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18.05.2013 09:14
scanning probe to monitor here antworten

The 177th chapter remains the Qi and Uncle Wang Yani two people from accidentally fell into the water by the strong water things chew off toes still have a lingering fear. They work with great care, explores in a small Canyon in a distance, but did not find the cave entrance pressure. But it is not found in the top of the waterfall, Masani found a raised stone, the stone also seems to be connected with something, but Masani didn't just walk, told Qi shu. Qi Shujing reminded, on the stone were studied, and the two of them walked past, will force it to push down. After the detonation of a ring, the stone falls on, suddenly with a stone beam forward extension, then listen to thunder a loud noise, the falls side of a no one pay attention to the gap in a Shimen sent thunder, will slowly open, revealing a hole. "The original hidden in here, then good" Qi Shu and Ya Ni heard the ring, through the gap to see the open hole, Ya Ni not to shout an. Qi Shu but way: "the wisdom of the ancients also has merit, the rocks, the lever principle to design the Shimen, if you can not find the secret, the ordinary people do not open, once found to place, is a child, but also to open the Shimen" "we quickly go" Yani some exciting, also forget before fear, after Qi uncle use instruments to detect the next, two people entered the cave. Only two of people do not know, behind them, there are several pairs of eyes staring at them. Xu Linyuan in the high rocks had not moved, because the pool also sat a middle-aged man, that middle-aged people in the foot pain after dressing, eating something in there. But after hearing of Yani find the hole cheers, this is called Wang Qiang the middle-aged people to himself, and then was limping also quietly follow the direction of the hole. This scene was Xu Linyuan see in the eye, and then allow the robot to search the old wizard's whereabouts, but found something interesting. The old wizard since leaving after the adoption of a secret passage back, before the Qi uncle and Yani two people into the cave,Coach Outlet Sale, he through the secret passage leading into the inside,Purses Coach, although Xu Linyuan could not see what the people are doing from the induction monitoring screen, but he thinks, the old guide and fold come back, I'm afraid that few people harbour evil designs. This phenomenon, very little mantis, it means, but Xu Linyuan has been on the outside do not move, the Qing Yuan, scanning probe to monitor here, he finally fell to have a look, this Carduelis spinus can succeed, in this barren mountains, a wonderful drama will be staged....... Pressure Longdong called, actually also not legendary mystery, he is just the hidden good, really into the hole, this is a very ordinary cave,Jordan Superfly Sale, and nothing special. Some dark cave, Qi Shu Ya Ni a bright flashlight came in, Qi Shu is some ancient writing study with interest on the wall. Janie only seems to be the mysterious longan Qiyu interested, the walk was a little anxious, >

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