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18.05.2013 10:52
exposing the naked charm antworten

> The base City, South City, at the gate of the city. www, quanbeN com dozen people standing in an open place, these people and equipment are generally silver level, of which there are a few people, but also has a gold-level armor. "Captain, I heard just applied into the team, is a teenage child, is not wrong?" A stout young men, some muffled voice gas authentic. "Should not be mistaken!" A dark-haired man shook his head, said: "system say, 50 times the strength of the little girl." "Captain, when they die?" "Estimate fast! "few people are chatting with, Yang Xuan holding the drive research fast in the other side of the street running. "" Black men's eyes I saw the hands of Yang Xuan Cheng Yan eyes fell on the latter, suddenly surprised, process research body, all the Crystal-class equipment, a set of add up at least have thousands of nuclei! "Happy team?" Yang Xuan holding process research went to the dark-haired man in front,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, smiling authentic. "Well!" The dark-haired man's eyes fell on the body of Yang Xuan, some doubts authentic: "you have to join the team?" Yang Xuan smile, shook his head, pointing around process RESEARCH Road: "she I took her over. "" Oh! "the dark-haired man suddenly, his light laugh:" I Jiaowu Levin, hello! "Yang Xuan and his hand shook, smiling authentic:" This is my sister, she a novice, you take care of a lot of trouble. "Wu Lai nodded his head, smiled and said:" Do not worry I heard your sister archers, and to stand far point on the line, should not suffer any injury. "Yang Xuan nodded his head. At this time, the other people around over, they saw Crystal-class equipment for process research body, not help have surprised to be able to afford to buy Crystal-class equipment, at least more than 80 times the strength! "Crystal-class armor, tut, I'm afraid 100 times the monster can not destroy it!" "This one was the value of the number of nuclei Yeah!" Pedestrians have lamented, looking at the eyes of process research, many moderate. They are not stupid, people can wear a full set of crystal class equipment behind, how could no one to take care of? Think of here, pedestrians have to see in the eyes of Yang Xuan, but found that the latter body, wear very simple, hands do not have any weapons, could not help feeling a little strange. Yang Xuan pulled away research, authentic smile: "You tell them to go out to practice under the skills, one-time increase your strength too, need to adapt slowly!" Process research and nodded his head, she looked forget Yang Xuan, Yang Xuan rubbed her little head, said: "under the back, give me a call on the line, I'll pick you up!" process research and well-behaved place nod, said: "You're going to hunt monsters it, Oh, be careful! "Yang Xuan smiled and nodded, his eyes turned, watching the the Wu Lai Road:" you want to hunt monsters level? "just outside of the city. hunting some variation, or some 50 times the monster. "Wu Lai seen in the eyes of Yang Xuan solemnly, smiling authentic. Yang Xuan nodded his head, heart or some do not trust, turned to drive research, said: "If the case of the danger, call me!" Ah! "Cheng Yan nodded. ...... Bid farewell to the process research, Yang Xuan looked at a pedestrian who go away, thought for a moment, then went to the base on the east side of the city, here, also has a team hall. Only the team hall and before that grade is a clear distinction can apply for a team of people here, the minimum strength, and Yang Xuan walked into the hall, this hall is luxuriously decorated inside, which is small in size can only accommodate a few hundred people only. At the moment, in this hall, but only a few dozen people only. Yang Xuan went to an empty window, sitting behind the counter is a hot body beautiful, "I want to query a person can do?" Yes! "Service girl smiling place nod, she entered on the keyboard for a moment, Yang Xuan in front of the screen, immediately appeared in a window, with a Baidu search for cross bar. Yang Xuan found here can not only search for the name of the designated team, you can also search for the person's name specified. Wang Zhen! "Yang Xuan on the cross bar, enter a name, and click search. After a moment! The character "does not exist!" There was a prompt bar. Yang Xuan could not help hesitated and thought, and enter a name: "Mr months!" Does not exist for the person! "Feng Ye!" "Does not exist for the person!" Wang Chen! "The figure" does not exist! "...... Yang Xuan all the names are entered again, only to find that the search does not come out! "Are they dead?" Yang Xuan frowned, thought for a moment, immediately shook his head, "is not possible, with their strength, in the early should be fairly strong, definitely not likely to be dead!" or should I say, the base city is too small, they had never come? "Yang Xuan thought, think it should be so. "Sir, you find someone?" Service girl asked curiously. Yang Xuan nodded his head, sighed and said: "Unfortunately, no one has found!" "Mr. You can also issue a reward you!" Service girl sweet smile, said: "Today, most of the information of the virtual network is deleted, thing left is to survive the end of the world on the network, you can publish the the reward order and arrest warrant, is very simple! "Yang Xuan Yi Zheng, immediately racking our brains, ah, how to forget! "Then I now can I?" Yang Xuan asked. Can! "Service girl nodded and said:" just want to register a virtual account, and account recharge nuclei, as other people to help you find the person, they can direct the virtual transfer! "How to recharge nucleus? "asked Yang Xuan. In each base in the city, there is a network service designed to recharge the store, you can go there to apply for recharge! "Yang Xuan understand over, appreciate authentic:" Thank you! "Then hand out a primary blue nuclei, and gave it to her, and without looking back, out of the team hall. That service girl Leng Leng looked blue nuclei counter, some consternation, they just say a few words, and actually got a blue stage nuclei! ? ...... In the streets of the base city, next to a full intersection, there is a tall building, in the front of the building, an iconic pattern is a bright ruby! Yang Xuan to go inside, quietly waiting in the lobby of the building, there are many people, Yang Xuan went to a number of sparsely team back row. Quickly in the past, and finally came to Yang Xuan. "Hello, I want to go through the virtual account and recharge nuclei!" Yang Xuan quickly said a waitress behind the counter. His tone a bit excited and anxious, and finally there are ways you can quickly find partners, how can he not be excited? That the waitress looked at Yang Xuan a, and then typed the strike a few, Yang Xuan front screen, immediately there is a table. Yang Xuan in accordance with the above sequence, registered an account nickname, called an "overlooking"! "Excuse me, you want to recharge the number of nuclei?" Waitress looked at Yang Xuan simple dress, facial expressions and did not treat customers so warm, but still maintain a basic courtesy Road. Yang Xuan thought for a moment, I'm afraid there are hundreds of thousands of nuclei in the ring he is now all in the underground black market exchange. 50000 "first charge it!" Yang Xuan thought. "Well, all right!" The waitress customary nod, but just had finished speaking, he woke with a start, surprised authentic: "You said how much?" "50000, how? Can not charge it?" Yang Xuan some doubts . "No, no!" The waitress immediately shook his head, his face extremely enthusiasm, said: "Do not say 50,000, in the we ruby ​​recharge shop, 500,Air Jordan 4,000 nuclei charge and won, and 100% guaranteed account security!" Yang Xuan nodded : "That's good!" Then, from out of the ring 50000 nuclei, most of which are blue, and a few purple. For these nuclei, and not in accordance with the other stores to decimal conversion, but according to the proportion of the underground black market. Basically, the ratio is: white nuclei and yellow nuclei white nucleation and primary blue nuclei white nuclei and intermediate blue nuclei nucleus of white and blue nuclei white nuclei and super blue nuclei white nuclei and primary purple nuclei white nuclei and intermediate purple nuclei ...... see Yang Xuan out of thin air out so many nuclei the waitress eyes stare, almost exclaimed out, she looked at the eyes of Yang Xuan , more enthusiastic, sometimes blinked, exposing the naked charm. Yang Xuan little embarrassed smile, but it does not mean any contempt, in such a the end of the world, for to do him a weak woman, they will certainly looking for a strong man to do rely on. - Everyone just to survive it! Soon, the 50,000 nuclei charge to the account, to Yang Xuan inquiries, confirm the nuclei, immediately smiled and left the hall. Left the hall, Yang Xuan suddenly felt behind a few people quietly followed up. Hearts sneer, Yang Xuan ignored, walked straight up to the inside of an Internet cafe. "The boss, give me the boot!" Yang Xuan sit in front of a computer, open the computer, log in to the account, and then open the Network Home. Just an open page, Yang Xuan will see the page, there are three very prominent golden characters: Ares list! Yang Xuan random looked at the names of the top ten list below, there is a "more", as long as the point is open, you can see the ranking. Yang Xuan's eyes fell on the the Ares list first, first called "Li Qing", the strength of the second strength, third, also Yang Xuan hearts surprised a Fan, but not too much to stay, directly on the other side, opening the window of the says "Reward bar" three characters. In the last days, many people want to find some separation from loved ones, so there will be a reward that! Open a table in front of above Reward names, the amount of reward nuclei, reward time ...... Yang Xuan Wang Chen, Feng Ye person's name,air jordan outlet, enter one by one into everyone's Reward crystal number of nuclei, specially, some people accept this reward task crystal nuclei to earn regarded as high a price for these people, in the last days! You know, general Ares level every day hundreds of nuclei, even thousands of nuclei income, who would go to nothing to help find someone? Therefore, to take the task, most of them are relatively low strength! ...... Seems a bit late, sorry, there is a more ...... 12:00 after New Year's Day today, I wish you all a Happy New Year! ! ! ! <

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