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18.05.2013 10:42
will be in the secret agreement antworten

Xu Linyuan is clearly a listed enterprise benefits, not equity assets after the listing of the realizable x ì ng can provide convenience for the shareholders, the mining group's four shareholders, industrial manufacturing company, a shareholder, but also are one of their own. "The domain name please known as" Zhou Zhengxiang the original investment, enterprise development is according to Xu Linyuan's prediction and circumstances, capital accumulation of the assessment, but Zhou Zhengxiang was raised to also not to Xu Linyuan's shares and dividends, just want to give him the support and help, so that he can fully support the development of capital down. To say the Tengen Group annual profits of nearly one hundred billion, and if Zhou Zhengxiang knows that Xu Linyuan has the secret Qing Yuan, and foresee his future development, also do not covet the dividend. When talking about this issue, Xu Linyuan hide Qing Yuan, some things to himself, Zhou Zhengxiang was only interested in the man Xu Linyuan. At that time, but there is a kind of see in the young man his shadow when young, that kind of love which formed the idea, but Xu Linyuan was determined to start their own business, he also want to have a look how far he can go, then the heart on the initiation of want to sponsor two hundred million to Xu Linyuan to entrepreneurship development. But the thought of sponsorship, it will be criticized, why don't you give me money, why should give a and you had nothing to do with young people. So Zhou Zhengxiang is taking account of these factors, only to Xu Linyuan proposed to the contribution of the way his business development support, and Xu Linyuan was heard,Air Jordan 6 Sale, the heart is also reluctant. However, later when they are alone, Zhou Zhengxiang told Xu Linyuan that his meaning, it just gave up Xu Linyuan's doubts, then promised down. It was also in the contract, if in the future Xu Linyuan enterprise gradually, his shares will be based on the total assets of the enterprise growing proportion and automatic reduction, which will enrich the courage and generosity of Zhou Zhengxiang, he did not tell Xu Linyuan benefit plan, otherwise it will not put forward such a to him rights and interests caused great damage, is very disadvantageous to his condition. Coupled with the Xu Linyuan also need such a strong character support,Nike Jordan 7 Sale, and the conditions he mentioned, it is precisely because of these reasons, Xu Linyuan was in the build engine plant,Air Jordan 9 UK, finally decided to let Zhou Zhengxiang to join us, and the agreement is very inconspicuous place name of the secret clause of the first effective x ng. Not because of the secret terms, otherwise how could Xu Linyuan just gave 20% of the shares, this is he and Zhou Zhengxiang reached a secret agreement, no one knows. E^ see indeed as expected, Zhou Zhengxiang added, it provided him with variable and very greatly in the early stage of development, whether it is political, there are funds, lets Xu Linyuan obtain the smooth start, and embarked on the path of rapid development. Until now, with the development of industrial manufacturing company, restructuring of the enterprises listed before, he did not participate in decision-making and management, equity after the mining group's capital into, will be in the secret agreement is to split ratio. >

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