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> Chapter 449: battle last Modao quickly surrounded by Neptune,air jordan sale, unfortunately, originally Xue Ren spree that can be occupied by at least one entrance, but he did not expect the reaction of the Logos monks so fast, or when the faint-hearted The speed is so fast, and thus have no chance shot was the right way the monk shut the tortoiseshell. the www! Quanben, COM "His Holiness, easy to get it!" One Magic monks watching the layers of the Neptune field wrapped up a big fuss, suddenly the hearts of some depressed. Xue Ren spree and thought about it for a while, "this is not a problem, I would have had to address this large array method, but the original thinking within should, if occupation of an entry, you do not have so strenuous, and now look have utilized a large array, although a little trouble, but not a big problem. "Well now pass my command, without my permission, no person shall be allowed to close the domain large array of this Neptune continue to open breath occult circle, waiting to refuge here the right way monks, then an extermination! "Xue Ren spree a little ponder decided to countermeasures. In Neptune, demonic army dump Neptune domain offensive messages have been passed in collision fan respect surprised, half a step God-level master immediately convene a meeting to discuss countermeasures. Everyone decided to discuss distraction army immediately waited outside, take turns on duty to prevent Magic army came in, and then open the mouth of a combat, play against each other, performed immediately after the deliberations to determine, hundreds of ships loaded with the right way monks Zhou Yu toward Neptune domain edge forward, rapidly and soon reached the edge of the Neptune domain, then the right way tens of thousands of monks were divided into more than one group is responsible for monitoring prevent Modao monks came in, and to gain time for the right way monks focus more master combat. Expected ...... in the star dome ascetics Tournament held at this time, has been to the last fight, the top one hundred various Star monks to compete for the final 50 places, without the YE Feng fire robe monks made the final victory, and his last competitive places. By this time, their game has attracted more than a dozen half-step God-level experts to spectators, especially Liucheng En. YE Feng see him here again when almost thought he was talking Liucheng En has long been known YE Feng, because he was looking at the roster to see the name of Feng Ye YE Feng, he would qualify for the failure to maintain a lot of confidence, YE Feng trip to the competition, he was not surprised. "Liu predecessors, did not think you are here!" YE Feng said with surprise, he used to be the name of the Liucheng En the banner did a lot of things. "Oh, how I can not be here?" Is not to say, there will be half a step God-level master Ray robbery! I thought you were not here! "YE Feng frightened Road. "Hey, Ray robbery is not false, but since Magic signs of war the way, the right way first master the fan respect Wind seniors gave us lightning Danwan, these is very precious Danwan, power is also very powerful, so for us, this is nothing! especially the large array of defense of the Neptune field, General Ray robbery nothing! "Liucheng En simple explanation of the sentence, and then asked:" YE Feng, was just a few not seen in years, your strength has been by leaps and punched congratulated ah I remember the last time I see you, you just quadruple the strength of the channel of God, but now they have to Kokonoe interim, really leaps and bounds! "Oh, care of the welfare of their predecessors, I am also very good luck was able to successfully uh!" YE Feng laughed. "Well, come on! I am here to give you through a bottom, in fact, organized by the 'Celestial ascetics Tournament' proponent of me!" Liucheng En word, suddenly shocked YE Feng. "Liu predecessors!" Ah yes, I had a lot of effort for this contest. "However, Liu predecessors, I would like to this contest may from time to bare is to see the younger generation of contemporary strength purpose of it? certainly other purpose! "" Hey, your kid is pretty Jiling, few think the problem, to be honest, this purpose is to recruit the the entire right way young master, and then by a half-step God level experts to lead you, for you to enhance the strength of the great battle between the last and Magic! This is the final object of the game! "Liucheng En looked YE Feng, said solemnly. YE Feng suddenly surprised a moment, I did not expect top right way for a long time ago that the fight to happen here. "Well, you have a good game, after the end of the game there will be half a step God-level master strokes you do apprentice, good performance, may be rushing to!" Liucheng En smiled and said, Ye Feng nodded his head, he actually the apprentice no interest in doing what God master of the half-step, but promised on the right path monks can enter Fam practice are interested, intended to time by practicing direct impact on the peak of Kokonoe, so that, in the battle from Paul, and, as he said Xue Ren spree, these are not what interest, if given the chance he would escape, Magic and the right way battle for him absolutely no sense. To say that he is interested in, we might have a longevity. YE Feng and Liu Chengen chatted for a while, the game will officially began. He had left came to power, the opposite fire gowns monks have been channeling up, this one fiery hair, the general fire red robe, Just like a burning flame standing in front of you in general, suddenly attract a lot of people the eyes, including many half-step-God-level master. That the fire gown monks looked YE Feng, looking solemn, the momentum is very fierce, YE Feng stood on the stage, no waves, quiet like a stone. The referee monks to see both ready, then nodded his head. "Start of the game!" Fire robe monks look, suddenly the body straight and erect, and then the arms show, stand in a cross, and then immediately on his arms burning from the full fury of the flames, waves of flame as powerful weeds as quickly spread along his arm, and soon his entire arm will be burning up, and then the flame constantly forward, and soon the whole body of the fire robe monks enveloped inside. Feng Ye know that he participated in the "Celestial ascetics Tournament last game, so be very cautious, he did not want to fall short at the last moment and can not enter the Uncharted practice, so without the slightest hesitation, and immediately the hands of Raytheon epee suddenly sprang waves of the powerful surging energy instantly came out along two of his pubic region, enormous energy continue to fly the volume, an instant sword, lightning as the torrent towards the opposite swoop past, the huge energy continue to erupt, instant numerous lightning will his body wrapped up. "Chi Chi" a thunder Promise Ray network like lightning sky snow constantly saved to bursts of lightning condensation twisted,Air Jordan SC 1, turned into the numerous powerful electric snake instant crazy saved, directly opposite the fire robe monks wrapped up the instant overwhelming power grid rushed out, collision startled each other. Fire robe monks body burning flame, and waves suddenly sprang, enormous energy the crazy fly volumes, and YE Feng display their Promise Ray network instant hit, at once broke a huge wave, lightning and The flame crazy collision, the energy tide four volumes dance, shook the whole ring. When the collision occurred, YE Feng In fact, as early as has been cast from the Qixing Jian Zhen, the the seven handle cyan Mujian continue to fly around his body volume a Road subtle light blade rotation around this YE Feng, a one- more and more crowded, more and more dense, and finally to rotate around his body like crazy pelting rain, huge waves of energy counterattack out, one sharp and fierce momentum explode. YE Feng suddenly the sword means integrated into the waves of energy could not strike back out of circulation in the seven handle blue wooden swords, wooden sword on the silver pattern glow waves of red light, seven handle of wooden sword around his feicuan speed faster and faster, and finally almost see the shadow, only to see a tract rapid constantly rotating blade of light from the outside can not see anything but standing inside was able to feel a Unit sharp momentum space feicuan. "Seven Jian Zhen, Shenlong one!" YE Feng roar, suddenly, "pop" is heard, the enormous energy of his whole body crazy saved, the energy of the blade upper class sprang instantly make YE Feng systemic robes fluttering roll dance a surge of powerful energy suddenly flooded the seven Jian Zhen, YE Feng thrown around a blue light. "Roar" is heard, the green light suddenly cohesion feicuan, turned into a huge energy group, the rapid changes in this energy group in the air, turned into a Dragon, Dragon suddenly sprang from the Qixing Jian Zhen, powerful energy waves swoop, Shenlong is speed feicuan toward the fire gowns monks, because the energy is too powerful, leading to the ground jade were just rolled up, non-roll out of the waves of energy surging as a mountain, and instantly he went opposite fire gowns monks front, the Qixing feel this monk Jian Zhen energy suddenly shocked. Dare not react, into the fire must towering into the sky, but not gone far, suddenly YE Feng cast dragon wrapped 'bang' bang shaking Bao Xiang, huge wave broke, and suddenly the other fried direct Zala to the ring to a pit broke. YE Feng mouth evoke a touch of strange smile, he knew that the other party is not dead, but he does not intend to give him the chance to fight back, and instantly display their "Big Five Gang Grimoire. YE Feng howling moment "boom" is heard, the hearts in anger, the gas rapidly running, he immediately cast out of the "Big Five Gang Grimoire" At this point, his skin, a surge of purple magic gas continue expansion,Air Jordan UK, purple breath rapid surge, Feng Ye body wrapped in an instant. YE Feng body quickly generate tremendous changes, long body, the skin becomes more and more hard, like iron, also became thick firm armor, his eyes red light red is more polished, head horns, from the tomb of the muscle, a piece filled with a sense of power, a lightning fled from the skin out, continue to spread along the surface of the skin, purple lightning like a knife. <

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