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18.05.2013 08:46
Xu Linyuan let evil to Qing Yuan antworten

Six the 101st chapter company configuration in the evening, canxia all over the sky, the wind. After Xu Linyuan returned to Guan Yang Town, directly to the steel ball factory there. Responsible for guarding the people here is just the son's father, is a simple farmers a genuine, let him to guard Xu Linyuan and son also very relieved. "Small pro, you busy man one, today how free back to town?" Sun Lianshan went out, see Xu Linyuan is back, smiled and greeted the same time, we opened the door. Sun Lianshan ever since with this work, although the salary is not high only one thousand five hundred dollars, but coupled with the son also offer, when the manager, pick the son Dan Yang Zhongliang also when the mayor,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, Sun Lianshan recently in the town is a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment. Especially when he lived in the old steel ball factory purchasing it, became a formal staff family company, Guanchiguanzhu tube welfare does not say, work is busy, there are more than one thousand pieces of monthly wages, the town's people envy bad. Plus I heard Xu Zhengqing promotion will adjust to walk, the last few days people will Xu's threshold is hit, some want to give university graduates can not find a job working children, some think the door marriage wanted to marry his daughter Xu family daughter-in-law, some think of buying station go to work, so for the last two days, Xu Zhengqing house if city. Sun Lianshan because of the bound, also quit gambling, is undivided attention to his son when the guard here,Air Jordan UK, and is responsible for the fire safety measures, it is very good. Xu Linyuan back, Sun Lianshan language bead connect gun with him about something new out of it a few days, after he led the Xu Linyuan in the past that Xu Linyuan has confessed the special warehouse just son open, Xu Linyuan let evil to Qing Yuan, park. This acquisition station the first renovation of a relatively simple, but after the second times than the original repair, the big change, because the acquisition has not stopped, so Xu Linyuan this time come back, see also piled up a most. The sun Hill said, recently fallow time, Guan Yang town know here buying those crops such as straw is a drop-down to sell to the acquisition station, can sell more money. But a little far away country some people saw the business opportunities, to get big truck acquisitions around somewhere else in the country, with a relatively cheap price, then sold to the acquisition station by hand, but also can earn a little money. As a result, acquisition station every day in and out of vehicles increased, mostly in other towns to van where to send, get this acquisition station short-handed up. Originally the first responsible for acquisitions is just the son, but the son have other things to do, here temporarily entrusted to Yang Zhongliang for a government agent acquisition, after even the tax money to the town government unified accounting, but also of something, after all, the purchasing based on the acquisition of enterprise organization form, so the town is taxed there are not many. But Xu Linyuan is not going through the town government agency that, after all, have to weigh up the money, and then they send the town accounting payment, so will the town government fiscal tense, Xu Zhengqing and Yang Zhongliang although not too much, but if another person, trouble is much,Air Jordan SC 1 UK Sale, so Xu Linyuan let the son even this acquisition station staff also >

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