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18.05.2013 09:52
into the intermediate stage antworten

The 194th chapter intelligent assistant Qing Yuan, fourth stage of the upgrade, is a primary level to the intermediate transition is a key stage, he has ten basic conditions of metamorphosis, also lies in this. It is required to upgrade conditions so perverted, change so to reach the conditions after upgrade Qing Yuan, what happened, nature also has a qualitative leap and promotion. Although Xu Linyuan after wake up dormant warehouse, just feel the life in the chamber of a series of changes, he will be able to feel the change Qing Yuan,Coach Purses Clearance, occurs across a primary level. The glimpse of a corner and see the picture, you can imagine, after the Qing Yuan, into the intermediate stage is how powerful. When he came out from the living space, is still a corridor, the corridor is a little long, and around the many new facilities will let Xu Linyuan feel a little strange. Then go to some panel front near the door, with his right out of the assistant intelligent system Xu Linyuan, see a three-dimensional projection immediately appear in the boss Xu. "Boss,Nike Jordan New School Shoes, Qing Yuan No. fourth stages of the upgrading work completed, please review" to hear the sweet voice, Xu Linyuan way: "that good, take me to visit around the Qing Yuan, after upgrade new features." "good boss, it's a pleasure" say let assistant band, in fact, Xu Linyuan himself walked, each pointing to a facility, assistant would give detailed explanations. Xu Linyuan this just know, originally he was living in the warehouse is a living area clear, on the corner of a door, he walked to the next, there is his assistant dielectric imperial park vehicles, as well as a warehouse some living goods or sundries. Out of the living area, adjoining is resource storage area, the assistant medium Chao Xu Linyuan know, the fourth phase of the upgrade, the storage capacity of mineral resources storage expansion reached 10000 tons, and biological resources storage expansion of 7000 tons, two filtering bin difference is 4000 tons...... Only a few resource warehouse capacity, reached to ten thousand tons, Xu Linyuan mind suddenly appeared in the 10000-ton tanker appearance, but Qing Yuan, than those of the 10000-ton tanker was a lot smaller. In addition to these resources storage,air jordan sale, like miniature manufacturing system, and synthesis system in this upgrade, they function expansion doubled, arm micro manufacturing system from the original eight expanded to sixteen, more integrated and intelligent manufacturing functions, has been able to bearing facilities of the system, the Qing Yuan a part of the basic accessories. In addition, Qing Yuan, energy system in the after the upgrade, all converted into a chain energy cycle structure, each facility has separate energy reactor loop supply energy, so his total energy stored value standard, also by 100 point of the original expansion for 1000 points, also provides the energy supply system is good for the future the upgrading and development, but the difficulty of upgrade, but also further increase. After the tour finished some infrastructure, Xu Linyuan after the guide came to the main control area, after the upgrade, the main control room space and not too.

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