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18.05.2013 11:03
seven knife handle blade shot antworten

> Cold month-hui shine on housing, a touch of black the shadow quickly Shanlue and over, like swallows, a few ups and downs, Cuanxiang East Boshan after mountain. wWw, quaNBen, COm climb houses, presented in front of a green and lush, tree-lined, in the jungle, a brick stone into Rock Road, winding through the mountain deep in the forest. This stone trail usually very few people whom covered with yellow leaves, somewhat bleak. Yang Xuan fast, like a gentle breeze swept over his movements, almost invisible to the naked eye, I just feel the breeze, the leaves on the ground led follow the breeze, then fell to the ground. Through the layers of Rock Road, in front of Yang Xuan is a cliff. This is the bottom of the cliff, there is a tall cave, there are eight men on duty at the exit of the hole, through the detection of metal watches, Yang Xuan found that several people have reached 80 times the system. Yang Xuan hidden in a branch, a slight frown, just eight people, he can easily solve, but this powerhouse detention of prisoners, it is not possible to leave only eight people on duty, killed eight people, alerted the inside , a little bit tricky. "Do not know how many people there are, they must be in front of a few people to divert the job!" Yang Xuan furrowed brow, to divert these eight difficulty is not small. Throwing stones diversion? This method is so corny, reaching 80 system, the brain would not be stupid enough to go, not in the meter! A baby to lure over and killed a man posing as his appearance? But naturally fall out, some people will believe it? Yang Xuan shook his head, wondering what was going up, after a moment, his eyes light up, thought of a way. I saw Yang Xuan conjured a wisp of purple fire control to fly away in a jungle, suddenly, the patch of jungle fast burning, fire radiance, a faint spread into the whole forest. Standing in the cave next eight everyone face a change, a young anxiously authentic: "fire, we go and dousing it! His Initials, Finals, and the rest a few people have left for the jungle walk towards the combustion Go. "Wait!" Suddenly, a solemn young frowned, he looked up and looked around, his face gloomy Road: "That jungle for no reason, how could fire someone wants to lure us away!" Few people have startled, then woke up and, indeed, this dark and stormy, it is impossible to fire for no reason! "You, who are so much courage, actually dare to attack Zhang family!" A stocky young curse and said, his eyes glanced around the heart, but a little nervous to dive into here but did not found, the visible come strength of the strong, that they can by no means unbeatable! "Come back, we can not leave here, if the prisoners were rescued, you know what would end!" Solemn young light shouted. Heard this, the body of the remaining few micro not check trembling, his eyes showing a touch of horror, apart from anything else, turned back to the cave, and refused to leave. At this point, the patch of jungle flame more wanton greater expansion trend, 60% of all burning up the blink of an eye, in the woods outside the cave. Eight people looked bitter, they watched this wanton flame burning, but did not dare to go to stop, only to let it burn down. Yang Xuan looked as usual, he did not want to use this flame to divert a few people, all in his surprise. I saw he reckoned bomb, a small Dan Zaifei fired into the patch of flames, issued a cry subtle sound different. "Really was!" The hole eight people have face a change, looking at the patch of flames. That solemn youth quickly shouted: "fast notification elders, remote terrain of this mountain, the fire can not shine before the mountains, and do not inform them of this forest will be ruined!" A body extra padding youth quickly come up with a shape from the ring the strange metal sheet, he tried to press - shoop! A white lightning like ghosts, all of a sudden appeared in the youth behind, passing his neck! "Bang!" Youth above the neck of the head, like a ball fall to the ground, and then his body fell down. "Enemy ......" another young man, then just say, he was a two-edged golden feijian throughout the head, at the same time, Yang Xuan wind rushed out from the branches after the path, the wind swept through! That young cold eye pupil contraction, he got immediately grabbed the extra padding in Young Hands foil. "Bang!" Just a touch to the metal sheet, his head will explode open, a the golden feijian sprang from his head. Eight people all died instantly, the real purpose of consuming of Yang Xuan lit patch of woods, is to allow them to come up with communication. In general, the real danger, a cell phone is simply too late. Therefore, the communication tools, must be high-level goods that can instantly transmit information! Yang Xuan in gambling and gambling by virtue of the Zhang family,Coach Online Outlet, but also can not afford to give everyone issuing a communication tool! Fortunately, he won the bet! To be prudent, Yang Xuan did not destroy the foil, and general communication props above all sensors, destroyed, mother noticed. And, at the moment pressed for time, Yang Xuan there is no time to ignore, as soon as he massacred a few people, even their space ring did not take, coming into the cave. This cave lighting stone, very bright. Inside the cave, there are several rows of black guards, about two dozen people, each person's system reached about 80 times. Suddenly broke into Yang Xuan alarmed everyone. In which two dozen people, five men pulled out a foil, he tried to press them. Yang Xuan just come in seven handle Feijian flying out, and instantly killed seven people, the process is only 0.5 seconds! At this time, the ones who took out the foil. To their speed, press requires only 0.5 seconds! In this moment, every second, can decide a lot of things! Yang Xuan hearts to the extreme tension, his eyes seemed to bulge in general, staring five holding a metal sheet! Bang! All the sounds are gone, and Yang Xuan hear your own heartbeat! "Be sure to shoot them!" Yang Xuan heart cries out loud, he just felt the head "boom" a cry, and fell into a brief blank. The next moment! Xiu Xiu! ...... Seven handle feijian the speed suddenly jumped doubled to 0.3 seconds, five head popping! Suddenly, the field only 14 individuals. They only see to Yang Xuan just come in, they killed seven people, almost the same time, another five holding Communicator head burst open. They did not even see the five men how to die! All of them came to understand who took those communications will only die sooner! "Please do not kill us, we absolutely will not tell!" A youth kneeling on the ground fear authentic. In his lead, the rest of the people knelt down and whispered to beg for mercy. No people do not cherish life, in the last days, even his own son ate there, not to mention the temporary rebellious things. As long as the interests enough, anything is possible! Yang Xuan slight frown,Coach Outlet Sale, he he tried to speak, eyes suddenly a cold finger of a bomb, a the golden feijian instant throughout a skinny youth kneeling on the back of the crowd, in the hands of this young man, still holding a metal sheet. Sudden scene, make the all Zhengzhu, when they see that the petite young hands of the sheet metal, they would understand over, have to beg for mercy, for fear of Yang Xuan huff, they will all be killed. Yang Xuan idea of ​​a move, seven knife handle blade shot to the back of the head of all, sort of a small force, just stun everyone in the past. Done, Yang Xuan rushed to the cave, no one rushed out after just so much movement, apparently there has been no one. Yang Xuan way unimpeded rampage came to the place of detention of prisoners. I saw inside the cave, there are five crystal-cast cage, four cage is empty, only a cage held an old man. Suddenly came in Yang Xuan disturb the old man, he raised his cloudy eyes and looked up, as usual, a saw Yang Xuan eyes immediately stare up the soon quickly climbed to the edge of the cage, surprised and bewildered authentic: "You, who are you?" Yang Xuan took out the chaos stick. "Do not, do not kill me!" Elderly Panic authentic. "Crash!" Yang Xuan Yigun the down, off the old man's cage broken off. The old man opened his eyes,Nike Air Jordan 13 Sale, eyes stare at the tattered like a pool of mud-like prison cell, he looked up at Yang Xuan, stare and said: "You, you save me?" "Well!" Yang Xuan nodded His eyes glanced around, and did not find the presence of process research, help and asked: "This is not detained for a little girl?" the old man hesitated for a second, he looked at Yang Xuan looks like, now suddenly over, But the little girl said: "You are to rescue small research right of the child, the child talked to me about you after she was detained come by a lot of torture is pressed to a person's whereabouts. has been reluctant to say killed not relent ...... hey! "of Yang Xuan fist pinch" Kaka "sound, he took a deep breath, somewhat hoarse voice, said:" continue to say! "the old man looked at him for a few sigh , said: "I have been trying to persuade this girl to say that man, but she did not say she always smiled and said to me, her brother come back to save her." "Later, waiting day after day ... but she never give up hope, every time I advised her, her innocent smile, said: 'My brother will save me, sure!' hey you Kuaiqu Jiu her, she was imprisoned in the torture chamber below in <

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