Morningside Presbyterian is xiaochen, that guy?" Yang Xuan Dengqi the eyes. Feng Ye standing next to him, heard this, he nodded his head, curl one's lip: "from time to that guy! When you left, we had to wait a long time, there has never been your shadow, and ultimately everyone in xiaochen under the leadership began to period of crazy enhance day, in those days, everyone's system upgrade quickly when hunting monsters to help each other, as well as Xiao morning that the guy next to occasionally help, we way to go so near misses over. "to the later, Xiao Chen got a message Subsequently, he founded Yu Xuan Court!" Here, Feng Ye looked at Yang Xuan one, immediately sigh a cry, and said: "the Yuxuan Court had just started to build, originally from the named Chen Yu Court! Later, Xiao Chen do not agree with this guy, he said he liked the freedom, do not care about the head. So to commemorate you, they put changed his name to Yu Xuan Court! "Yang Xuan nodded, Feng Ye put it briefly, but it is not difficult to imagine they had in the last days, crazy days of struggling. "Why Yuxuan Court has the word 'rain'?" Yang Xuan some authentic curiosity. Ye Feng smiled, and said: "rain Yao sister you left, has gone through three evolutionary, when we only have 100 times the system, she has achieved a 200-fold system,New Arrivals Coach Sale, our team, addition to xiaochen that deep does not reveal the metamorphosis, one of the strongest! "Yang Xuan Huang Wu nodded, a little strange at the same time, in general, only moments of viruses, evolution or mutation will occur. But the rain Yao is definitely not bad to the point where viruses. In this way, no virus can not be evolution or mutation, then how she evolved? Yang Xuan this curious pressure in the bottom of my heart, he looked at each hall, some strange authentic: "Xiao Chen, how did not see him?" Ye Feng shrugged his shoulders and said: "That guy walked Je te dis merde case on a heritage remains inside accept heritage, it is estimated that there are some time to come out! "to accept the inheritance?" Yang Xuan eat surprised. "Well!" Ye Feng nodded his head, said: "There are several classification remains, some special place equipment, also some special place agents, there is everything mixed together! Heritage remains, is one of the species, which left some mysterious power law of the strong heritage, learn to basically the same system can be swept! "Yang Xuan nodded, some understanding of the heritage remains, after all, he had met remains is heritage sites, in there, he gets the inheritance of the the Master Blue Card from Gold River Empire, Chaos stick, Road, beads, there are three sets of S-class exercises ...... Yang Xuan Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen is actually also be able to meet a heritage sites, just do not know who is the Master of his heritage? Earth, so far unearthed the remains of large and small around more than a thousand, the large ruins, which are all more than the SS-level equipment, and even some remains inside, X1 level of equipment! Small remains, which may be only a few pieces of equipment of the S-Class, or only a few bottles of low-level agents. "Young Brother!" Feng Ye looked at Yang Xuan, his face a few dignified, said: "under killings tower is turned on,Nike Jordan Big Ups Shoes, you must do our best to break through the barrier, as far as possible the impact to the fifth floor, so you will be eligible become the Yuxuan Court Dianzhu! "Yang Xuan looked at his solemn face, hesitated slightly, immediately think of what seems to look dignified, nodded and said:" Do not worry, I will do the maximum capacity to break through the barrier! "very understanding Yang Xuan Feng Ye, the boy usually always hee hee noisy, but when his solemn face, really important things! Feng Ye did not say, but Yang Xuan is not stupid, immediately from his tone of voice, thought a lot of things! You know, but he wanted 500 million people, leaving Yu Xuan Court would certainly have attracted a lot of people's dissatisfaction, Feng Ye move seemingly impulsive gave way, but it is actually wanted Yang Xuan impact killing towers, their strength to emerge! Only a strong,Women's Jordan Shoes, other personnel will not cynical view! Although 50000000000 Yu Xuan Court this huge forces, can only be considered a drop in the bucket, but it can attract a lot of ordinary Ares, always staring at the Yu Xuan Court! Therefore, this killing tower Yang Xuan must break, not only to break, but also make every effort to break his momentum and strength! ...... The next chapter would be late ... hey, this New Year, everyone go play ...... <

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