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> Of Hou Xibai the sound is great, it is mighty, when everyone looked at him very impressed. The everyone knows the WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Yanyulou rain fluttering as a background, so no one really thought she was just an ordinary Geisha. Hou Xibai just won Shen Bang, this time when he is high-spirited, over and over again he call afar that figure far to see Shaonian Lang Young, then the hearts of some clear understanding, when he is to play in front of their own Young prestige , prove that they mix well in the south. But they in turn feel the Hou Xibai is not so superficial. In their eyes, Hou Xibai seem absurd, but his behavior is rare smart. Hou Xibai like visiting brothel drink Huajiu, but never inclined to quarrel with people for no reason. Just a war with Shen Bang Although MingMian see here for a girl jealous and Commander. But know the truth people understand, but that is an excuse Shen Bang. Shen Bang every year looking for a variety of reasons keep Hou Xibai fight, to prove their strength progress. This is an open secret in the south. Not surprisingly, this year, Shen Bang lost. Than last year, but his strength was closer to Hou Xibai. This trip, although he lost his own, but it is lost. Said Shen Bang leave that sentence is also very interesting, "After three years, outside Yanjing, and took away the days of the war". Know the people of the so-called war won the day, and also understand that three years after the battle in the end what it means. That is the real war doomed couple fate. As for the usual time, even the Hou Xibai no matter win him a dozen times, did not make any sense. That is not the key. Sometimes life just win once is enough. Since Hou Xibai not the kind of dude, he certainly understand Dongming school background strength the naturally not unprovoked provocation Dongming camp. At this time, however, they looked to Hou Xibai dandy mighty appearance, some do not understand: "Do Hou Xibai really drunk?" The presence of people looked at him, but everyone's face without a smile , all the people are scared Rin looked at that figure after the valance. The just Hou Xibai the fight with Shen Bang, has been to inform the true masters of this Yanyulou. Now, the master behind the valance. That person name is Lou Swift. The city of Yangzhou, one of the most powerful woman. Do not have one. Yangzhou, besides her, no longer has any woman can easily God, and gas combined state of the strong moment. Floor Swift over the atmosphere of the restaurant have been some changes. The crowd was surprised to find the front of the House, Swift, one more Han. That Han was blind, his eyes black pieces of cloth. However, everyone is not because he was blind underestimated him, but to his eyes full of fear. This blind man is the master of the Dong Ming camp, the House Swift's bodyguards, called the old black, is brutal. A few days ago he Floor Swift sent to work, just come back to get something done, few people know. However, well-informed people, but not hard to guess that matter, should be associated with the ghost face. The ghost face one of the damn people in the Southwest. Grab the Tocharian King dedicated to the people by His Majesty, the King of treasures, running back from the southwest alive, it is a lucky man. But obviously, a lot of people are aware that he can live to run back, not his ability. Instead, Town General want to look behind him in the end is who directs did it. Dong Ming faction really dare to shelter the ghost face. The Town General Wang Yuan in the Southwest, you can not MingMian embarrassed Dongming send this hatred remember. Dongming camp after walking have to be careful. The hearts of all the know then sneer, "Fortunately, the great general of the four towns are royal Dukes have some feud with each other, if or if they brotherhood, not to mention what the hell surface is Dongming send afraid also wiped out. "most clearly disputes, but understand. In this matter, ghost face just a little introduction. The most fundamental is the confrontation between the Town General and Town General. Behind, there may be someone else's shadow. For example, Wang Yanjing divinity. All of this, are not too long ago, one east of Yenching Palace outgoing message can not be verified. People by His Majesty, the King of vigor in recent years, aging, or even repair retrogression afraid duong tho will do! If His Majesty the Emperor twenty years can not break through cultivation, died just a moment. But if Wong repair breakthrough, it will no longer be armed Taoist territory, but to break through to the Shinto realm. Between man and God, the great divide. Imperial jade seal, it is not possible to recognize a Shinto practitioners based. That time, Huang Yuxi for the common people the world will be re-selecting master. As a result, regardless of the final His Majesty, the King of the ability to break repair, 20 years, people Wong bit, bound to have other people to inherit. If one emperor to abdicate, many royal children, able to inherit this bit of the Emperor, is very few. Apart from the four towns General to convince the public, and only the king of divinity to qualify. Divinity king Majesty the Son, imperial jade seal if selecting master throne eighty percent will fall divinity king. If the ghost face behind it is really the shadow of the king of divinity, YE Feng does not grasp Ghost hands something to get it back. That level of struggle, this level of character because he will not change, if that's the case, he was up to go to the south one-off games. At this time, however, YE Feng heard his three brothers to bring rain fluttering out Xiangpei the, this is simply a face-to-face naked playing Dongming camp face. Three brothers dissolute behavior, but is extremely smart. And he and the Town General Wang a good relationship, if this matter with the Town General Wang also has a relationship, then, he was afraid that would not be so easy to position. However, Feng Ye do not know a thing. Dong Ming faction, but overseas barbarians, Tocharian imperial treasures dedicated to people what to do? Treasures heard from heaven, presumably not iron meteorite is some special material, it is worth such a fuss, General embarrassed? YE Feng quietly, see the Hou Xibai recognize themselves, they towards Hou Xibai hand over said: "YE Feng seen three brothers" ha ha. "Shoulder of Hou Xibai patted YE Feng, extremely affectionate, smiled and said," This is the sound three brothers called me extremely happy. want to know, before you, but I do junior in the sector of the Decade what time in the mountains, the two brothers, he commanded me, is also rude if I do not satisfied with his sentence, but then you are a junior in the sector, will be able to put my dissatisfaction with a cavity to hold in back. "said Hou Xibai. interesting words, YE Feng listen to my heart is warm,Coach Bags Online, he knew it was The brothers with their own position, we fellow own. Waved, let everyone take a further step, Hou Xibai facing YE Feng blinked, a small channel: "how, is not just to the Yanyulou backyard met the floor Swift? Woman think he is wise, in fact, is a fool You do not care for her, "the woman looks actually very beautiful, but it's too self-righteous. Presumably, she said let you open conditions, what can meet only hope that you do not dwell on it, right?" see YE Feng nodded, the Hou Xibai again and said: "Do not worry, the first time you go away and leave poor, since the brothers to the head, you will feel at ease Wan Jitian. A few days later, the person you want, there are things will certainly appear in the in front of you a clown just what the hell face, my word, can make him turn into a ghost! "hum! the Jiangnan Yang chow! I would Hou Xibai like to get something done here, never impossible . Yanyulou what? others give her the floor Swift face, look at her I Miles floor surface. Hou Xibai not need if they had been angered me unhappy, I directly with the army to destroy her Yanyulou on just mention a Dongming send guilty of rebellion such a thing, as long as the Town General Wang did not say who would not eventful. "Wang, and Hou Xibai What is the relationship of the Town General, although he did not say so, but YE Feng, even with his big toe can think of. A knew that the the Hou Xibai is swingers, but still save his daughter to marry him, and how you think to engage unknown Bai Zhendong General Wang Feng Ye can determine, the Town General Wang certainly very much appreciate Hou Xibai. Just the beginning, YE Feng arrived, no one thought, the brothers could be so dedicated. Was moved incomparable. Hou Xibai even a little doubt, This is not YE Feng vigilant heart. But he can feel it, the Hou Xibai say where all true. Repair to their realm, others lying or not, is extremely easy to feel out from each other to their breath. Because of this, the strong, not the General Assembly with each other lying. Because the lie, the other must be able to find. Such a thing, not only can not lie to people, and it is a shame! The others listen commanded Hou Xibai by retreating a little, but when we are on top of the tower, separated by distance, carefully listen to can be heard the Hou Xibai the. When they hear The Hou Xibai willing to help YE Feng and find out, and said, who would stop, leading troops to wipe out, buckle the rebellion the Shi Penzai of in each other's head, all my heart can not help but burst of awe-inspiring. Of course they know that such a thing, the Hou Xibai absolute work it out. However, all this time the valance of people turned to look, see the trembling of the House Swift gas, the blind man Han is stable atmosphere, not the slightest sign of anger. If you encounter such a situation, surely the blind man is long overdue in F, Swift gave an order under the hands-on murder. "Today every trace of strange." When they were all cranky, the Hou Xibai took YE Feng has already sat down. They were sitting, the largest table, this is a small tower, there are many people around, but this time, it touches on no one dared to close to them, for fear of a careless getting himself into trouble. That floor Swift to untouchables the Hou Xibai, but Rede Qi can therefore there is no need to get into trouble. All the people came out tonight, fear is not a good thing, have to find an excuse to leave. Moment, however, this Yanyulou got a message actually left. Originally the most popular places in the city of Yangzhou, then, but only YE Feng Hou Xibai two guests. "They'd get the picture." Hou Xibai looked at the crowd to leave,'s smile diminished, YE Feng poured a glass of wine, smiled and said: "Young, to drink. This Yanyulou, in addition to the beautiful woman, apricot wine is a must and you do not think the brothers wore a passionate son's name, I felt the brothers is a casual person if I say that I come here often, because the wine tastes better than at home, you believe it? "Feng Ye see Hou Xibai said very seriously, almost believed, but this time, the streets suddenly, waving a slim woman, although the dark is not clear,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK, but look at the body really is graceful, under the faint flickering lights, it touches more hazy beauty. Feng Ye see that the woman wearing it is refreshing, and certainly not the fireworks woman. Hou Xibai naturally see, he suddenly abandoned the wine, leaning on the railing, cried: "Hey, you Whose girl, how came this the Xicheng Hualou alley to? Tracing is not that at? find your brother, or find your father? happen I help you? "the woman without looking over his heart, passing by, but crisp" bah "sound, but it is clear from the pass to the two ears. The Hou Xibai Seeing this, but it is in no way complacent, but with a laugh. YE Feng very strange, do not know The Hou Xibai the joke, that woman obviously is the disdain the Hou Xibai the help. Hou Xibai is extremely proud of, YE Feng said: "Young, you just hear what she said?" Feng Ye do not know what to say, thought, or directly replied: "She said, 'Pooh'. presumably do not want the help of the brothers, and this behavior of the brothers should be very despicable. "But Hou Xibai did not think so, he looked back, explains:" You 'Pooh' word untied, is not different port ? clutching her chest, her words he or she says you do not know, a woman is like a trick all her talking Pooh, in fact, she answered me, and she agreed to let me help her agree with me to help naturally I have a crush. "YE Feng suddenly stunned, had been able to explain, is simply irrational, never seen a more shameless than this. Hou Xibai see YE Feng looked stunned look, but it is comfort: "But you do not worry, I'm not the kind of order to the woman put the brothers throw in the side of the people." YE Feng shook his head, but said: "Brother, I until now know why people call you the passionate son. "" Oh? Why is this? "the Hou Xibai touches some curious. YE Feng strange look and asked: "You are not so often unrequited love?" Unrequited love? Passionate son? "The Hou Xibai heard these words, no longer could not help but laugh. Laugh enough, it took YE Feng's hand and said: "Young, you really interesting. Originally I thought I told you not to say Master said in the letter, saying that you and I are two completely different kinds of people say that your character is very calm sophistication is no fun but now it seems, you are still very interesting. least, you will be kidding me. "see YE Feng, or do not speak, Hou Xibai the shoot at him and smiles : "I'm just teasing you. did not expect you seriously? fun fun an unrequited love for you, brothers today for you to play a big." Then, YE Feng Road the Hou Xibai suddenly asked: " Young, sweetheart? "Feng Ye he asked, suddenly across a few shadows in the mind. He would have thought that his first thought should be just seen Xiaoqing. Because this is the girl he remembered from the past life. However, to his own surprise, he thought of the first woman, turned out to be Tang Xi. Thought Tang Xi, he did not know why, think of Jingyang Princess. Think of Tang Xi, Feng Ye can explain, after all, they were dead in the ground abyss syngenetic,Coach Handbags Sale, and his knowledge of her family, very sympathetic to her. Man pity the woman feelings, this is not unreasonable. However, why would think of Jingyanghe Princess? Jingyang Princess feelings, should not be simply grateful? Perhaps, in addition to gratitude, there is a trace of guilt. After all, think of themselves in order to enter the Tien cases, the use of Jingyang Princess. Even in the sea of ​​red cedar glass slide to protect her, most of the reasons, but also just to get her appreciation to plot her return. But, at this moment, why think of Jingyang Princess? Is her extremely noble, kind-hearted, like St. Catharine Lotus southwest of most of the family patriarch hearts of the children of the perfect woman. She is not such a person can cling. She seems but a soft spot for their own! The thought of them, YE Feng felt terribly upset, he tried to suppress this feeling under. Because he knows now, he tangled feelings. The aside the Hou Xibai of YE Feng look changes did not notice when he said these words, the eyes have been looking at the side of the valance floor Swift. Suddenly, his eyes showing a trace of edge, then said: "Rain fluttering this woman had been pretty but looks beautiful, in my eyes, it is only a woman. Then someone handful, but the high price of a bit of everything to know that all things in the world, has its own price, but some things the high price of a bit of everything. "his words with the floor Swift Feng Ye say very similar to this sentence on her face also played a cruel . Floor Swift at the other end of the valance, already, his face ashen, and just being around her blind Han pulled. Hou Xibai staring at the valance, of course, know that Swift House, this time fear is furious, asked him to add fuel to the fire that valance F, Swift said: "F, girl, you said, I'm talking about right? Fact, rain Gone with the Wind floating this woman although the price is high, but I Hou Xibai think or buy the Hou Xibai one hand free to play with the glass, he suddenly chuckled, hand loosened. Spat, wine glasses fall to the ground, naturally broken. Twinkling of an eye, the Hou Xibai but suddenly pulled from the arms of a token, "bang", hit on the table. YE Feng closest to him, to see the words on the token, bearing the words "Purple Palace". The bottom of the token, a few strange runes, seems to be a special badge, representative capacity. Purple Palace is the royal family's last name engraved on the token, there is only one, and that is the great general Wang Yu Order. In this token, only four people in the world. This token can be in large Yan Diguo of the lawless. Apart from people outside the imperial edicts, one of this token, any officials, soldiers, the people, have to take orders, Otherwise, you are defying the King's life, the same rebel, you can shoot to kill. YE Feng never think, Hou Xibai who actually have this token, and he has gone too far this token, just to keep a brothel Geisha out pick. Valance, F, Swift's voice is faint, trembling sigh: "this world, only you Hou Xibai do such a ridiculous thing. Worth mentioning, we can not afford to offend you Hou Xibai only met their fate." "Go, please Gone with the Wind wafting come. "<

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