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they still remain the shock antworten

> "Well, we give up!" Ji Chang-East the face bitter authentic. The www! QUaNBEN! The com Zhao days in the eyes of Senhan slowly alleviate him as if nothing happened, re-up with a smile, said: "That ye!" Ji Chang-East sigh, and Lingyu, as a glance , face some ugly hand treasures, have to hand over! "Boss, you have to put them?" Said a middle-aged man could not resist. Zhao days saw a man, calm authentic: "As long as we have mastered these genes syrup, sooner or later be able to occupy the whole of Hangzhou, they have not a threat!" Several people are not stupid, have a thought, we come to understand. Indeed, if they suppress the JI Chang-Dong, maybe their desperate counterattack to be kicked in the teeth. Such as have so many genes syrup, JI Chang-Dong, is not a threat, is not necessary now so ruthless. Heard Zhao days, next to Ji-East slight smile. "Things away,Jordan Play In These 2 Shoes, ready to go!" Zhao days commanded. Few people went to the equipment and pharmaceutical next, he tried to be receiving all the space inside the ring, all of a sudden, slowly open a hole in the side of the metal wall. The sudden appearance of the hole, so that surprised a few people have tasted the ruins base bitterness items fly, suddenly face a change, wary. "Wow!" A black shadow rushed from the hole out, like a flash of lightning turned out. The next moment, all recovered slightly thin figure of this road, it has appeared on stage in white jade. So much equipment! "Yang Xuan just appeared, they saw a white jade accumulation of stage equipment and a variety of agents, the reigning eyes shine. "Who are you!" The Zhao Tian et al have recovered, Zhao days sank his face, cold shouted. Though his face is very blunt, but for Yang Xuan, their hearts full of shocked. Along the way, they came from that dangerous channel, who more or less have some scars, but Yang Xuan looks but something to do. But also shocked, Yang Xuan just out, the speed of the show is definitely above the above the crowd. Throughout Hangzhou the three bases City of God of War, and even reached more than 90 times the power of the people, every president has a report on the table of their details, but in this one, and Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan eyes scanned the crowd one, did not timid, he smiled and said: "These things, I'll take it!" Carter. "Fart" a middle-aged Han Nu Sheng said: "But we found that, where did you come up the I roll!" Yang Xuan smile on his face slowly converge down, he glanced indifferently middle-aged man, said: "If it is not in the sake of your find, I would have you all killed!" middle-aged man laugh loudly, said: "I then shook, you have not weaned it!" "Tiebi, let alone!" Zhao days suddenly face a change, quickly shouted. I do not know why, from the front of the young man felt a dangerous atmosphere, especially Yang Xuan face to cool moment, he kind of feeling of getting scared. "The friend, here is our brilliant Association, and the Association of hope found together." At this time, Zhao Tianli's next even left JI Chang-Dong, carried out, and the performance seems to be the way of unity, so that Ji-East secretly endless curl one's lip. "I know!" Yang Xuan Zhao days, face smiled again and said: "That being the case, the equipment, you can pick the last two, can not let you Baipao a trip!" ... The ... "Zhao days face a stagnation, at the same time, other people have also hesitated, and soon was somewhat startled. Brats, you know you are in and who speak it? But where's the hillbilly, even our brilliant Association do not know! "Middle-aged man recovered, micro angrily. Yang Xuan do not see him directly to him as the air, his eyes just watching the body Zhao days, waiting for his reply. Walking in the VIP channel so long, finally came to the core of this warehouse, to see so many expensive treasures, he does not tempted is a lie. While it would offend these two associations, but Yang Xuan does not matter, anyway, where he would go can still survive. Middle-aged man to see Yang Xuan even the eye not look at him, the reigning the hearts of angry, said: "brats, I talk to you!" Tian noise! ​​"Yang Xuan brow Wei Zhou, face down, Shibuguosan , his arm shocked, and a silver light from out of the cuffs, with lightning speed, rushed to the front of the middle-aged man, like a cutlass, across his arm. "Da! The arm, in the silver light flashed directly on the ground. Middle-aged man, he tried to avoid the silver light, but suddenly found out what ground, the reigning looked down, saw immediately a length of stout arm ...... ah! "Middle-aged man clutching his broken arm pain howl, his forehead cold sweat, looking in the eyes of Yang Xuan, with a trace of fear. This scene, see Zhao next day, who have eye pupil contraction, even not leave JI Chang-Dong, who also face a change, watching that half arm, rolling throat, mouth feels some dry. Shoop! The silver light lightning recovered and re-drill back to Yang Xuan cuffs. Yang Xuan looked at middle-aged man looked dull, as if was just a very insignificant things. Middle-aged man clutching his broken arm, looked at Yang Xuan horror speechless, just broken arm that moment, he should not feel anything, it is conceivable that road silver light how sharp! Moreover, if the silver light across from his neck, he now is dead! Chao Tien-face slightly changed, watching Yang Xuan eyes, immediately dignified, Chen Sheng said: "Thank you, brothers and mercy." Yang Xuan dull authentic: "You go, I do not want to kill, and they will not come me any trouble. "Ji Chang-East and Lingyu standing in the channel mouth, watching the occupying white jade stone Yang Xuan, the heart is shocked, and smile, I thought, you grab people's things, but also to let others go, but also future, do not let others find you trouble, do you think this may? In fact, Yang Xuan hearts to understand, he put Zhao days, future out, will certainly have to face a lot of trouble. He just always feel that this time he robbed other people's stuff, and my heart a little sorry. Zhao days, Yang Xuan really does not matter how great importance to only a small base of Hangzhou City. Entire world is so big, where he Qu Bude? Zhao days a total of only four or five god of war, can censure him how? Heard the words of Yang Xuan, Zhao Tian face slightly changed, he looked at the pile of gene medicine, in the eyes of some unwilling! At this moment, he kind of come to understand just JI Chang-Dong, people's emotions. Seeing the hand treasure,jordan online cheap, and now have to fly away! In the eyes of Zhao day, pile of genes Potion, seems to have become more than a dozen men of God of War! Gone, gone! Will do this to cede unwilling ah! Zhao days passing touch in the eyes of the fierce and brutal in his hand space ring slightly shocked, a the super metal pipe machine guns, appear out of thin air in his hands. "Vulcan storm!!" Machine guns a JI Chang-East face changed immediately, exposing the deep disbelief! Subject go die! "Chao Tien-face ferocious, mercilessly pulled the trigger, suddenly, machine guns as if general ventilation vent out, sparks from the muzzle. Face changed, and Yang Xuan Zhao days to come up with a machine gun, he felt his murderous, but did not take too much notice. Just did not think that he actually took out a super-technology products! Spiritual force,Jordan 11 Sale, such as water waves released from the Yang Xuan eyebrows, turned into an invisible barrier guard in front of the bullets of the spiral pattern, scored his the body three meters, transparent space, it seems as though the water float to the surface layer of ripples, and bullets into the barrier, the speed suddenly slowed down. If the speed of the bullet before is 0 then entered the Yang Xuan three meters range, speed will become 0 shorten the whole, however, even if the speed is 0.001 seconds, it is not unusual to avoid. Zhao day attack is very awkward, they still remain the shock of that machine guns fired. Of all men, these bullets to be off the hook when the Yang Xuan head to Yang Xuan body, suddenly a strange shape, hid from those bullets flying over. Bang bullet hit the wall behind Yang Xuan, suddenly blown off. In fact, the Yang Xuan nervous system, is indeed a chance to react, but, after the Killing Fields hone his ** extent of reaction has been far more than the brain. The face of the some super dangerous situation, the body's cells will automatically get excited, and then autonomously subconscious behavior. Hide, escaped! See Yang Xuan behind the hard metal walls were beaten into a hornet's nest, all the crowd dumbfounded! God, this is Class B series of the strongest Vulcan storm, the remains of materials, After some refining master production, the power of the people smell discoloration. But, but. In such a short distance, even Yang Xuan out of the way! The fly mouth wide open, even the middle-aged man broken arm, face of shock, for a time he will not forget the pain of the arm. Zhao days also did not think he spent a lot of time and a lot of hard work to get the "Vulcan storm" could have been avoid open! You know, this is a Class B, but also the strongest series, rumors of times the power of the monster, instant strangulation! In terms of defense, human absolutely no powerful monster, therefore, Vulcan storm to hit people, even if 200 times the pinnacle of God of War, had to back away. Yang Xuan looked back at the wall of a broken metal, in the eyes of passing touch of shock, the hardness of the walls, grade A, can barely even be regarded as the S level! However, in front of the station machine guns seemed rubbish! "What is this weapon?" Yang Xuan heart care, if it is just his quick response, even propped up the spirit of the force barrier, too, is to avoid not open machine-gun shooting. Overall, he is now the end of the world, too few understand things, simply did not think, will actually born out of such a terrible tech weapons. Previously heard that Desert Eagle in front of the weapon, simply slag! <

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