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18.05.2013 10:05
will Xu Linyuan to shoot down antworten

The 230th chapter user survey such as * son, still want to make arch, play with emotions, to what self-respecting woman, only hard to uncover her g-string, giving a heavy blow, she will recognize their own position. Although four years of university students, but this woman from simplicity to degenerate, and repeatedly betrayed to Xing Ding to the injury, Xu Linyuan is clearly see in the eyes, so this kind of woman, Xu Linyuan is always disdain and for students. Hard to humiliate the woman after the meal, she never calls continue to harass the entanglement of Xing Ding, also let a person feel relaxed a lot. Two people go to Qinghua park nearby, in that vicinity found that sold slobber duck shop, the master is still used to people they know. Before school, when all conditions are in general, who occasionally to treat to eat, mainly to eat the duck, so gradually we are accustomed to this way, but also deeply love this delicious. Since graduation, Xu Linyuan and Xing Ding to rent a house, to work in foreign enterprises,Jordan Take Flight Sale, although they were far from the place of work, but every weekend, two of them would sit public transportation subway arrived near the school, eat a meal teal,UK Nike Air Jordan, they are very nostalgic taste and the period of simple memories. Now, come this shop, although the place is different, not the same environment, but did not change much, taste is also the taste. Xu Linyuan seems to have not to eat to come back, after two people to eat two, Xing Ding has been in touch round belly, but he is not enough, even ordered three copies. In Xing Dingmu gape, and store those nearby classmates kind of weird looks, Xu Linyuan killed five export teal. "Good taste" Xu Linyuan ate five, this feeling only eat very straightforward, see Xing Ding stare dumbfounded appearance, not from smiled. "Small and temporary, no wonder you figure more and more strong, also grown a lot, so can eat ah......" Xing Dingna, said: "this will not get fat, after the handsome boy fat?" Xu Linyuan knew the situation now, he has to adapt to, say with smile: "fat to eat does not matter much, often exercise......" "Well, the man with the most recent news newspaper, and that people on the network as well, will be the future group chairman?" At this time, two shop female students eat slobber duck, not by looking at here, whispered up. "Nonsense,Nike Jordan SC 1 Sale, look like friends, family worth billions of big boss, how will come to this place......" "But you see, the car parked outside, at least millions, but also the bodyguard, you don't think it is false......" "It is, or you go to talk about, it is also a rich guy......" "I see you is love it, will you go......" When you click on the debate in the whisper in the two girls, this time a girl suddenly beside them the table took out mobile phone, will Xu Linyuan to shoot down. The two girls a surprised, my mouth is not to speak, see who is wearing fashionable >

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