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18.05.2013 08:53
she and her father's wrongs antworten

The 119th chapter waves behind Wei Yulian is a university teacher, her two years ago whether working families are very happy. But suddenly there was the matter of his father, his whole life in the dark, not only to divorce her husband, but also Zheng Yunfeng forced the constant threat of a relationship with people, as the object, the dark days, she already could not withstand, if the father is not in prison suffering, her early Dutch act. Although her two years with Zheng Yunfeng courteously but without sincerity, secretly gathered some evidence, but Zheng Jia too powerful,Nike Air Jordan 5 UK Sale, she was an ordinary university tutor has no a way, can be said to be suffering statement, sued nowhere. But in this morning, after her night insomnia, suddenly indirectly to an anonymous phone call " >, say as long as she is willing to take the data of relevant evidence to sue the Zheng family today, she and her father's wrongs can wash. Wei Yulian was not sure someone willing to help her, but the other side is very detailed her experiences, and Zheng Jia son crime said as he sees them up later, which could not help but she doesn't believe in this thing,Nike Jordan 13 Shoes, this makes her a glimmer of hope arose. So Wei Yulian after repeated struggles, finally decided everything for father wash grievances for his justice, so she took the evidence before the provincial government. She did not know, exactly have the results, if there are results, so she will be his father after the release of his father to go elsewhere, for no one knows her place to live a new life, caring father. If it fails, her life has come to an end, in the school teachers of eyes, contempt and spurned the classmates, let she really has no courage to live. But this time, the policeman asked is it right? Someone told her question, Wei Yulian did not know how to answer, if she said, could have the kind help her, she does not know these people to her interrogation with it, if they took the side of Zheng Jia son, so she don't say, that person is her only hope. See Wei Yulian hesitate to look, has been sitting in the side of the politics and Law Committee of vice secretary of public security Lu dragon way: "Comrade Wei Yulian, please rest assured, the government departments have already Zheng Jia son and case investigation, we ask you if anyone provides message to you is to get some information on the merits,Nike Air Jordan 9 Sale, you can rest assured to say, this thing the government will for you to get a fair hearing these words," Wei Yulian hesitated a way: "is it today before dawn, someone gave me a call " > said to me today will be the Zheng family, let I to the provincial government., I don't know who it was, his voice was hung thick, serious and domineering, sounds like a general......" The presence of people have frowned, Lu Zhenglong added: "you can have that telephone " >?" Wei lotus: "that calls " > without any of the numbers or information display, is blank, my mobile phone " > there are >

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