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18.05.2013 10:12
we just try processing production antworten

Charges section (12 points) the 248th chapter Exposition (midnight) the midnight came, ticket???...... Two people to speak, then one of the workers came and said: "Mr. Sun,Air Jordan New School UK Sale, you six uncle with the machinery factory of people looking for you, said have something to discuss with you......" The son listens, say with smile: "you see, we just try processing production, it is people love to the trustee, or my six uncle." Xu Linyuan way: "the revitalization of machinery factory is a state-owned enterprise, is a large enterprise, they come to you to negotiate the business, it is estimated that there are inspired the government, you go and talk to them......" Xu Linyuan words haven't finished saying, then mayor Luo Lichang Secretary also came in, and said: "Chairman Xu, Luo mayor there was something I wanted to talk to you......" "Let's go, we talk to the" Xu Linyuan smiled, went to a room with a towel to wipe the,UK Nike Air Jordan, dressed and out the door. Luo Likai showed in some samples processed trial have seen the future, by the side of the new director Feng Shimin in the factory office to entertain. Feng Shimin this year forty-seven years old, is the director of a management experience, bell weight from Liaoning Province dug over very rich, was officially a month. He is on the mining group still have some doubts, one month before he came to the state Ning, for a private investigation, results when he knew the mining group was also belongs to the future group this recently let his ears are going to listen to a callosity, people often talk about business, after the understanding, Feng Shimin then decided to formally joined the very broad prospects for enterprises, and even the family moved in. After a month of running-in, Feng Shimin has to present him in charge of management of the factory is very familiar with, can be a real will to work ability and his management extend, recently is relatively satisfactory. And after the mayor Luo made open to talk, then Xu Linyuan went into the office, Feng Shimin immediately rose to greet him, looked very respectful, although he was outside, but when he to the West Province heard a lot about this young man, for such a soul force talented young people, with deep respect and admiration. Xu Linyuan nodded to Feng Shimin, looked at the way: "Luo Luo Li mayor, you ask me is it right? What's the good news?" Luo Likai and the leadership of the province, all like Xu Linyuan jokes make fun of, way: "no good thing will not find you, you now the factory also toss up, the province is the most you can toss, want to let a person do not find you hard......" Xu Linyuan sat down,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, said with a smile: "Luo mayor of what you say, can help to" Luo Li Kai laughs: "this is really need your help yesterday, provincial Party committee issued over, intend to engage in a pilot enterprises in Nanjing City, and joined the party ten years plan the project, so we recommend the revitalization Machinery Factory, production and processing of some military machinery fittings products through them, so......" Xu temporary listenned to this words, breath, Feng Shimin at this time to close the door and went over to the two people full of tea, sit on the side not speechless audit. Luo Li saying; "the matter because just to participate in the pilot enterprises, the same you >

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