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Chapter 436: Space Tunnel Dacheng "wow ha ha ha ha ~ ~" I heard a sharp wild laughter instantly appear in the the Haitian absolute domain space, so that the dragon, bear strange and Griffin shocked, immediately from the large black stone to the Shang Cuanxia. How the old man? "Furbolg moment. Have a look! Must be a good thing! "The dragon said. Three monsters together toward the dog Luo fly past, they see in dogs Luo in front of the large array of different and become filled with the atmosphere of chaos in the previous inside, but now it seems more than one channel like a streamer constant feicuan, huge amounts of energy constantly flows from out of the sky filled with the feeling of a Unit of energy. "Hey ...... predecessors, today what's going on, ah, so happy!" Furbolg up carefully asked. Dog Luo laughter stopped, turned around, a look of contentment, said: "Just now, I will open up the space tunnel! Ha ha ha ~ ~" "What?" The three monster suddenly shocked, looked at the space tunnel. "Even get through!" Griffin said surprised. Dog Luo looked at the three monsters, laughing. Yaozu the opportunity to rule the human star field! Chance! "Congratulations predecessors, Hershey predecessors!" Three monster hastened to bow down to their hearts the moment overjoyed this space tunnel pass, it means they have a chance to go home the. "Ha ha, ha ha!! You go in through the space tunnel, immediately find Beastkin senior, to attack human Star Dog Luo spoke to said the three monsters, the three monsters suddenly overjoyed, laughing:" is small must fulfill the mission! "said the three monsters is necessary to go into the fly, dog Luo stopped. : "I can not go in, the need to maintain the operation of the array, but I hope you know, this is the only opportunity our Beastkin attack humans is also your opportunity to legendary, so you want to seize this opportunity! try convened Yaozu strength of high strength large master, so there is a chance. "" uh-huh! "three monster hurry to go back and nodded. "Well, go in!" Dog Law nodded. The three immediately go toward the inroads of space tunnel, dog suddenly he went to space over the tunnel, then in the hands of two groups of white light suddenly broke out, a powerful energy suddenly sprang to huge amounts of energy like the general tide flowed rapid bursts of energy crest, and then turned into a huge light group, rushed into the space tunnel. "Bang" Bao Xiang, this light group rushed, instant activation space tunnel, the rapid rotation of the energy in the space tunnel, like a huge whirlpool spin up, the huge space, a certain attraction suddenly burst powerful energy group toward the four spread out. Three monster suddenly feel powerful suction to pull over, and instantly pull them into the whirlpool, and then they suddenly feel the whole body instantly powerful energy directly tear, powerful energy rapid expansion, they quickly overwhelmed the three monsters suddenly some fear, but regret it later, only to go into. And other dog Rover successful these three sent in the past, he withdrew his hands, looked back to normal space tunnel, pondered in silence. A moment later, his body flash he went to the black Peng front, and black Peng is still sleeping, a few months time, except for the occasional grasping point monster to eat, is to sleep, never seem to sleep endless sleep. "This little guy, a straight to sleep, see my open space tunnel, do not upset?" Luo dog laughed. Black Peng slowly stood up, looked at the dog Luo, "You open space tunnel and nothing to do!" "You do not understand? You I am very optimistic, I think you are likely to become Yaozu God, why they so important to you, I hope you can understand my a painstaking! "Dog Law some earnest persuasion. Black Peng after listening to ponder for a while, and then lying on the floor again Shuiqi feel. "To" dog Luo suddenly feel a sense of failure, such a long time to persuade, this black Peng surprisingly, did not respond, "It's silly chumps!" ... The demon world, demon domain Luoxing. A Star during the demon Luoxing domain is a planet has more than two million, 30 percent of the planet has a Wicked sound save all kinds of evil constantly back and forth fighting, biting, in order to live, killing in demon Luoxing domain has never stopped. In demon Luoxing domain, the total is divided into four main domain of God, XII sanctuary by of Yaozu four demon emperor and 12 demon king control, forming a hierarchical system in these demon emperor and the demon king under the control of the whole demon Luoxing domain A is firmly in control. By this time, a small blue planet in demon Luoxing domain, where ninety percent are the sea, only 10 per cent of the land, sporadic distribution spilled like Pearls. On top of a vast ocean, suddenly, the sky suddenly torn a hole in the black light instantly sprang from the hole, turned into an elegant black lightning, space chasm greater the more pull, and finally formed directly a huge hole, like a huge eyes, which reveal a black tunnel, space chaotic energy dissipation along the tunnel out. "Chi Chi" incessant burst out powerful energy instantly aroused waves crest, the powerful bursts destructive energy immediately broke. At which time the, three mass of black gas instantaneous injection, three groups of black shadow the rapidly rotating intertwined in the air, turned, and then reveal the three great evil, is the Black Dragon, Furbolg and Griffin three. Three just came out, do not know if this is in the sea, suddenly "plump", "plump" all fell into the water. Three monsters in the water after a thump, quickly pounced from the water,Air Jordan Spizike, a look around, suddenly shouted: "wow, we finally came back!" "Yeah,Air Jordan 14, not easy, although we here always felt here too messy, but to go out, they learned that in the end is the hometown Well!! I love Yaozu Star! "bear strange laugh. While the remaining two monsters a look around, and suddenly felt a familiar atmosphere. Three evil for a time of heart excited. "Boss, the old man said, we do not do it!" Dragon looked Furbolg discuss asked. Bear strange thought, "If we say that this really is an opportunity, but our strength, I am afraid not see the demon king, and where the demon king on the planet, export are powerful monster than we, I'm afraid have not seen, you and I scare you become someone else's mouth Chinese food, what should I do? "" I do not think we do not control, over with our own day, As for the offensive attack human monk star field, with our relationship is not, you is not! "dragon the Furbolg said. Griffin nodded, "Yeah, I see this thing and our relationship, we had to go along with the old man, that is, to make him the space tunnel repair, and then come back, now that has come back, why to waste time, and the risk is so great! "Furbolg one that makes sense, then said:" Yes ah, this space tunnel we also inadvertently roll into, which is bad enough, and then want to get involved, Would not it find not happy, if in accordance with the old man, to announce his demon Wang Yaodi they, maybe even massive conscription, when the time to go to war, it is more uneconomical, Suanlaisuanqu should not be pipe break things. "" That old man came to us, how we do? "dragon some concern said. "No, you see it, this tunnel to come, need someone to cast, no one cast, how he came, so do not have to worry about this." Furbolg looked grinning. Other two thought, suddenly happy, after three people with joy, and flew toward the side of the cracks longer whether still in the air space. When the three of them away, on the sea and the sea crest,Jordan New School Sale, clouds waves rising up from the sea, out of nowhere a green Jiao, green Jiao covered with green phosphor, the buck-toothed abomination, looking away three monster, and then look at the day continue to emerge air space of the flavor of the black tunnel, suddenly thoughtful up. Thought for a while, he probably understand what this thing is, and where it goes. "I went to report to the king!" Said Qing Jiao himself about it, coming into the sea. Said, his body suddenly coming into the sea, in the sea rapidly feicuan quickly to the bottom of the sea, this generation is the Green Kau family site, so soon, around the monster flee, his smooth the way to fly a huge depths of the Strait, where the dark depths, has a large number of black caves and other things, a lot of the bones of the great marine life also covered the bottom of the sea. Green Jiao way feicuan the soon channeling into the distance export are entrenched in the cave or submarine cliff Qing Jiao, large and small quantities foot hundreds, every enormous, as a hill, ferocious momentum daunting one-third. Askar, here is the resting place of the King, are you doing here! "Guard see a green Jiao Qing Jiao channeling over, suddenly shouted, stand in the front. DeLong Big Brother, today I come to King is an important thing to discuss! "Called Green Acre Jiao looked green Jiao guard, suddenly whispered said. "What important things!" That guards asked coldly. "I found a space tunnel leading to the human monk star field!" Askar said honest. "What!" Called the DeLong green Jiao suddenly hearts surprised, "You, you make no mistake, this tunnel is to enter the domain of human monk star, and this is important, is not child's play!" "I heard three Wicked said, they just went to the the human star field, and then I found that tunnel come out so it can be determined, this tunnel will certainly be able to direct human monk Star. "Askar said firmly. "Well, you took me to what?" DeLong eyeball a turn, know that this time, but a big opportunity, reported by his future may have heavily reward. Askar one, know what a body to his playing, hehe smile, said: "No, this stake, I want to personally report to the King of the job!" "Hey, I want to make sure this is not a lie why they're going to look, in case you say something that does not exist, not only you will be punished, I have to be punished, "DeLong found a reason. "Rest assured, I life assurance, it is true! Long as you let me in, I will give the king with you and I found how! Askar know what notes to play DeLong, nodded his head said. DeLong a look at this guy was pretty clever, so there is no stubborn, nodded his head, "Now, come in, but you can not forget what you say." DeLong with Askar coming into a huge rock hole, not into it, I heard bursts of snoring like thunder, once a ring, it is necessary to let the whole cave shake it, people scared endless, Askar think that huge body of the king and the strength of powerful, hearts trembling for fear of the king a happy he crushed. DeLong with the Askar come inside at a time, that hole in the dark one, in addition to snoring, and what can be heard. "You first, etc. king sleeping, if you disturb it, we two immediately finished!" DeLong said, Askar quickly nodded, a two body, we wait for this king woke up. Been after a two hour, King began to slowly wake up snoring. King! King! "DeLong carefully tentative said. After a while, which only came hoarse and commanding voice, "What!" "King, we have something important to announce his" said DeLong respectful. The "What Events!" Then, the black hole suddenly lights up two red giant red light, at the same time a huge energy burst, as a mountain. Acre and I found a space tunnel into the star field of human monk from the demon world! "DeLong direct reporting channel. "What!" Green Jiao Wang a, suddenly surprised, and then a shaking of the ground, a huge head sticking out from inside a black hole, head the above QingMianLaoYa, Qiu shall disheveled, eyes shot red really amazing endless. Head with two horns, a symbol of the king. Askar a look, to suddenly almost limp, "you say find a space tunnel leading to the human monks? Where? Quick to take me to!" Green Jiao Wang suddenly drink. "Yes!" DeLong make a wink, by Askar channeling in front, to flee to the black space in the direction of the tunnel with green Kau dynasty. <

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