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18.05.2013 10:49
important influence in many fields antworten

Charges section (12 points) the 277th chapter projection analysis in the current world, constantly bring forth the new through the old engine, will directly affect the development of all fields. As in the power of the engine, he can directly produce important influence in many fields, reflecting a car's performance, in the engine, power level of an engineering machinery, but also in the power of the engine, a plane, as reflected in the engine. Of course, also can not simply say that in addition to other power engine is not important, auxiliary equipment and accessories and other also has the effect of play a decisive role, so the development of the industry, the development will promote a chain. For example, the next group of engine factory production chain engine, now gradually in the international market began to heat up, to invest in various plant heavy production tasks, in addition to material and core parts of future group to provide a portion of the core technology required to produce, like other accessories and auxiliary equipment, natural also want to consider to find some powerful enterprises to manufacture, and then by the future group engine plant to debug assembly. So Lu Zhongping in charge of the factory production management, quality control and also in the very place, some accessories in the side of the engine plant used,Nike Jordan 10 Sale, comes from the cooperation in the processing of some well-known domestic and foreign enterprises manufacturing, can meet the experimental base design standard, so the future group formed in the upstream enterprises one of the industrial chain, driven downstream of the common development of enterprises. In fact, manufacturing in the field of industrial processing, cooperation and future group depth, or Tengen group. Tianzheng auto,Purses Coach Outlet, and Tianzheng machinery, are the future group manufacturing products, but some parts and materials selected future group production of the engine,Sunglasses Coach Online, but there is a part of Tengen group manufacture, so closely that two enterprises, can drive the surrounding enterprises can also follow the growing together, so that the formation of the leading. As they now home to this two enterprises have deep understanding of all know, there is Tianzheng Group support, gradually the next group will have today's scale. But it is also because the group has a strong incentive to provide future product group, the one to break the international automobile market pattern, thus the Jin Dynasty international large enterprise groups ranks behind it, and the future group driving power, so the two group complementary cooperation and development, have been domestic and industry call for the combination, will lay one of Chinese leading position in the field of automobile manufacturing. Recently, the domestic repeatedly with Tengen group news, this a few months, because after it opened our car market in Europe and America, Tengen group respectively, increase investment in Italy, Europe, North America, South America Canada Brazil bought several large automobile manufacturing enterprise, one will be the car to the international market is not to say, and then extend out a number of international brand. Because of the depth of contract Tengen group and future group, Tianzheng Group on the future group engine product demand again increased, makes the hair >

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