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18.05.2013 08:40
Back to God's fee in Qingyuan antworten

In three minutes or...... Back to God's fee in Qingyuan and to evil asked some with a disturbed mood, he is now fully trust each other's knowledge of science,Air Jordan UK, not the slightest doubt. And the evil that is full of disdain for the answer, but let him hate not shame a head hit the wall, now he finally believe, the other end than to level ten times higher than, no, is a hundred times. He was completely conquered, because some nouns explain even he has never heard of, not to mention some MPs ingredients he found is not qualified, but the other side is directly said out. At this time, Fei Qingyuan excited to have some can not say a word, lips kept trembling, because the body is hyperactive and kept shaking up. He turned around, looked at the sleeping Xu Linyuan, he finally persuaded of the young man's magic, because of the strength and level of his friend, even if he is to surrender to the other side of the foot of his scientific slaves, as long as you can get even the slightest advice, he would be most willing to. "Small...... Xiao xu......" Heard Qingyuan sound, snoozing Xu Linyuan immediately back to God, said: "how, do not know how Mr. fee chat with him?" Fei Qingyuan then suddenly rushed up, grabbed Xu Linyuan's hand and says: "small Xu, your friend level has been thoroughly conquered me, I decided, you let me give you a lifetime to work is OK, but I want to......" Xu Linyuan saw the scientific maniac look, you know this person at heart has been tied to die, is also on the pirate ship, he will think it impossible. Smiled, Xu Linyuan way: "you are classmates and uncle Zhou, that I can call you fee uncle, since you need a job to support the family, then I would say, I want to hire you as my newly built R & D center director, salary is tentatively scheduled for 2000000, and after other research bonus into and option incentive, usually work in addition to plant distribution down products R & D technology, if you want to study in other aspects of the can, I can provide you with materials and related equipment, usually if you have any problem, I have another friend who will guide you......" "Too good!" Fei Qingyuan a listen to can get advice, immediately like excited the lollipop kids, jumped up. But he is happy about it later, and finally back to God, stares at Xu Linyuan way: "small Xu, 2000000 annual salary and bonus and dividend option these, this is it right? Is too high, and I in you my friend, it is only a apprentice, you such a high salary to me,Air Jordan 7 UK, I teach them!" Xu Linyuan did not feel high, just smiled: "fee uncle, this year I do not feel high, the future will continue to rise, because the factory has R & D task, and you have the salary, home to the things you do not need to worry about,UK Nike Air Jordan, you can do research work, you should know a word, science and technology is the first productivity, I believe firmly on this, my company future development, technology is the core, is the lifeline, so the cost of tertiary your task is very arduous, you must be thinking >

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