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18.05.2013 10:23
the heart is also very happy antworten

The 204th chapter subsidiary company has its own wharf, Qing Yuan, in the future there can be docked in harbor. 15 and Chen Zhirong signed the transfer contract, then the related formalities again, at present this dock is officially classified Xu Linyuan name all the. After this Mo Shaowei guy selling terminal in Chen Zhirong, also have got one's wish to return to the 800000 in arrears, the heart is also very happy, so at noon is very generous to please people eat a big dinner. After dinner, Song Chengyin with Xu Linyuan in Xiamen city play around in a circle, back home, is already in the afternoon, the big uncle Song Shixiong has returned home. The uncle is trying to pull out of two cargo list, only the boss has been the price so low, no profit, this want to grind, but after hearing about Xu Linyuan,Coach Bags Outlet, Song Shixiong left two on the list of direct drive back. In this respect, great uncle really need courage and resolute than cousin Song Chengfeng, do things in a clean manner, Xu Linyuan appreciate this style big uncle. But the big uncle came to listen to Xu Linyuan so in less than a day, Hu ā that kiloton 3500000 bought the coastal road of the dock, or surprise. But in a surprise, my uncle is beyond all expectations to praise Xu Linyuan shot a decisive, bold, the absolute value for money to buy the dock, picking up a stool to the dock, it sold the people probably did not understand the Xiamen municipal Fu on Industrial Development Planning in a hurry to sell. Although there is deserted, but Xu Linyuan is in the mining industry,Air Jordan 14, more nearby industrial enterprises, the city plans to build a large industrial carrier terminal in the vicinity, this provides a great convenience,Jordan 9 Sale, this dock regardless of what to do, the future will rise. Song Chengfeng heard the news, but also some accidents, said: "Dad, say, small Lin bought this dock, the future appreciation of space is very big, how did you get there to build large loading dock this news?" Song Shixiong glared at him, said: "we do business, although no matter what the politics, but the political Fu every decision and planning, or what the meeting, will be closely bound up with the economic development, so this message, you must always pay attention to is, I also went to Fu city when an old friend, as I mentioned......" Xu Linyuan very much agree with big uncle this, which is why most businessmen like reason why with political figures climb Ji ā o love to play Ji ā o tract, sometimes a decision politically, relating to changes in business development, shrewd businessman, to seize business opportunities from. Big uncle in recent years has been engaged in the transport business, he now had five million-ton one kiloton ship cargo ship, three trucks trucks with some materials import and export trade, occasionally benefit is not HERSHEY'S, also a little small pieces of 'Si', so the transportation profit, on average the general is not very high, can keep a loss to be good. But Xu Linyuan wanted to make the development of marine resources, with clear yuan, constantly in the ocean collecting and transporting resources, he will need a great uncle so familiar with marine >

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