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actually pushed real dollars antworten

> Sword clean Young, fast rewind! "YE Feng vision by the dark, can not see the arrows in the end how far away shot over, but the other side of the repair is clearly stronger than they are in many, induction orientation extremely accurate shot, if not top grade vestments body care, just a stone's throw, YE Feng said to myself certain death! Man miss, the next attack will be more violent, Feng Ye think by virtue of their own and the sword clean two absolutely can not stop! At this point, if it is not refundable, waiting for their two, is a disaster! Just a stone, the speed and power of the strong, rare in the world. www. qUanbEN. com sword clean see YE Feng was a shot in the chest, also thought he had killed Grievance splitting, is preparing to revenge for YE Feng, do not want to YE Feng did not even dead. Suddenly, the sword clean overjoyed, quickly came around YE Feng, a Feng Ye help them face joy. "Great, Brother leaves, you still alive? Ha ha ... I know you will not be so easy to kill people!" YE Feng face a pale stone the power of top grade vestments to resist, but this when blood deficiency, strength has been less than half of the original, if not he will already fainted. Fast to go back! "YE Feng grabbed the sword clean, they quickly return to the original channel, blocking until thick rock walls, YE Feng peace of mind. Just a stone's throw, it is too scary! "Sword clean Young, we will soon get out of here! Guy blow in, surely there is a more powerful means both of us are not rivals, these people apparently prepared than we more fully this time, it was too late Magic Emperor if born now also been born, but then have not heard the sound of the Magic Emperor, presumably this magic imperial egg has been pre-empted. "Upon hearing this, the sword clean his face solemn, Anhen said: "just man, and he in the end is what? injection as earth-shattering stone, the absolute strength of God and the realm of gas together, even, I feel that stone completely locked space around us, let us in the short-term time backoff This man was the pinnacle of the realm of God, and gas combined realm of the number of times I southwest 12 gun, this character is also one of the realm of the strong southwest 12 counties, although I did not dare say that all knowledge, but I thought to want to do not know who in the end! "YE Feng is also frowned guess:" Maybe I swallow the rest of the master, hear the news of the birth of Magic King, it is not Far Miles came to this border, hunting Magic King? "" will not. "sword clean shook his head and said:" Brother leaves you for a long time do not know the precepts of the court in the southwestern Wong Khanh Emperor had issued a decade ago over the precepts of God and gas combined realm of strong, must have issued an order of the court, to walk the world, to anywhere court pass, or move around freely, it is regarded as treason, the court once learned, will send the master Wei Sha Zhumie! "In this case, those of God, and gas combined state of the strong must obey the decree of the court, and not by virtue of Takeo and bring disaster on local strong because dare not satisfied with the court decree, had already been Heaven's Daughter YE Feng heard here, a little look a gift horse. These decrees, he has also been heard. Of the the DPRK Wu Daochang Sheng, the world is strong, YE Feng did not think that these strong actually obey court transfer order. Refuses to accept, directly dispatched the army beheaded! As a result, Xia Wu chaos ban completely impossible Yan staged! People the Huang long as they can control large family patriarch, which Dayan country, forever lasting. "You say so, do not ..." YE Feng's eyes flashing from the light, eyes slightly squint up: "Do these people not from Yan over?" Rob Jun Cheng Tai Yan Tocharian Rong and Di at the border between not swallow. Tocharian side, there is no reason their emperor generations respect I Yanren Huang Majesty brother, and weak national strength, definitely not shoot us. but Tien disciples were generals door!'m shot we know that will never let him go! perhaps, even the Tocharian have to suffer more losses than gains, General! "sword clean in the eyes of murderous awe-inspiring the hands of Janus horizontally, gleaming teeth and said: "In this way, the only reason to shoot us, Rong and Di! Rong Di emperor ambitions large, swept the world, all the size of the Empire into the Rong and Di territory for his slavery! If this person is sent by Rong and Di,Air Jordan 6, I would never accidental. Rong and Di protect the country and polytheism, there are countless Yaofa which blood curse of the law is the most powerful magic imperial eggs Yin strong of the evil blood gas nurture, innate evil blood, used to display their unique blood curse, a god into a psychic can not hold back! "blood curse?" Feng Ye mind the next cold blood curse, he is not very clear, but but he eyewitnesses in the blood curse how tragic. He had been on the battlefield, with the Rong and Di wartime of the National People's Congress, met Rong and Di people to display their blood curse. Whether it is in the blood curse, or is under the blood curse, very sad. He remembered that display their blood curse spot systemic ulceration, dense smoke, blue sky day, for no reason, Firelight burned alive, and he found his blood curse more than 100 people, although nothing on the spot, up days, it was only to find that they have become a bunch of body count. Before their deaths, screams all night, as exposure to Avici, living death! The two talk several roughly the mysterious origins of the master, at this moment, YE Feng uploaded to hear a slight footsteps from the ground. Moment, his heart a cold. "That man came he was going to kill 'em all!" Dark, YE Feng sword clean hands clenched his weapon, the two of them, as one, in the eyes there is already desperate. But this despair, they burned from the extremely crazy. Even death, but also let him paid with their blood! Ten meters, nine meters, eight meters ... five meters, four meters, three meters ...... Pata! The man suddenly stopped! Immediately, the darkness came a burst of forceful sound. "Just a stone's throw, I use 80% of the force three years ago, I shot with the same stone, Rong and Di Zuoxian under the command of a practice to the warriors of God, and gas combined pinnacle, I did not expect today, this kid makes you go free! "your body even top grade instruments used! Apart from the top grade instruments used, I can not stop this arrow However, even if you top grade instruments used in body care, can block my arrows into the body, my arrows, damage to the soul, you had been able to stand up, really good courage! "Oh ..." Here, the man suddenly laughed, his voice is very deep, when he laughed as the Tigers Xiao Gang, a coercion to penetrate the clouds. "Dayan excellence clouds, Rong and Di, Tocharian are not rivals, it really is true. If we allow you to grow down, a few years later, Tocharian and Rong and Di are Yan Wong annexation when Dayan the surrounding small country contain soldiers swallow Simao mountain, hundreds of millions of my tribe is not even the last piece of paradise must be bleed? "the man's voice suddenly resounded as Leiyin, YE Feng and sword clean of fat echoed. "He is not the Rong and Di, turned out to be barbarians!" YE Feng and sword clean face full of incredible mouth fell open. The dark, in the footsteps of the man moved slowly appear in front of YE Feng and sword clean. He then looked coldly YE Feng and sword clean. Seem to be not afraid of the two escape. "Really is young, dare ah! Teenage devil head, even dare to come to the blood snare? ...... Really act recklessly!" He then said slowly. All of a sudden - Feng Ye see his hand of a Young, the moment he tied around his waist a two-edged sword of aquamarine, shabu scabbard. Dayton, YE Feng only see that look scabbard, Jianmang to bring out the numerous green Jianying, it seems sky Jianmu the overwhelming shrouded down. "Chichi Chi!" The sword scabbard, YE Feng felt his side has numerous Italian sword shrouded, cutting air issued numerous sharp whistling. Op sword martial arts, is really vast as deep. In contrast, Feng Ye use several means of Raytheon epee in front of Jian Shi, is too feeble a. The face of the Jian Shi huge shrouded down. Feng Ye will know, so Jian Shi. What can not resist. Can not escape! This is the realm of the strong powerful God, and gas combined! A show of hands every move she makes, the momentum integration of the heavens and the earth, seemingly simple ordinary fist, has great power, great boldness of vision! This realm, but to take advantages of the power and influence of heaven and earth, just less than one ten thousandth, so powerful, on the realm of what should be how much? At this moment, the sword clean eyes narrowed in a line. Although he has always been very proud, but at this time, the inside of his eyes flashing out of despair. At this point, YE Feng suddenly a loud shout: "Young, speed back!" Subsequently, the blood on his left hand suddenly tide, a bite, his left hand suddenly swelled up, which is forced to use Feng Ye infuriating blood aggregation in the palm of your hand! Feng Ye's left hand on the Raytheon cone, the top of the awl is sharp, this moment, YE Feng the Raytheon cone suddenly in her hand, and instantly, his palm blood Kuangyong the out spray in the Raytheon cone, moment, Raytheon Road cone pattern light, very branching off, blood red! Even on the tip of the cone of Raytheon Road red meta magnetic Leiguang of cut, this moment, even more than normal when a full big on doubled, faster doubled! Sword clean not far away even heard a loud whistling sound, piercing the air,Crossbodys Coach UK, exploding in my ears up! Dark, I saw that road red blood yuan the magnetic Leiguang cut in a fast speed. Greeting the the green Jianmu that filled the pressure down! Instruments used? Really ridiculous! Your master taught you? Let me ...... ah? ...... Right! "This collision ground speed, suddenness of a thunderbolt. On collision. Just listen to the crashing sound the yuan magnetic Leiguang of cut that Jianmu collision with torn cloth, such as scissors, and instantly, it was forced open. "I came to sacrifice a true seed have killed you!" YE Feng practice "BI by Kwai water articles" than the average person real dollars rich, because he has condensed out of the two real dollars seed . Of real dollars seed is innate Warrior natal real dollars Source. Pubic region without real dollars seed, we can not Achievement congenital. Each birth Warrior true meta-seed as life. Must not dare to burst. "Give me a blast!!" But Feng Ye have no choice at this time, can only be destroyed which is a true seed, to strong real dollars detonated instruments used. YE Feng suddenly burst move the hands of real dollars in this moment, all attached to the "Raytheon cone" above. The prestige of the instruments used in that channel pattern. At this time, YE Feng even own a true seed contains the energy, all the focus to the hands of Thor cone. , YE Feng output of real dollars, is already completely beyond the Raytheon cone on the road pattern affordability! The next second, Boom! Roaring! Channel, immediately seemed to hit a dry mine. The same time, in the middle of the green-ying to Raytheon cone suddenly YE Feng thrown moment, burst out of a mass of huge red energy group. Air waves rolling than just Baoyan the the bombing effect caused by the Perak sub the strong not know how many times. Not far away, clean the sword hear the the mysterious person to issue Menheng sound, should be hurt, but his injury is not serious, clean the sword see the man robes embarrassed, but momentum is a trace and no weakened. "This man, it is horrible. Repair powerful to the point! Do today, we do not have any chance of it?" The sword clean hearts ashes one left alive,Nike Air Jordan, no longer any hope. Living in the center of the explosion, YE Feng trying to dodge, but Qi Jin rushed to his body "bang" about the blast rolled, severely hit the ground, dusty up. Not far from the mysterious master of the bombing of the disgraced, but he has not been any substantial damage. At this time, the surface of his body is surfaced layer of pale golden body care vestments! He looked at YE Feng lying on the ground, and not far from the sword clean, Lengheng the cry, and said: "You're a cruel, actually pushed real dollars seed blew adder!, However, so it was peace of mind to go to hell! "He was about to get involved! "Roar! Ow!" At this point, the roar suddenly came from the depths of the channel, where the direction of underground abyss. "What was that?" Mysterious hear the sound roared, and suddenly the hands of shocked, and the next second, his face suddenly became very poor teeth started trembling, trembling Road: "How, how could? actually there is another one Magic King? actually the first born ...... "bad master danger!" mysterious mind chaos, have forgotten beheaded YE Feng, he turned abruptly stop does not stop with the fastest speed, rushed toward the abyss of the underground. Fast left a string of ghost in the dark. Leaves brothers! "Sword clean screamed, ran around YE Feng, surprised to find that just like an explosion, YE Feng actually was not injured, but his face pale, true circulation of the atmosphere is also very weak. "I'm fine," YE Feng was about to speak, at this moment, he suddenly felt shaking the hands of Raytheon epee. Buzzing - "Immediately, a son is extremely pure ideas, as if the heavens and the earth early opening, Thunderball, the Kokonoe birth and death force, endless instant influx of his mind. Road ideas, like endless esoteric contains the mysteries of the cosmos. Feng Ye a moment, then his heart suddenly ecstasy. "This is Raytheon epee Kai Ling passed esoteric to me! Esoteric, only the Spirit of Kai Ling will, contains the spirit world of esoteric origin, very rare, once realize through future practice, if God helps than the Magic Emperor eggs more precious times! Is it just blew me Raytheon cone inadvertently touched Thor epee sword of the Spirit? "However, Feng Ye at this time there is no time to dwell on the cause and effect, immediately clean the sword , said: "Unless there is the risk of life and death, Do not call me." Immediately, he could not wait to close your eyes to the sentiment that one idea. Road ideas, YE Feng what? <

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