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feed the golden light of the group antworten

> Chapter 462: life and death battle Road golden light is very bright, a group of powerful energy of light around the ultra-fast air, the beginning of this energy is small, then gradually expanded, thereby increasing, huge amounts of energy as powerful tides, with a golden wave of energy rapidly swept the surrounding space. the WWW! qUANbeN! COM "rumbling" heard exploding, this golden energy wave swept around a monk, but the strange thing is, this golden light contact to the right path monks that nothing is happening, but come into contact with Magic monks will mean Magic monks directly turned into a little bit of black ash collapse, enormous energy is rapidly running somersault, and instantly let numerous Modao monks were killed directly. But fortunately this golden energy light waves spread only about a thousand miles outside the Magic monks not be affected, but it scared afraid to come in a scrambling fled back right way monks see, suddenly joyful hearts, one by one if fabulous general towards those demonic monks kill a group of the right way monks Magic monks to catch up with the entrance of the large array, ready to kill the time, and suddenly, a powerful energy the rapid wave crest down huge the energy of the moment as flows from the body of death in general, with desperate energy engulfed the surrounding space. Few to the monks a look, turned out to be Xue Ren spree suddenly scared feicuan, but did not throw far, this destructive energy directly attacked and destroyed. Xue Ren spree with group of Modao monks menacing from the entrance rushed in, nearly 30 half-step God-level master with him to the monks, they rushed to see the fan respect they have stood up with a powerful energy, and among them, gave birth to a group of powerful light energy, the energy of this golden light, although there is no shock wave, but the soft light revealing a sacred majesty, very mysterious. At this point, the golden light rapid changes, appears to be something. The blood blade spree eyes a cold, did not care towards group golden light feicuan a, half a step behind him the true God who with his menacing rushing right path half a step God monks have to stand up, because the backing of the true God, and therefore the hearts of less tension, the two sides soon began to confrontation. Monks to attack in the Magic suddenly "rumbling" sound exploding, the cohesion of a group of golden magical energy, like life, like lap shock wave broke the shock wave of the circle is very strange, went the entire space is covered with golden light, huge golden energy filled with powerful and soft light, so that the surrounding space are able to fill the energy, quickly formed in the golden light group area huge light, this group is a golden space filled with volatility and energy source of power, this wave of golden light group sweep to Xue Ren spree people, Xue Ren spree just a slight step back, and behind the Most of the half step God directly to the bombing of the inverted back while the the general Les Enfants Magic monks instantly die. This wave of golden light, that space suddenly appeared a golden humanoid object, non-stone like stone, wood-like non-wood, but the body is wrapped around the golden light special magical, in particular, which contains a powerful the energy source of power, enormous energy rapidly crest, the surrounding space into the impact of the shock wave. That the the golden humanoid object appeared, the whole world are filled with one very energy-ism, it seems that this thing is the core of the heavens and the earth, it seems that this thing can control the life and death of the heavens and the earth. Space, this powerful energy continuously emitted as the energy from the domain of God, making the entire space is filled with the weight of all the monks see this mass of golden humanoid object out of breath. Golden energy of this group, it is true God! Come in Celestial God! Come true God, a powerful God instantly rushed out of coercion, coercion seems to deter the heavens and the earth, so that the whole world trembled, though the true God without any action, gestures enough days off to destroy all caught in endless destructive energy, all full of fear of looking at God. God indifferent standing in space, looking at the opposite not far Xue Ren spree last played against did not kill Xue Ren spree. Xue Ren spree and true God, as no retreat, he now knows that this action is probably going to lose, because he is now the strength of the fact, not as he had the strength, but because there is a Lord God residual spirit with the help of If there is no residual spirit of the Lord God, and his strength is not worth mentioning. But he has come this far, even if doing all, it will not back down at this time. God looked at Xue Ren spree, said coldly: "The last time I catch you did not kill you, is going to let you repent and start anew, but now it has made a comeback, so that the loss of life, the deity will not let this you! "Haha, repent joke, you want me to taste more pain, talking about loss of life, you have not become true God, from time is stepping up the bones of countless people fighting battle, so why put yourself in the moral high ground! you what I know best! "the blood blade spree did not appear because the Lord God bow instead of hearts wroth even more completely the true God in the eyes of years, "when you and another Mami kill me, I blew the soul, but in the end, but you survived, why? Hey, do not think I do not know!" one true God, at once furious, "small half-step true God, really thought he turned days! lessons under you, you do not know my bad! "Then God suddenly hit the beat, and instantly, the rapid surge Peng Bo energy crest out huge amounts of energy with a crazy raging energy group, so that the entire space into a stagnant body, a golden light moments in which cohesion, and then went straight to Xue Ren spree from Xue Ren spree, the body suddenly back step, and then Dan Zhang waved his other palm is also a film, a "boom" in the body to form a huge defensive cover. "Rumbling" true God cast out of the energy group quickly and the blood blade spree defense shield bump into each other, at once the blood blade spree felt a surging energy to fight over the whole body are tempted to back a stroke, all very chatter, but he immediately operate the gas energy of the body, tightly against the space group God light, but this is just a beginning, God sneer, suddenly afterburner, surging with a mass of golden light more quickly, enormous energy rapidly crest down, broke the powerful energy to the whole space, a steady stream again, rolling, let the blood blade spree at once could not help but back. "Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ the" the blood blade spree immediately furious, fierce turn reverse the body of gas, suddenly, a powerful and turbulent energy erupted from his body, with a crimson rapist gas energy as an engine Tianzhu, toward the opposite true God from Gu energy is very vast, and thus directly emitted by the true God of the shares withstand powerful energy. They see this scene have shocked, did not expect the powerful energy of Xue Ren spree At this point, you can withstand the offensive of God, is really shocked, huge amounts of energy with a crazy volume Chung shock wave, a powerful shock wave raging in general frenzy feicuan, this trick has reached a human monk cast out of extreme moves. God saw his tricks was to resist the back, cold smile, just this trick just before he officially fighting side dishes. Thus suddenly toss of his arms, golden light just as a huge wave energy surging channeling Chung, waves of shock waves with amazing destruction of days off to energy, instantly transformed into a huge two Golden Dragon, Dragon energy as two whirlpool generally crazy surging, coming out of the moment, two golden swirl, This vortex so powerful that even the instant minced space, the entire space is related with the dragon spin up. "Rumble" two golden dragon swept space straight Xue Ren spree from the blood blade spree suddenly unite the energy of the body, and instantly burst out, arms together, and then suddenly moving two Dragon feicuan direction from acute split, "Kaka ~" sound Baoxiang, a powerful red red flame instantly generate huge amounts of energy surging surging sprang the instant burning up in the hands of Xue Ren spree. "Wow" is heard, the blood blade spree arms together a split moment to hew out a powerful red red energy, this energy is to hew out of the moment, turned into a giant red flame Phoenix, Phoenix The entire body is shaped like a huge wave of energy, constantly gushing torrents red red energy flame crest, moving in Na Liangdao golden dragon to feicuan away. "Bang", the red Phoenix and two fire dragon suddenly fit together, suddenly a burst of extremely powerful energy shock wave, shock wave is so powerful that instant space twisted up, torn space for several years Injection numerous chaotic energy, visible red red phoenix and dragon impact how much. But surprisingly, this powerful energy, actually out of a golden dragon, the original red flame Phoenix only a golden dragon destroyed, the other still in directly across the huge shock wave, fly towards Xue Ren spree rushing the blood blade spree did not expect to actually sprang a powerful dragon, at once the heart was shocked. But he has not had time to avoid the scattered Golden Dragon suddenly he went to him, "bang" direct burst open the tremendous energy crazy volumes Bay, waves of powerful energy source with a strong impact, instantly make space distorted, Xue Ren spree caught off guard, the whole person playing a roll in the air, "pop" sound,Coach OP Art Bags, emitting a blood. They see, suddenly shocked, and the Magic several half-step true God immediately pounced on his catch, I saw the blood blade spree pale as a sheet, the whole person decimated. Right way monks saw Xue Ren spree has been hit hard, suddenly delighted hearts, a significant increase in morale,New Arrivals Coach UK, also greatly increased the confidence to win the right way. True God saw Xue Ren spree impact vomiting blood, cold smile: "Xue Ren spree, you're just a half-step just God, dare to challenge the supremacy of heaven and earth exist, really mantis trying to stop a car overconfident just this look only a small lesson, this deity does not kill you, the lack of a warning to others! "Then God lift with one hand, and suddenly in the air void stroke, immediately in front of him a huge golden round ghost , ghost rapid expansion, then, a golden streamer instantly sprang to come straight Xue Ren spree, the blood blade spree screaming, flung around half a step true God, the body burst into a huge crimson color flame, beat Pichu, "Chi Chi" numerous channel red lightning instantly swept past. Failed to feed the golden light of the group instantly exploded, turned into countless bits and pieces of golden energy, the energy quickly turned into countless golden birds, overwhelming rushing toward of Xue Ren spree and behind him many Magic monks, blood to hew out of the hands of the blade spree red red lightning, and instantly formed a semi-circular defense shield, huge energy instantly filled this in front of him, countless golden birds hit the arc-shaped defensive cover in front of him, and instantly scattered heap. But although he blocked a lot of golden birds attack, but there are still a large golden birds coming into the Magic monk group behind him. Enormous energy channeling constantly poured forth waves of powerful energy with a strong golden light, toward the Magic monks, a the golden birds hit the Magic monk who instantly turned into countless golden electro-optical burst open, followed by numerous space gold electro-optic radiance surrounding space filled with waves of amazing energy, wherever he went,Purses Coach Sale, countless Magic monks have died, which look original menacing Magic monks as a ghost, a scattering of saving their own skins extremely frightened, energy diffusion constant, and instantly the death of tens of thousands of Magic monks, large number of Modao monks have to back Cuantao. Countless golden birds or impact, so that the death of a large number of Magic monks Magic monks had the upper hand into a huge critical and a feicuan to escape, the right way monks happy exception, I just feel it really is the true God is powerful than most people! Xue Ren spree to see this, at once furious, suddenly slaps on a push defense shield in front of the rapid expansion of channeling the direction of the true God, let go, and huge amounts of energy are extremely amazing. In the the blood blade spree continues, driven, finally wore countless golden light group energy rapid feicuan in, and finally a little bit close to the true God. <

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