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18.05.2013 09:07
Gu mother is getting younger antworten

The 160th chapter aunt family new year 3, traditionally it is Zouqinfangyou pay New Year's call time. But this year is different in previous years, this year the Xu Linyuan family are all have the Spring Festival in Guan Yang Town, because there is no relatives, so go out less. But this year, dad and old * * work to mobilize, to the city, Xu Linyuan is special in the city to buy a house to live in their parents, but the aunt a coming, Guan Yang town there lived not bottom, not too good, so one family and returned to the villa new home here. Here hundreds of square meters of area, room, and garden and swimming pool and other facilities, even live more than a dozen individuals would be nothing difficult. Ning, airport or last year to build traffic, but this new provincial capital and close by, it is a part of the share capital of passenger volume, some domestic flights were moved to state Ning, brings great convenience to Ning, people travel. Xu Linyuan's aunt is a at twelve thirty plane arrived at the airport three Ning Zhou, but early in the morning, sleep lazy Xu boss is mama clench ears up, Dad would get up early and clean up the work, she and Qiao Xueliang both had clearance from town to return to the city, straight to the house, preparation and Xu Linyuan go to the airport. Until around eleven am, you son of man drove a three car set off for the airport here, one family....... Ning State Airport from the city a bit far, about twenty minutes by car, and on the road to a blocked, when one family rushed to the airport, just the aunt's flight has arrived at the station at. When one family into the hall of the airport, it is the sister-in-law sharp-eyed, far to see my aunt's family has six people, with a three year old boy waiting there. "Sister" Xu Yuehong saw the eldest sister, uttered a cry of surprise, and waved it Fengfenghuohuo ran past, with big sister to a hug. Xu Zhengqing saw his sister, was also very happy, so one family hurried to meet up. Xu Linyuan impression, big uncle is a very thin,Nike Jordan New School UK Sale, the head is relatively smaller, compared with a little sense of vicissitudes of men, said he had not seen in five years. But see today's uncle, looks capable and stable, head shiny forehead, looked very stout, see Xu Zhengqing face to come over,Air Jordan Take Flight UK, a cheerful smile on face, two people and many hold hands, like old friends, is very kind, and not too a stranger. "It is clear" big aunt in earlier years hard, big uncle doing business outside, all by himself with the things at home, in the past few years gradually been fleshed out, Gu mother is getting younger, after seeing Xu Zhengqing, is up, way: "is clear, you now looks a lot of spirit." "sister, you do not know, my brother this horse had play platform,Coach Classic, now rose officer, holding the real power, with energy, natural more than the original spirit." "will reprove you brother" Aunt Chen's one eye, then look at the station on the side of Xu Linyuan, he reached out and touched his head, loving way: "small and temporary now looks strong many, who also composed......" "Aunt, you don't tell me, you may be younger than my mother much, do you have any beauty secret >

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