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18.05.2013 10:18
it also makes people uncomfortable. " antworten

The 186th chapter three clowns on the morning of the day, day of s è y ī n sink, it began to drizzle. The first Xu Linyuan in sleep naturally wake up, feel thirsty, it got up to drink. Open the quilt, suddenly see the red fall left over the white Chu á ng single piece,Air Jordan Shoes, let he suddenly one Leng, suddenly woke up and did something last night. He seems like a realized one day, only know the name of the NV child, and this is the NV child's first night. He looked around,Nike Air Jordan 2 Sale, found that NV children no longer room, his clothes were neatly folded aside, here is still holding a piece of paper. Up, then the paper opened, see a mobile phone card suddenly drop, and write beautiful words. It reads: "we all this happened, you when the night is * reason, from now on, we don't know each other, don't touch it, I tell you the name is false, I do not call Jean Donghe, sorry, but last night was I deliberately drunk, intentionally seduce you, I hate I was a NV, hate oneself too cowardly, hating and being hurt, I want to indulge yourself once, I want to come to a strange city, looking for a good man, not hate will first take away my, I met you, I now aim reach, I leave, please forget me......" After seeing it, Xu Linyuan took the cigarette point, and with a lighter easily ignited the piece of paper. Looking at the paper eventually into ashes, the NV child form in his impression seems to be vague, but her beautiful eyes, but deep in his heart. Xu Linyuan did not go to ask when the NV child go up, where to go to. The NV child alone in a strange city, with a strange man changed overnight * completely leave, she must have their own helplessness and pain. But last night, although he took her first night, but also gave her to reach the peak of happiness, she must have been not so easy to forget a brought her initial pain, and brings her * * man. Throw cigarette butts, went to the bathroom shower, after wearing good clothes, a ch ā pocket to m é n, but just a step, his pace students live. We saw a drop earrings, Xu Linyuan picked up, looked carefully at. This gold earrings are J ī ng induced by small, technology is also very J ī ng fine, inlaid with a very bright blue diamond, but in a tiny corner of the mouth of earrings,OP Art Coach UK, engraved with a 'light 15 looked at the gold earrings, Xu Linyuan suddenly mouth slightly up, take it up into the pocket after, this just out of the m é n....... The sky rain is still falling, some cold air. The outskirts of a parking lot. Three frozen like quail guys trembling, even the temperature is better in the car, but the car heating facilities is broken, in such cold weather, it also makes people uncomfortable. "Uncle, we are all night, stare at the car do yo......" The three men, it is the three grave robbers in Liangshan last night, they returned to climb, >

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