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18.05.2013 08:59
Xu Linyuan let evil just brought antworten

The 139th chapter Bainian Xiaolong Tan trading hall half an hour of trading activities, mainly is to let each in the market Amoy to the baby's boss to have an exchange the rest of the time. But the general trading hall, you most are still keen on those competing gambling haven't opened the package in the market of flowers and trees, whether to open up, or lost,Coach Satchels Clearance, also is one of the greatest pleasures. Xu Linyuan in particular the newcomers, today for the first time to have a one-time bet twenty-seven lines, but this has set the record of the Yihuagong black flowers in the history. Although we are not optimistic, but for so many, also very interested to have a look at this new people come for the first time, what will lose money. Such a requirement to hear old Guo and Lu boss, other people have said: "young man, you open a few lines to have a look, if the rise of words, you will not lose too much......" The presence of people, the most regret is that before with Xu Linyuan for that tiny sandalwood woman, when she saw the fat out of the 100 years is a small sandalwood, regret the intestines are blue, if she don't take directly if at that time, which have the fat man. But how much, which she Xu Linyuan or some resentment, then also said: "young man, everyone want to have a look whether you can compensate how many, as well as all this may? Few words "Xu Linyuan heard the sour taste full of words, but is sneer at a way:" since you, open eyes, just as you wish "said, Xu Linyuan let evil just brought a direct open packet, lost. So he brought a bag,Nike Jordan New School, and lost. Third strains, lost. They see Xu Linyuan open a lose one, are in the head, they seem to have a little lost to view interest, novice is a novice, he bought was not reliable. When take fourth lines, Qin Xiaoyao could not help but warned: "Hey, don't forget to a better still, your cash has all gone......" Heard such a warning, Xu Linyuan suddenly wake up to God, yes, the next will be better, that value than small bonsai and small species are higher, and the time is short, at least he was later a million to just go, otherwise the time watching the good stuff but didn't have the money to bet, that is not really sad. A small tree then Xu Linyuan let evil opened two lines begin to lose, the rest is he the catch all in one draft has biological proton boutique, so he let evil to pick a containing biological proton minimum out. This continues to watch a few people, they seem to be Xu Linyuan bet on these plants do not have any hope, so their spread in the chat. But the Guo old look is very suspicious, he is still standing there. There are also several bonsai businessman, is also very patiently watching, they mainly do the business, regardless of whether others is to compensate or rose, the goods they buy the past are good shots, even if others have lost their will to bid for the market. When Xu Linyuan took the time to fifth strains, Guo old eyes suddenly jumps, he had a premonition, this strain may rise,Coach Sunglasses Clearance, then his spirit more concentrated. Finally, the evil slowly open >

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