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18.05.2013 10:36
then to the point of the head antworten

The 240th chapter kidnapping Dai Jiancheng is in a meeting, discuss matters relating to the ten year plan project is in fact. 4 0 six 5 * 8 at this time suddenly shook up the telephone, he took out the vibration of the mobile phone to hang, but sees Xu Linyuan is on the phone, and then to the point of the head, out of the conference room up "small Xu ah, what is it?" Xu Linyuan "wearing mayor, there are things to please you, but it is still not disturb too many people, is the only secret deployment, we may need special police department m é n......" Listen to what Xu Linyuan says is very mysterious, wearing built the eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly, way; "small Xu, what happened?" Xu Linyuan "experimental base of my a major scientific research personnel, records, at noon today, his grandson was kidnapped, the other party may be the secret technology in our experimental base and come, the kidnappers demanded in the evening, I am on my way back to Ning state, so need to political f ǔ help, do not let the criminals will take exit......" Dai Jiancheng heard that after this, is shocked, s è immediately dignified face down, so big ", why don't you call the police?" Xu Linyuan "criminals will be kidnapped, threatened the family members are not allowed to alarm, so the family is afraid that the child has what mishap,Air Jordan 7 UK, after the incident did not alarm, I just know this thing, the criminals have not proposed ransom or other requirements, just want to talk with them in the evening, Zhi, so we they suspect each other should be directed to related technology experimental base......" When Dai Jiancheng heard this matter, frown deepening, "since you don't alarm, that this matter what do you plan to do, give each other a ransom? If such indulgence criminals, so if the next time there is similar to the kidnapping occurred and how to do, I hope you don't do stupid things, you must believe the government f ǔ m é n, well, this thing that we can keep a secret, we will let the police and the Ministry of public security of M é n with you to implement secret seal lock, implementation tracking the arrest, to rescue the hostages, you don't Lu à n, act on impulse......" After hanging up the phone, wear built face s è very dignified, he knew the core technology to master the future group should not the link engine technology, and should be the biosynthesis of metal technology, he more clearly the value and impact of this technology can bring is so great. After returning to the conference room, Li Chengwu of secretary of municipal Party committee see Dai Jiancheng face s è very ugly, he asked the reason,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK Sale, Dai Jiancheng is not as many people say,Outlet Coach Bags, but the secretary called aside this matter, added their own analysis. "After the domain name please known as" Li Chengwu heard of this, it is extremely shocked, "you think this thing is not the criminals, but the foreign people?" Put into "future group at home and no reputation, has also recently due to the advent of chain engine is concerned, and for them another biosynthesis of metal core technology, at present only a few people know this thing, believe that the domestic people even know its value, nor do this kind of thing., only those decomposition >

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