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18.05.2013 09:59
some of which should be invited to come antworten

The 212nd chapter shows the pinch of pinch pinch of large conference room, flash kept flashing, can shake the flower people eyes. Everyone came in, like walking into the site of a person on behalf of meeting, site not only has the numerous media reporter is like small bees ran about coverage, and the number is completely beyond all expectations. When Xu Linyuan and Zhou Zhengxiang together they came to the big meeting room, see Wang Ni personally led vice governor Wu Guangli, industrial director, city deputy mayor Dai Jiancheng and several other important government leadership. When these political leaders come up, immediately there are many reporters to run in the past is a video camera, fall over each other to interview report, busy awfully. In Xu Linyuan down, after seeing these leaders, busy go up immediately say hello: "Wu governor, mayor Dai, long time no see, but today you could come, really Peng Piper Zenghui......" Wu Guangli nodded with a smile, said: "since the industrial exhibition hall in the future, you this little guy is like the bamboo shoots after the rain appeared,Sunglasses Coach, recently you for some action, let us not to pay attention to not ah, I heard your product to be unveiled, we certainly must come along for the ride......" Dai Jiancheng has been to the Xu Linyuan this can toss little guy with great interest, nature has been concern, always want to pull the boy into the city investment, he joked: "the small guy, you better state toss about, when to do, make, or let us as far as as hospitality of a host?" Xu Linyuan knew what Dai Jiancheng was saying, say with smile: "that is a must, wearing mayor you asked me to do, I will not mention it, now the headquarters has not moved to your nose well, hope you can take care of the future, Hei hei......" Dai Jiancheng smiled, towards the venue in the aim several eyes, see acquaintances, he laughed: "I heard that you had a few leading technology chain engine, now the news industry has been in the rumor, everybody is half believe and half doubt, is that some foreign also have great interest,Nike Jordan Big Ups, today to peer can be a lot of God, when they gun on you, the fierce offensive, you should never be unable to resist sustain the blows up......" "This gives us governor of West face things, how can I, now, you look well, that link engine came out, to ensure that these guys look terrified...... Hey. "I appreciate the confidence you, ha ha......" When Xu Linyuan and political leaders talk, next to the number of blocked on the side of the media reporter is heart itch not, want to the past interviews, but there are always some scruples. Especially evil wearing sunglasses to Xu Linyuan behind a stand, do not say first that looks are covered, the shape and style, let the reporters dare not too close, around them, forming a vacuum, has not let the boss Xu was a reporter entangled harassment road. After Xu Linyuan and Dai Jiancheng Wu Guangli talk, and they and Zhou Zhengxiang and a few friends to chat,Coach Online Outlet, Xu Linyuan to the venue to look at. See the unfamiliar faces today is much, some of which should be invited to come, big >

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