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solitary morning his antworten

> Base city, South door. www quanbeN com his team from outside the city back to the 12 three men and women. This pedestrian team came to the gate of the city, to produce a live city order, soon will enter the base inside the city. "Little research, we have to go, oh!" A big eye girl holding a little girl, hee hee laughs. "Well, Meilan sister goodbye, call me tomorrow, oh!" Little girl dressed in a fine crystal equipment, very cute. "Good-bye!" Goodbye! "The rest is everyone waved to the little girl, and soon left together. Little girl standing in an empty place, hanging around, muttered: "brother what time?" Such a lovely little girl standing on the roadside, attracted the attention of many people,Nike Air Jordan, but in Qiaode the latter a crystal-class equipment, all face a change, want to go teasing people have also dismissed the idea. Not long after. A young man came quickly, went to the front of the little girl, smiled and said: "Sorry to be late." Little girl shook her head, playful blinking eyes: "Nothing, I just came back brother, I earned 20 nuclei Oh! "youth smiled and rubbed her little head, and said:" really good, I'll take you to eat a big meal! "little girl cheering loudly, they come with a luxurious hotel which. ...... "My brother, this hotel is very expensive look ..." process research looked decorated magnificent hotel, the hearts of joy awkward disappear immediately, followed by some timidly behind Yang Xuan. "Nothing!" Yang Xuan smiled, "There are a few friends, go to the second floor, they have been waiting for me for a long time." Then, holding her to come to the second floor of a box. "Ha ha, you're finally here!" As soon as opened the box, he heard the laughter of Uttar. "Huh?" Who is this little girl? "Zhang Yan looked somewhat surprised Yang Xuan around research. Yang Xuan looked at them puzzled look, smiled and said: "This is my sister, she just returned from the field again, I on Shun Piandai to come." Process research in the days before the end of the world,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, a little dark, so more afraid of life, but at the moment Yang Xuan at her side, and my heart still some emboldened sheepishly and said: "Hello everybody, I'll research!" Uttar laughed and said: "Do not be afraid little girl, to big brother to sit! "Yang Xuan looked at his face, could not help but smiled. Take a seat, the crowd began a la carte. Yang Xuan just order a few, they put a menu handed process research, this little girl holding a menu, looking at the prices marked above, for a time did not even know what that point, every dish, enough for her to the efforts of the day nuclei. Uttar sitting next to her is actually very enthusiasm, to help her point a few very rich dishes,Nike Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, which makes this little girl extremely sad that a few dishes add up to at least a few hundred nuclei ... all while chatting days, while waiting for the dishes. Soon, the point of dishes is a one end up. "Bang!" An elegant girl, suddenly end a barbecue foot mix, sprinkle barbecue in process research. Process research immediately stood up, anxious authentic: "big sister, are you okay, where hurt too much?" Solitary morning people have hesitated. In the last days, only the strength of the people would do this kind of service industry. People like this, most people are very disdain, almost no one will give them a good look to see, a dog called, was just as instructed. However, at the moment the process research waiter dirty clothes, not only do not get angry, even first take an interest in others. And they were all deeply looked at the little girl, eyes have a touch difficult to conceal appreciation! Whether at any time, any place, good people are always subject to the respect of others! Respect the strong, fear in his force! And respect for a good person is respected from the heart! The girl is slightly hesitated, when she tripped, uneasy, over, to be Masi. Process research beyond her surprise. Yang Xuan blatantly process research and whispered: "Here tidy, this dish count on my account." Girl grateful face, nodded his head and went out. The solitary morning smiled slightly: "unnamed brother is really magnanimous!" Yang Xuan do not care smiled and quietly said: "the world this should be more tolerance, do not you?" To a small controversy this past in mind, people continue to happily eating dinner. From the conversation of Yang Xuan, Cheng Yan know in front of these people actually are usually need to look to God of War, at the moment, she was in the group of Ares sit together, eat, chat. Under the hearts surprised, but also feel a bit proud ...... she has a strong brother! "Unnamed brother, this nucleus has been converted out, a total of 380,000!" Solitary morning some happy authentic: "in accordance with the rules of the team, the most deserving people, occupied the largest proportion of this lost black nucleus of the egg, they have to add "Therefore, the proportion of allocation: 60% of the nuclei, and 10%, Uttar 7%, Zhang Yan, 7%, the remaining 16%, to Xie Qing split equally between them! "solitary morning watching Yang Xuan, smiled and said:" how? "Thank you!" Yang Xuan smiled. "Unnamed brother, your virtual account number, I remitted to your account!" Authentic solitary morning smile. Yang Xuan to jot down a bunch of numbers, and handed solitary morning. General team transactions are nuclei in accordance with the proportion of the underground black market, into white nuclei, and then pro rata, the last direct converged on a virtual account. Next process research, stare, her efforts a day, there were only 20 nuclei, but Yang Xuan, but easy to earn hundreds of thousands! No wonder the poor people of this world is poorer and the rich getting richer! Is such a reason! "Yes!" Solitary morning suddenly thought, thought for a moment, looked at Yang Xuan said: "I received a mandate, with a team to go Ryukoku! Are you going?" Task? Dragon Valley? "Yang Xuan some doubts. "Well!" Solitary morning nodded and said: "the team the edge of the hall, there is a task bar! General, some people saw a strong prey, but can not kill the taskbar, you can go to invite others to help!" Yang Hin suddenly. To Ryukoku is a dangerous place, and most peripherals are more than 80 times the monster in there, there are a lot of 120 times more powerful monsters! Addition, it is said that the innermost Long head! "solitary morning his face solemn authentic. Yang Xuan some consternation, "the place where? How I heard of?" Solitary morning smiled and said: "In the hunting map marked, used to be a mountain, later monsters occupation, became Ryukoku. "Yang Xuan understand over, frowning:" The task is to ask us to why? "assist in the hunt to the Dragon King!" solitary morning eyes shine, said: "In there, a Dragon King, It is said that its strength is very tough, even the peak of the god of war, are vulnerable in front of the monster! "Yang Xuan brow of a challenge, said:" The publishing tasks is backing, actually dare to kill this monster! "monster reached more than 200 times, they have not lost to the average person's IQ is very difficult to hunt. 220 times a monster, even on the the Ares list 220 strong, are difficult to a person hunting. Solitary morning smiled, and said: "The owner of this task is very rich, 100 times the power of people go to 100,000 nuclei! 120 times the power of the people, to 300,000 nuclei! 150 times the power of people to 60 million nuclei! 180 times to a million nuclei! 200 times the power of people to a million nuclei! "Yang Xuan stunned, could not help but ask:" how many people pick up this task? "solitary morning thought for a moment , said: "it is estimated that there are hundreds of people!" Yang Xuan could not help but suck down a tone, hundreds of Ares, is the lowest level, that also have to give 10 million nuclei ah! Seems to be seen Yang Xuan shocked, solitary morning smiled slightly: "This employer million nuclei with large forces behind nothing, generally slightly better base, the daily income has hundreds of thousands like Zhejiang first base city of the Province, one day down, there will be two or three hundred thousand nuclei, the God of War level, just go out hunting one day, can get thousands of nuclei! "Yang Xuan nodded his head, thought for a moment said: "Well, I have to go!" ... a new week, seeking votes ...... whirring! <

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