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18.05.2013 10:29
the world famous racing master antworten

The 222nd chapter of Rabah in the evening, it is the rush hour, the province city area traffic such as 3 * 35686688 future group building in front of the square, in addition to a square, there is a parking lot, the park is only for its employees and customers to open. But the next group of staffers in the western province, wage and welfare are relatively high, some people work for half a year, coupled with the company's welfare, will be able to buy himself a car. So the park this parking lot more vehicles, especially after the employees work, like small bees to leave the hive, the s è sending cars from the parking lot to leave. Soon, while no effort, whole car parking the rest is scanty. When many vehicles left the parking lot, at this time, a very pretty cool Bugatti Veyron concept sports car suddenly stopped in the parking lot in front of, immediately attracted many eyeballs. But then, after the Bugatti Veyron, is also a Lamborghini and a Aston Martin followed in the parking lot stopped, very conspicuous. For car owners, the three cars are world famous,Madison Coach Online, to the number of row coupe, but m é n they gather in the future group building,Jordan UK sale, at this time, also do not see someone off, let the employees work is very doubtful Hu ò, are talking about these people's purpose. Even in the low S ī language, if down these cars are beautiful NV, there will be explosive. But in fact, when these workers in low S ī language, their eyes suddenly stared straight, open jaws are not close, no time to talk, because they see the beautiful scenery. In the Bugatti Veyron, this time really down a figure the fire to explode, tall, white skin, wearing a short skirt and low dresses, a golden s è B ō L à ng NV foreign beauty. The blond NV people wearing glasses, looked very cool, did not say first appearance is a foreigner's face, according to aesthetic Westerners, it is a standard NV, but the NV figure, that is so that the NV employees to shame. After the foreign NV under the car, this time behind the two cars also finally car m é N open,Nike Jordan 13 Sale, respectively, down four people, two men and two NV, except one of them except in Central Europe h ú n blood NV, the other three are of foreign nationality white. "The domain name please known as" "ah, I know that, it's Rabah, the world famous racing master, had won seven world championships, how he came here......" At this time, a bit like racing employees in those people in the car down, eyes quickly fixed in a car after the glasses off handsome foreigner, suddenly uttered a cry of surprise surprised noise of shouting, appear very fanatical, hate not want to jumped for a signature. But he's not sure, so we designed m é n to find a understand foreign colleagues come over, two people up, the parity is French asked: "excuse me, Mr. Rabah?" Rabah did not appear much >

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