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> Thought for a moment, Yang Xuan got up and went forward again, this time playing the full spirit, every step is carefully. www! QUAnbeN! COM in this perilous forest, accidentally, it is possible to step down dead! Just that middle-aged man is the best example! Along the way, occasionally found some monster, Yang Xuan took blood crossbow to kill, as far as possible not to cause too much movement. Not long gone, Yang Xuan suddenly heard the front from the sound of the fountain, listening to the surging sound, there should be a waterfall. Yang Xuan thought for a moment, then walked over towards the waterfall. I saw the trees around getting scarce, revealing an empty rock heap, the heap in this rock, a pool of crystal clear pools, Lake pebbles piece by piece, clearly visible. The top of the rock heap, the side of a steep cliff, a silvery white cloth waterfalls, washed down from the cliff side, hit the bottom of the rocks, splashing through countless waves. However, the most attractive Yang Xuan, is that a pool, a shallow position, there is a exudes a touch of pampas grass flowers. This flowers like a lotus in full bloom three leaves are purple, each leaf, if any, spirituality, as if the wizard wings, gently swaying in the breeze. In the center of the leaf, a purple light group, like a life being nurtured, exudes a touch of purple mist. "Violet grass!" Yang Xuan glance to see the origins of this grass, "Yi Cao Bang" This is self-cultivation sector 89 Violet grass! Do not underestimate the ranking, self-cultivation sector broad and profound, inherited from the ancient prehistoric, after the ancient, medieval three centuries, until now, could be your senior expert as 89, it is absolutely million to pick one! Watching this strain Violet grass, Yang Xuan eyes immediately hot rumor, violet grass refining Hun Yuan Dan, to help pool failed saver, forcibly upgraded to a saver environment, the effect is amazing! Moreover, this grass there is a effect, dedicated to feeding the unicorn beast! "unicorn beast, has been a legendary presence in the comprehension called ancient Ruishou! In ancient times, the four sacred each continent, and the unicorn beast, although not the four sacred so powerful, but every unicorn was born, the world is bound to surging, set off a frenzy trend. Because rumors Kirin but large Luo Jin Sin horse! Large Luo Jin Sin, in the eyes of the older generation even in the Yuan Ying, all belong to the immortal level! Only, but it has never been seen before ... All this is just a legend, the world in the end there is no unicorn, there is no large Luo Jin Sin, are just the people at the mouth of the rumors, has never been confirmed! However, Yang Xuan did not care what unicorn beast, he was excited because Violet grass refining Hun Yuan Dan, even if the ordinary saver territory monks eat, can be forced to the next level! Reached saver throughout every step of the upgrade is extremely difficult! Initially absorbed tens of thousands of nuclei, will be able to reach the base of building environment. Today, however, a single early saver territory, will need to be elevated to the mid-saver throughout the more than two million nuclei, while the mid-saver elevated to the late-saver, but it is more difficult! "With a purple Luo grass, I will be able to upgrade to the peak of the mid-saver!" Yang Xuan emotionally, he tried to go past the removal of kindred Violet grass, suddenly, his face slightly changed, the body immediately stopped, and hidden in the grass next to. Through the gaps between the leaves, Yang Xuan looked around and found that there is no movement. "Is it my illusion?" Yang Xuan brow wrinkled, he was obviously just felt a hint of crisis, and Violet grass so obviously put there, how could not the main thing? Unusual even if the people do not know this stuff, but as long as you see it can shine, breath Purple Haze, we know that by no means all things! Rotation of the mind, the body Yang Xuan hiding in the bushes, completely held her breath, waiting for you. "Imperfections" An hour later, not far from the grass suddenly turbulent, immediately rushed out from the inside of a black figure to see its appearance, was actually a strange, black pig head long white horned appearance weird. This is the first black pig monster against that pool ran, apparently thirsty to drink water. Yang Xuan a blind eye firmly fixed on the first black pig strange. Yang Xuan watching the strange black pig slowly to get to the pool side, pick a place, immediately stretched out under the neck and slurped sips body of water, then shook himself and turned to leave. In this whole process, nothing happens. Yang Xuan could not help frowned, is it illusion, there is really no one trap? Will not be seen before two sinister young, made me suspicious? Is when he thought that going out of the bushes black pig strange, all of a sudden thump "sound, fell to the ground, their nose, ears, spilling bright red blood ... Yang Xuan suddenly look a condensate! "Damn!" Soon Mamalielie sound from a hidden rock side sounded, I saw a black youth went to the the black pigs strange, broken knifed the latter's head, took out a blue crystal from its head nuclear, curse and said: "damn beast, delay I meter, if it did not catch the two Wudang disciples, I burn you eat!" strange black pig lying on the ground motionless, his words no "ignore." Black youth curse blanket a few times, then not delay, quickly these the black pigs strange body buried, and then made a move Yang Xuan surprise, I saw this black youth suddenly dig from the ring a fan, facing black pigs strange burial place blowing blowing, blown away by the faint smell of blood, this satisfaction, then walked back to the rock, remain hidden. See the move of black youth, Yang Xuan hearts consternation silent, this young black looks a little rough mad, but did not expect cautious, such as hair, not sparing even the air was filled with the smell of blood was so flawlessly ! "I'm afraid, this black youth than in that body of water under the poison, and Violet grass next to the authorities estimated hiding!" Yang Xuan eyes flash, mind rotation, pondered squatting on the grass, continue to wait . The squat, is three hours ... for doing an ordinary person, squatting three hours, the legs must have been dumb, but for Yang Xuan, but did not feel anything. At this time, a distant roar of rushing, dropped to the ground, is a young blue shirt, wearing a crystal-level armor in the chest, as well as a black Medal, is impressively eternal base city one of the three Association The biotite Association. This young blue shirt looked haughty, he went to the grass, looked around a suddenly saw the kindred Violet grass, his eyes lit up, flashed a hint of glowing color, he tried to walked unto Violet grass, but suddenly hesitated and soon brow slightly furrowed, the body is not retrograde, hiding in the bushes, calm and collected. So passed an hour or so, that young Blue Jackets could not take it anymore, he got up and walked unto the pool. Apparently, he thought it was think ... more and more close to the kindred purple grass, that Blue Jackets youth looked excited, obviously know the value of this grass, but he did not let down our guard, became a close, more and more alert. Finally, the Blue Jackets youth went to the front of Violet grass, he looked around and found walked all the way here without any danger, could not help feeling excited, quickly bent down to put forth the hand to Violet grass growing on. Yang Xuan eyes narrowed, firmly fixed, he can not believe that black youth not set traps! "Ah!" Scream! Yang Xuan quickly looked surprised to find that young blue shirt to touch the palm of violet grass,Crossbodys Coach, visible speed quickly withered black pus from the shed in the fingers, and soon, bird flesh and blood on the palm of your hand, they to ashes, and looks as if there tended to spread to the arm. That cold sweat in the Blue Jackets Youth forehead, DC, his face panic, desperation, bitter bite, one hand waving machetes, directly cut down the whole arm. Yang Xuan could not help secretly nod, this young blue shirt is obviously somebody who's come from the edge of life and death, in times of crisis, decisive, things did not drag. Shoop! Just then, that black youth hidden in the rock, suddenly, such as gentle breeze sweeping, rushed over, eyes filled with murderous knife directly to the young Blue Jackets head split to go. Blue Jackets youth face a change, but did not panic. In the palm of your hand quickly fester, he would know that in the trap. See you at the moment this young black rushing immediately in the eyes of the beholder and reveals severely knife to cut off the rest of that arm. Seeing them fight, Yang Xuan hiding in the side, he was secretly delighted. In spite of himself! Black youth, or slightly better, his side of the battle, while quickly drank a bottle of Pharmacy, a sudden power surge, all of a sudden the Blue Jackets youth skull split open to "good insurance!" Black young people watching the Blue clothing youth body, big mouth breathing, and his strength only while this young blue shirt is reached if it is the last drink a bottle of Ares Pharmacy, I'm afraid now lying on the ground, it will be him. Rest a moment, black youth do not have the slightest pause, immediately pick a ring of blue shirt Young Hands down, looked for a moment to identify the main face surprise, subsequently young Blue Jackets body armor chops , incorporated into the ring. Finally, he is not far from dug a pit to bury the corpse, done all this black youth to quickly clean up traces of fighting, and then returned to the rock into hiding. Yang Xuan eyes flash, thought for a moment, decided to look at. Has passed several hours. Waterfall, in addition to the spring slap on the rock sound of silence. Brush! "Two white figure from the air flyby, passing the pool, the sounds of surprise, immediately stopped, slowly landed at the pool side. Two road figure, dressed in white, a man and a woman in the chest, there are a Kamiyama pattern. Yang Xuan hiding in the bushes, he knew the two men, is that Wudang two! "Violet grass!" Exclaimed a sound, by the mouth of that white girl, her beautiful eyes filled with disbelief, said: "Here there could be violet grass,Nike Air Jordan, but also clover!" That white youth also look touched, and he has now reached the pinnacle of building the base environment, only one step, will be able to achieve saver environment! Violet grass for him, no doubt, is timely! "Luck is really good!" White girl cheers, ran past. White youth suddenly face a change, and quickly said: "Do not over!" White girl turned in surprise and said: "Why?" White youth went quickly to her side, this assured many, he frowned: "Violet the grass Some strange in such a vibrant place, even not being found too strange. "" What is so strange, Violet grass before the Yi Cao ranked standings 100, are extremely rare Lingcao, decade germination, a hundred years to grow, every once in a millennium, increased leaf! strains Violet grass, I'm afraid, has 3000 years of life! other levels, even in the valley, lily, rarely conceived! "said the young girl in white. White youth pondered for a moment, looked around, his eyes had been looking in the surrounding ground, suddenly look slightly changed, and took the young girl in white a few steps back, Chen Sheng said: "It's a trap!" Yang Xuan hiding in the grass, help Yizheng, the white youth exactly where to look out flaws? Yang Xuan from that, even if he is very difficult to detect. "Why?" White girl looked somewhat puzzled him. The white youth brow Wei Zhou, said: "This ground is too clean, no tracks in the air, but also very clear! Violet grass birth to land, there must be M & M guardian, but now, this strain Violet grass around but did not M & M Obviously,Coach Hotsale Clearance, the guardian of the M & M has been to solve! "And here close to the waterfall, but near water, unusual monster will come here drinking water, but, but here no monster footprint, you say strange strange! "white girl suddenly, hee hee laughs:" or Big Brother you are powerful! "young white flashing a smile on his face, I heard the sound of praise, he felt the world the most precious things are much happier! Yang Xuan looked white youth, but the hearts of shock in the He seems seamless trap, turned suddenly white youth see through! "Pops!" An applause rang. "Worthy of Wudang inner door stem Church disciples!" That rock the black youth to go out, rough face the color of the appreciation, said: "I never imagined, I have done in these traps too perfect, actually is a loophole! "the white youth footsteps slightly move faint guard in front of that white girl, he looked at the black youth cold channel:" Who are you? "who I am is not important, it is important that you going to die! "black youth laughed, eyes look unto Girls in white dresses Yin Xiao. Killed! "Young white eyes chills, the body exudes monstrous murderous black youth has touched his Ni Lin! Zixuan sword! "Raising his hand a lead edged the purple feijian from the ring of white youth fly out, turned into a two-edged Sword thirty feet in the void! "Well?" Black youth face slightly changed, authentic Jingnu: "how off spirits incense no effect!" Off spirits incense? "White youth hesitated slightly, then her face changed, mouth overflow trace of blood in the head of Nabing thirty feet the purple big sword instant immediately reduced, falling on his hands, like in the drug generally exudes a faint light ... Seeing the situation, the black youth suddenly exposed cry laughing, greedy eyes sweep over two said: "This is not the aura, you dead!" Yang Xuan hiding in the dark, frowned and tried to mobilize the body's aura, but found, Reiki seems to be some blockage, running extremely slow! "This off spirits incense, it can not suppress the body's aura?" Yang Xuan eyes flash, thought for a moment, the idea of ​​a move, ray of violet Dan fire is rushed out from the saver, coming into the major meridians in. With Dan fire into the aura of those meridians have to avoid exposing the shiny powder, these powders have turned to ashes in the the Purple Pill fire under! "So!" Yang Xuan eyes reveal a bright color, shiny powder, extremely small, but great density, which is quite heavy and can be integrated into Reiki, makes Reiki operation speed greatly reduced! That the white youth Aura disappears, because the aura of the body contains a lot of this powder! It seems that this so-called off spirits incense, only saver environment for comprehension! Yang Xuan looking at the field, eyes Weileng, stared at the black youth, if given the chance, he will definitely be put to death shot! Field at the moment, some gloomy white youth face, stared at the black youth, said: "Sir, you must specifically designed to come?" Of course! "Young black light laugh:" the two of you Wudang inner door disciple, a certain number of the body of the baby, said to your brother and sister duo, in order to find the God of the dead iron, hey, must have found it? "white eyes and a cold, said:" Who told you? "" It's none of your business! "black youth sneered:" space ring to pay out, I put you a way out! "white youth looked at him, looked the arrogance, and said:" Do you think, I do not Reiki, they beat you up? "the black youth brow wrinkled, his cold channel:" you Wudang Major Neijin of, you are the Disciples, learned comprehension Dharma, the strength of your ** only unusual unless you use Ares Pharmacy! "" Is it? "white youth sneer, the pace of a step, suddenly, the ground burst, in the vicinity of the earth, are trembling slightly! "What!" Black youth suddenly face a change, just the foot of Granville, 150 times the power, absolutely impossible! He was shocked, white youth body a move that turned into a blur, the next moment is to appear in the black youth behind, at the same time, punch hit! "Bang!" Black youth under that punch, broken bones, like a bird with broken wings in general, inverted out heavily hit a tree. White youth not stay again appears, has been standing in front of the black youth, he said coldly looked at the black youth, mouth float a touch of sarcasm, said: "forgot to say, in fact, I * power than Reiki more powerful! "voice down, his hand a cutlass, knife stab in the eyes of black youth horror! "In spite of himself!" Young black throat, the blood, such as springs, ejected. White youth apathy glanced at his body, picked off the ring, to identify the main rummaging for a moment, a ghost of a smile on his face, hand over the pages, a black beads in their hands. "Now off Ling Hong, then there cited Lingzhu the!" He chuckled, turned and went to the front of the white girl, said: "While beads, your body off spirits powder forced out!" the first to use it! "white girl looked at him and said. "I do not have that beads can be forced out, but a long time point, you pick up the bar!" Young white eyes flashed a touch of color Chongni softly. White girl no longer refuse, she picked up the beads, cross-legged walked away and sat down, then put beads on white slender hands, close your eyes, breathing slowly up. The white youth looked at her, went to the front, quietly guardian ... Yang Xuan stood side of the grass, the hearts of some hesitation, or want to take in the end they aura blocked snatch growing on Violet grass. That Violet grass coated with poison, but there should be a way to clean. That black youth should not know Violet grass, otherwise, would never be foolish enough to use such a precious treasure to lure the two Wudang disciples. Yang Xuan think, that white youth idle without incident, they went to the grass growing on Violet, staring for a moment, and then right Shouyi Zhao, the kindred Violet grass is uprooted and flew to him. Seeing him want to reach out and catch, Yang Xuan Wei Zhou brow, pondered, suddenly the channel: "Stop!" ...... Whirring, only one more, but also a lot of large sections, the number of words ...... whirring hand frostbite, feel like a mosquito bite, the itch is dead ...... <

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