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18.05.2013 11:06
this is how the strength to qualify antworten

> Thousands of people gathered in the bones of the slope, voices, and it buzzes. Www, QUAnben com glance, mountains and plains, full of provocative head. In all surrounded by circles, Yang Xuan sitting quietly, in the face of thousands of people watched, his eyes closed, quietly pranayama ... time, unconsciously past. Two days later, before the bones of the slope, has gathered hundreds of thousands of people on the nearby hills are covered with a dense mass of buzz red open sky, can not imagine that this is one kind of lively. To have time to come and watch this grand test of the weakest hundredfold god of war, there is some forces son or Miss carrying bodyguards and guards. Standing on the slope of the piece bones on the usual, are some of the base city as a guest VIP, and even many of the control of the president of the City of millions of survivors base, and both are superior existence. However, they are looking at the field that cross-legged sitting, looked calm Black youth, but no one dared approached, as if he were a wild ferocious beast, it is not watch intently! Although no one has seen his shot, but the single from that 500 million astronomical, it is not difficult to imagine the person's powerful. In fourth day morning Lieyang, is shining. In the bones of the slope, etc. for the whole four days, all without the slightest impatience, in order to watch this rare grand test of a month, even if they are willing to. Shoop! The distance,Coach Sunglasses Sale, a shadow quickly swept,Jordan 10 Shoes, several jump falls on the crowd encirclement. This is a middle-aged man, eye, such as snakes, handsome face with a hint of cold. With his appearance, hundreds of thousands of people on the slopes, quiet a lot. All eyes fell on the person's body, including some discerning people see the man of the moment, could not help but face sudden changes, exclaimed aloud: "Scorpion hand ZHANG Ji, even him!! "Scorpion hand ZHANG Ji, in Ares standings ranked 54, Wal-Mart prominent. To climb on Ares list is known all over the world figure, a, immediately caused a lot of noise. "Do not know the the Jiao Yang Xuan young, can not stand up to the attack of the Scorpion hand?" Hard to say! "The crowd talking about the two men is anyone's guess who is the stronger? All talk, sitting cross-legged on the open space, four days motionless Yang Xuan, slowly opened his eyes, two SG bursting out,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, he lift his eyes kept trained middle-aged man, in the eyes of the Pan- the cold light. . He stood up slowly from the ground, one hand, and caught the chaotic stick inserted in the ground! Hand chaotic stick, Yang Xuan body stand straight, he looked up, hill and dale, I do not know when to actually see so many people, at first glance, the end of the line of sight, all provocative head. The face of countless people's eyes, Yang Xuan and looked some gloomy, these people come to the surface, just watch, but once they see that he was powerless, will immediately rush up. After all, on his head, on behalf of the 500 million astronomical! The thought of this, Yang Xuan heart bitter, his young face, and suddenly there was a 80-year-old vicissitudes of life of the elderly and lonely. A person, feeling the most lonely time is it? Is not alone in the face of the indifference of the world, not even a friend can not see? He slowly lowered his head, sight at the foot of the sand, he seemed to embark on a road to ruin people, slowly closed his eyes. The whole world is quiet. One from the age-old Jie greedy hostility from his mind flooded out! A person's blood is ice or boiling? Shoop! Front, goes Kyrgyzstan jump leaps, like an eagle, went straight over. Yang Xuan Ceremonial Dress rise, one pair with a crazy and sad eyes, stare in goes Kyrgyzstan. He suddenly smiled, laughed out loud, furious with a mighty laugh drew herself up, no-one noticed, his smile, the hide is how one lonely? A person in the face of the whole world! In the hundreds of thousands of people watching, ZHANG Ji-open the claw, like a goshawk on the horizon, to Yang Xuan captured. Yang Xuan Lengheng soon, with contempt all the arrogance the Ceremonial Dress flick of the wrist, the chaotic stick off the gravel on the ground, pointing nine days, then ...... severely hit go! Bang! ZHANG Ji-figure chaotic stick hit Menheng a cry, immediately Koupen the blood, like bird wings folded faster rate than to inverted out! Hundreds of thousands of bones slope, a sudden become a silence! Yang Xuan strike as fast as lightning, after the attack, he received a stick standing body stand up straight, look the arrogance, looking at all! Goes Kyrgyzstan is rolled on the ground, and the body pumping * moving a few, and soon, they did not move. Ceremonial Dress noisy crowd, issued the sky exclaimed. "I'm not wrong, the guitar goes at least 320 times the system has only one hit dead?" God, too much! "No wonder they wanted" I guess he has 380 times the system right? "Everyone was shocked, just that stick grace, ranks first among the world, giving everyone a very strong visual impact! They do not know, Yang Xuan actually only 280 times the system, the reason why we have so powerful attack capability, mainly because of the effect of chaos stick. the chaotic stick weight pounds in Yang Hin pounds arm waving, bring the power of absolute 50000 kg, even 500 times Yingkang on the stick unbearable, not to mention goes Kat 320 times. had also some eager people in the crowd, just like pouring a pot of cold water from the cold to the feet Yang Xuan looked the arrogance, looked around slowly around, he watched who have hung his head, not with them in the eye! This is what an imposing! Sou is time, the distance three figure Shanlue the come with amazing momentum, led by the National People's Congress laughed: " Let's a! "This man is tall stature, like a giant, in its wake, two, one looks handsome youth, the other is a bit lean middle-aged man, the arrival of the three of them, immediately caused a lot of hubbub. Days three evil president, my God, they are 350 times more powerful presence of the top ten ranked Ares list! "I did not expect actually strong like they are attracted to. "Looked good, hehe. "Crowds open to a lot of people secretly shocked, they never imagined, legendary super-strong, even appeared here, too incredible. Faced with the arrival of these three individuals, Yang Xuan surface expressionless, without saying anything. "young, you can Yigun to kill goes Kyrgyzstan, the idea is eligible to become a strong Ares standings, I see you it would not weak, presumably will not mind if we shot it together ? The tall man laughed Yang Xuan looked cold, sneered: "Today I placed under the ring, no matter how many of you, even though on! To one, I'll kill one to three, I'll kill three! "This proud words overawed all people, hundreds of thousands of bones slope into a silence which they stared at Yang Xuan, this is how the strength to qualify say? Three brow micro- wrinkle, the tall man gloomy face down, he grunted: "a good arrogant tone, no wonder people wanted even I can not help but want to kill you! Yang Xuan raised his eyes and looked at him, revealing a smile of disdain: "you have not qualified! "Rampant! The tall man thundered loudly, he waved his big hands, the hands of more than a two-edged Tomahawk ax coldness radiance in his hands thrown bursts of black fog. "X1-class weapons! "God, do not know how strong this ax? "Caused a big stir in the crowd. To Yang Xuan sneer, that magic armor is removed from the ring, to wear on the body, immediately, Demon Armor exudes monstrous blanket of darkness, far more than the rich Tomahawk mist. Xuan Yang covered with black magic fog-shrouded chest armor, a skull to make him look like a Devil Extreme! "Damn it, that armor X1 level! "I was right! The crowd thoroughly boiling up, X1-level weapons, the absolute best weapons are extremely rare, so far in the world, announced it also only less than 10, each piece is priceless, spend hundreds of billions difficult to buy, but today, they see two! that the tall man who saw Yang Xuan magic, a little surprised, but soon looked exciting, laughed: "I did not expect this 50000000000 wanted gold, not only to get their armor, they're to help me be able to get an X1 level! "Then he looked greedily Yang Xuan, a move the body, leaving a blur, direct rushed over. Nabing Tomahawk in his hands, the blanket of darkness somersault straight to Yang Xuan split over Yang Xuan black hair sprinkled move, his body a turn, led to chaotic stick suddenly thrown out, went up to the Tomahawk. "Kacha! Under the "the original magic gas steaming Tomahawk, chaotic stick," click "sound ... cut! This scene, let everyone around see straight eye! Dignified X1-level weapons, even blow off out?!! absolute than the Earth is about to destroy, but also shocking! (sleep for a while, 11 points up continue code, dizziness, ......) <

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