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god into the realm of psychic antworten

> Disciples mouth Freeze fruit "Purple Power peak drug fields planted a spiritual fruit is very effective for the treatment of internal injuries. Www QunabEN com two weeks ago, Qin Yaogang just left, YE Feng received a letter sent from the Jiangnan Water Army Camp, his three brothers Tuoba the Hony sent sent. Hou Xibai this year thirty-five, but Waters army one of the Grand Masters, under the command of some 30,000 water army, can be described as the party of all army generals, powerful body. However, Hou Xibai a few days ago to send troops to the southeast, but at sea Wicked Although Wicked beheaded, but he was also dying Wicked counterattack, injuries are not light, so the electric purple peaks Freeze fruit conditioning five internal organs. This is not a major event, let Chen Qi Feng Ye to arrange. Chen Qi will casually arranged thirty disciples to send something in Jiangnan. Expect that the road will not be a big deal. Those who go are Avenue, and thirty disciples, repair is not outstanding, but there are five or six practice to the fourth realm of the Budo Moreover, they will carry with them the identity of order for Tien were purple electricity peak brand, Southwest patriarch, large and small, should be to Tien were a little face, will not be difficult for these people. To the southern side, the Hou Xibai face, nor the General Assembly was embarrassed in the next plane. This world, this is not much hidden world despots, the general practice to the innate state of Warrior, more or less, being the patriarch of a large family of large characters, or the direct descendant of the military culture. And those born in the wilderness, to be able to practice to the realm of birth, it will be impossible. One of those who desire to be able to whiten honest official! Official? The opportunity to have an official, who would be willing to life when the bandits! So, this way, in theory, should not be out anything. Now they seemed to trouble! Master electric purple peak to me, a half months, purple peak thriving, growing stronger and stronger sense of belonging of these disciples electric purple peaks I thought such as the return of the master, you can let her look at my hand down to teach them disciples. now, actually out of such a big thing, it is hateful! "worth mentioning, I practice in the mountains for a long time, and now the bottleneck, the trip down the mountain! electric purple peaks disciples, How can it be so good to kill? "YE Feng hearts steaming anger, but he is not completely irrational thought in mind:" Lin Yue City from Hengyang City less than five hundred miles, I remember, the dauntless Hou troops stationed near there. Is Brave Hou Yetian Hao know I had entered the electric purple peak,Coach Crossbodys Online, with a great future, I wanted to want to strangle? the ordinary robber does not have the courage, powerful robber, not be so stupid, Freeze fruit for a few hands-on killing me purple electric peak disciples it seems very suspicious! "YE Feng has calmed down,Air Jordan 5 UK, he always felt it behind the shadow of the Brave Yetian Hao Hou. This can not blame him suspicious, his grandfather, his father died in the hands of the dauntless Yetian Hao Hou whole family. The next will turn to him, he did not know the dauntless Hou When would his hands. But certainly, dauntless Hou, will surely be his hands! YE Feng frowned. That the two disciples waited for a moment, have not seen YE Feng speak meaning, Chen Qi will to pulled that Manlianshixue disciples, and motioned for him to go on. Wait till disciples left, Chen Qi see looked around and no one will dare to ask such question carefully YE Feng said: "Shishu, is not what is wrong?" Is very wrong. "Feng Ye see Chen Qi also furrowed brow , probably thinking what is the motivation of those bandits. Chen Qi is the electric purple peaks of the elderly, in the past has been sent to send a variety of silver bullets or spiritual fruit herbs to the experience of the four. Electric purple peak in the territory of Dayan, especially Jiangnan bustling place, with a few large wealthy merchant and cooperative relations, operates a huge network of interests. Large the purple power peak forces, far from Feng Ye can see. Apart from the immediate disciples resources, Dayan territory, electric purple peaks there are many soft forces, these forces in the usual time, although modest, but the crucial moment, revealing much. "Jiangnan disciples in the past to call on the three Shishu, but also have Lu Yu Lin Yue City that area does have a group of mountain bandit gangs. However, the disciples every time to those mountain bandits disciples are extremely polite, and did not want to do not know why, this time why would grab my electric purple peaks spiritual fruit? only that, they also kill my disciples, It does not make sense. "Chen Qi Here with the the mean electric purple peak enemy. his brow wrinkled. Obviously, he does not believe that gang of mountain bandits have so much courage, but he knew that the messenger disciples is absolutely not lie. Regardless of that group of mountain bandits behind is not really backing or another plot. They were to kill the disciples of our electric purple peaks, is with us the whole of Tien enemies! About it, I wait a minute to inform the main door! the electric purple peaks disciples, must not die in vain. "YE Feng said the intention to kill awe-inspiring. Chen Qi deep that it does. Purple Power peak of a pulse, Qin Yao has always been, no matter what, leading to weak the electric purple peaks disciples than several other pulse cultivation on a lot. But the either several other the Chuxiu peak, or bamboo peak pulse disciples, they never dare to bully the electric purple peaks disciples. Because most of the electric purple peaks unity and, more importantly, they have a shield their mistakes and strong first! YE Feng hearts have had an idea, regardless of this incident behind no the dauntless Hou Yetian Hao shadow, he absolutely can not miss these mountain bandits. He managed to establish a in purple power peak disciples some prestige, because such a thing must not be affected. Chen Qi, to convene disciples, selected 15 of them, let them down with me I'd have to look at those who dared to touch my purple power peak robber mountain bandits look like! "Shishu, the disciples which to find people but ...... "Chen Qi Here, suddenly looked up a Feng Ye, some concern:" However, Shishu, according to the disciples, behind it is someone in the mischief, Shishu or the main door to send an elder to travel together as well. Shishu but I have the hope of the electric purple peaks, the disciples not let Shishu take the risk! "Chen Qi He then bend the line of Feng Ye a ceremony,air jordan sale, and then turned to leave. Chen Qi looked away, YE Feng quietly standing still. "Chen Qi said, I really can not be too careless to me the strength of today is not enough this 12 Southwest County, a total of three hundred city, which raised veins of congenital fetal breathing state of the Warrior, the less there are a few hundred people and God, and gas combined state of the strong, at least, there are hundreds of people I met God, and gas combined state of the strong, if the other party wanted to kill me, I absolutely can not escape! "Feng Ye is not afraid of danger, but he but absolutely do not want to plot. You know that things are not right, he will not take the risk of meaningless. Worth mentioning, go win a trip concept of peak it. "At the foot of a dynamic, YE Feng turned to away wins concept of peak. ... Wins concept of peak, raising sword Church the middle of the Rosewood chair, Cheng Tian Xiao straight face to sit, quietly listening to the tale of Feng Ye. Thirty disciples were killed Lin Yue outside the city, only one survived, the disciples discredited in the face of the Master ...... disciples have decided to flew down the mountain, thorough investigation of the murderer, for my electric purple peaks caused the death of his disciples revenge! But serious matter, disciple just getting started soon, the Master just go out purple peaks up and down no one can do got the main the disciples fear, palm sect main classic decision! "he finished, YE Feng heavy kneeling on the ground, looked up, his face hope to look at the classroom sat. This is southwest of well-known figures, even, he can be said is a legendary figure of the Southwest 'Apart from the great general Wang Purple Palace Taichi, he is the second leader of the army of the southwest. He is Fushuai, Cheng Tian Xiao! Southwest are more legend goes: one said the Purple Palace generals white jade sword, and second is the the royal palm Thunder process Tian Xiao! Ten years ago, Cheng Tian Xiao repair had already reached the pinnacle of the condensable gas refining Gang realm But then, the the Simao mountain barbarians frequently harass the frontier, Northwest Rong and Di just around the corner, Huibing three hundred thousand, display the frontier. Years, he Suxingyemei to not say martial arts practice, is a good time to catch my breath. Easy to wait until the frontier stability, he finally got free, it is not nostalgia power directly to the General resignation. After five years, Cheng Tian Xiao Ru Kunlun alone five years, only for the study and understanding of Xuan Tong. Once they return, already firmly into the ninth realm of the martial arts [Grandmaster god into a psychic]. The beat under earthshaking earth-shaking! Other experts, the world is also one of the few! 12 southwest of the county, such a master, the only way Tian Xiao and General Wang were! To [the god into the realm of psychic] As for Brave Hou Yetian Hao, but if on the repair strength, even if the two dauntless Hou Cheng Tian Xiao opponent is not. The dauntless Yetian Hao Hou However a leaf out of their book, practicing but the well-known "Kirin illustrated catalog, Cheng Tian Xiao is a hit boxing Italy Grandmaster. YE Feng Past and practice created by "breaking kill boxing" Seventh realm is Cheng Tian Xiao realize in the Kunlun Mountains! "30 people were killed Lin Yue City? Unlike the culprits." After listening to the answer YE Feng, Cheng Tian Xiao frowned, he also believes that things will not be so simple. But he did not want to have more far-reaching. 12 Southwest County internal matter, he never liked to ask. His mind has been on the northern, alien evil, and the southern border of the underground inferno body. Each of the 12 counties in southwest contradictions in his mind, is nothing but disease of mustard moss. As long as General in the Southwest 1, Southwest will not be chaotic. Thought, Cheng Tian Xiao also no good way. YE Feng, up, said: "there was something strange, I allow you to go down in the investigation, but here there may be some accident can not say you accept Qin's first three decades most proud of disciples, I can not let you out of an accident. "paused, Cheng Tian Xiao sidewalk:" Well, I let my Guards to accompany you to a trip, if unexpected, but also can keep you safe. "Then, Cheng Tian Xiao suddenly the mouth move move, YE Feng did not hear any ring, he suddenly felt the icy breath behind came. He could not help looked back. I do not know when, a middle-aged man wearing a black brilliant clothing quietly appeared in behind him. Man looking solemn, YE Feng viewed from this perspective, his face is like the ax splitting chisel in general, full of determination of edges, a look that is the generation of hard heart cold hands. Must be trifled with! 13 Lang, to accompany him to go and see. ""! Under Yes, sir! "<

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