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The see so mercilessly Yang antworten

> After the transaction, to Yang Xuan looked at those people who have gone before returning to sit down next to the wall. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM solitary Chen et al looked at Yang Xuan a, paused, and finally have a sigh. They do not want to Yang Xuan Zhou Qing food to pay out, this time, more of a food, the more of a hope to live! However, Zhou Qing Yang Xuan save the face of 20 million huge temptation, even us, it is difficult to resist, therefore, have distressing. Yang Xuan Zhou Qing looked a disconsolate, patted him on the shoulder, calm authentic: "Do not worry, as long as I still will certainly let you live." Zhou Qing bitter authentic: "I ring inside, there are hundreds of bread and some bacon Unfortunately, ah ...... "" Do not worry, the food is not a problem! "Yang Xuan mysterious smile. Zhou Qing hesitated, he suddenly stared, exclaimed: "You have ..." "Hush!" Yang Xuan shocked, quickly covered his mouth. Zhou Qing recovered, Samsam scratched his head. And two days later. Yang Xuan wake up from the practice, eyes and looked, but saw the solitary morning and Uttar them soft to the ground, his face pale Bai Faqing watch the look, I'm afraid not last long boil. "Cheer up!" Yang Xuan propped them. Uttar dim eyes, this Dahan face exposed ugly smile, said: "I'm afraid not live much longer, so that after my death, you take my meat it should be able to support a period of time." Yang Xuan eyes complex looked at him, and ultimately made up my mind! Fight it! "Come on!" Yang Xuan from the ring come up with a bottle of nutritional Pharmacy, down in Uttar mouth. With nutrition pharmaceutical fallen, Uttar face gradually rosy, he opened his eyes, sat up from the ground, surprised to see their own hands. "How can I, all of a sudden you're not hungry, but also full of energy." Uttar surprised to see Yang Xuan also know, do not ask, it must be a masterpiece of Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan smiled, looked around and determined no one paid attention to here, from the ring carefully took out four bottles of nutrition Pharmacy were distributed to the people of such as Zhou Qinghuo solitary morning, then drank bottles. "Nutritional Pharmacy!" Solitary morning looked shocked in the hands of Pharmacy, This is not because the nutrition pharmaceutical too precious,Coach Handbags Sale, but they had never seen before Yang Xuan Yang Xuan who simply did not think there is actually such a good things. Yang Xuan indicate their voice down and whispered: "Do not let others find spiritual power, or will lead to lay siege to!" Solitary morning people have nodded his head, they are not stupid, understand that at this time, holding nutrition pharmaceutical and other things, how the crisis will encounter! "I Uttar life you saved, from now on, I will follow you mixed up!" Uttar looked gratefully at Yang Xuan,Coach Online Bags, this has always been poor speech Han said from the heart at the moment. Yang Xuan waved his hand, do not care about authentic: "Nothing, we are all friends!" Friend ... "Uttar silently remembered the word. Our lives today, are you saved, from now on, you're the boss! "Zhang Yan face resolutely, Chen Sheng said. "Well!" Solitary morning heavy nod. Yang Xuan helplessly watched them, said: "Just a bottle of Pharmacy, no big deal." "No!" The Uttar firm authentic: "Your future is our boss, we all follow you mixed up!" "Well!" "You do not shirk, do not you bother when our boss?" "No, no!" Yang Xuan helplessly watched them, "Well, when it wants to." the rejoicing of Uttar et al, laughed together. "Boss! The" unnamed boss, ha ha ...... "Yang Xuan looked at them and said:" My real name of Yang Xuan, unknown just a pseudonym! "Uttar indifferent authentic:" just a code. Guannameduo! Yang Hin smiled. Near Yang Xuan et al laughter quarreling glanced contemptuously authentic: "Death to the last minute, there is still time to laugh, a group of fools, oh!" Then, after three days. Underground world of silence, all lying in disorder on the ground, have been hungry linked under the fingers had no strength. "Ah -" Suddenly, one screams rang all have surprised, turned around and looked. I saw a sound person, is extra padding middle-aged man in a body, at the moment, his chest in a knife, directly through the heart, seeing is not live. "Why, my ring to you, I have no food, why did you kill me!" Unwilling eyes of middle-aged man looking at a lean youth, resentment toward him in the authentic. Then, a bite on the arm of this middle-aged man, tear down a piece of skin fat his lean young grinning cry, clutching his arm, said: "no food, you when food!" meat in your mouth and chew. Shed blood from the mouth, down his chewing, looks like a demon from hell out of. To see such a bloody and brutal scenes, some of the women screamed. Solitary Chen et al Wei Zhou brow, his face does not look good. Yang Xuan just calmly looked at the young lean at this scene, he was already accustomed to seeing, he had even rotting corpses maggots have eaten, let alone raw cannibalism. ", This is not personal." Uttar nausea and vomit mouth spittle Road. "But the hunger overcome reason, this will happen." The solitary morning sigh and shook his head. Lean youth move completely scare some people. Attendant, but more people into a lean youth's footsteps, began a brutal hunt from the strength of the weak. "You devil!" In a corner, a tall pieces purple woman, little face flushed with anger, looked toward one of her burly Han curse Road. Large Han grinning cry, and said: "as long as they live, eat what is man, who states not allowed to eat!" Purple woman looking at a step-by-step approached Large Han, and then think that they have caught scenes, his face suddenly pale, and there is no trace of color. On the strength of her obvious beat in front of Large Han. "Do not die, I do not want to die, who will save me!" Purple woman body trembling, in the back and shouted: "Come Help me, I gave him nuclei, ten million, a billion! Who to help me ... "In the face of this girl cry, everyone look around indifference, as if the general did not hear. The purple girl eye lotion the color of despair, suddenly, her eyes inadvertently saw sitting on one side of the wall, Yang Xuan, immediately eye-catching, ran past shouting. Help ...... "Yang Xuan is meditation, suddenly heard cries, the reigning looked up and saw a purple woman, came quickly. "Help me, you want what I give you!" Purple woman went to the front of Yang Xuan pedestrian saw Yang Xuan a touch of blush, his face again, nibble the Beichi authentic. Yang Xuan Large Han looked one behind her to catch up to the brow Wei Zhou Shen for a moment, calm authentic: "save you 10 million nuclei!" Purple woman was taken aback. Or not? "Yang Xuan looked at her, shook his head, closed his eyes, no longer ignore. See Yang Xuan painting looks like, purple girl bite his teeth, she whispered: "me only 200 million, not so much ..." "There is no left!" Yang Xuan eyes closed, he is not a saint, this hole plenty of people in need for help, he always can not just all to save. The see so mercilessly Yang Xuan purple girl's eyes float to the surface layer of mist, she hesitated for quite a while, teeth and said: "I can get something low and" what? "Yang Xuan opened his eyes. "I do!" Purple girl teeth Road. "Poof ...... Uttar almost choked, stunned, looking at the girl. Yang Xuan also was shocked. Purple girl head down, face red to the neck, and her large family background, even in the last days, there is no much difficult,Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, made the remark at the moment, for her, has required a great deal of one courage. At that moment, that chase from the burly Han has been run over, he looked at Yang Xuan a face slightly changed, hesitated, immediately rushed over teeth. "No food is dead, might as well fight one! Large Han hearts so I thought, he rushed to the front of Yang Xuan, Li within the crop, color authentic:" her out, she is my "see burly Han purple girls face suddenly pale many, she stepped back and looked at Yang Xuan eyes begging. Saw this girl slender body tremble slightly, Yang Xuan heart suddenly rises one to cherish the love, Trance, hearts that figure seems to think he Antan heard, but the authentic: "Well, 200 000 000 200 000 000 "purple girl was overjoyed, and looked gratefully at Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan did not care about her, turned around and looked at the burly Han said: "My friends, this man I promised to protect, you find another others!" Large Han face changed, some can not be reconciled, but the thought of Yang Xuan beat that yellow youth Strike At Heart, hearts bitter, his eyes looked at Yang Xuan a pernicious, angrily turned away. See Yang Xuan word scare Large Han, the purple girl reigning the hearts of a happy, grateful authentic: "Thank you!" Yang Xuan do not care about authentic: "Nothing." "You're a good man!" Cough ...... you bribe money. "" ...... "(seeking collection ...) <

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