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18.05.2013 08:34
but they figure in the place antworten

To investigate the senior leadership in the province, even if not ostentatious, more low-key, but they figure in the place, the situation will not be the natural small. When the leadership team in the Xu Zhengqing family courtyard door stop, and soon got down from the car and a lot of people. Xu students this is out to meet, but he stood at the door, when the leaders of the town, soon to be a crowd I do not know which corner to. Dong Houtao is now the official home of the West provincial governor, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, is the last party congress later from a governor of Zhejiang Province airborne over head hung, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee of the title, is a closed family more prominent figures. This time because the summit forum for Asia, but the industrial exhibition hall but at the crucial moment is wrong, because Dong Houtao was transferred to the west, the time is not long, the thing with, so after an emergency meeting of the provincial Party committee, he took a few people came to the state ning. Ning is the western province of heavy industrial pilot city, in the western province status is very important, he borrowed this to investigate the situation of industrial development, Ning Ning Zhou, also want to take this opportunity to seek to solve the problem of peak venue, but he stayed here for two days, there is no good solution, is a headache for this matter. Unexpectedly, this morning, provincial Party committee of the old single personally phoned him, says Ning, a young man may be a way to solve this problem, but can not contact, please contact me with his party, the young man found. Dong Houtao at first hearing is a young man may have a way to solve the problem of experts will be at a loss what to do, or some questions. But at present there is no good way to solve the problem, from the summit of the time getting closer, Asian countries representative immediately come study hall and security issues, the central also urged a few back, provincial difficulties and pressure. So now Dong Houtao is not so much, if the young people can really solve the problem, he would personally go to and why? So Dong Houtao early in the morning to the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the mayor explained after the sound, by the municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Hong, mayor Zhao Yanming and deputy mayor Luo Likai, delegation composition, main leadership, after to the public security bureau to find Xu Zhengqing home, a pedestrian hurried to the Guan Yang Zhen. Governor arrived,Madison Coach Cheap, Secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor, deputy mayor, accompanied by the leadership, ass, nature also less, like the ministries and agencies, the City Public Security Bureau, industry secretary, Minister of organization, government office director, television director, reporter, director Yang Town Xingqing District Secretary, warden...... These leaders also in behind. The scene at least hundreds of people, so that the police guard at the periphery of the Guan Yang town people see enough excitement, there were many discussions.,Kristin Coach Bags, don't know director Xu home what happened, there's so many senior leaders to. And in these leadership after getting off, the mayor and deputy mayor Li Yang eyes as using cement, one one forward cordial handshake welcome. But they just hold to the boss Xingqing District Secretary and deputy mayor level, stop, people can not lead them to. Zhang Hong of secretary of municipal Party committee and mayor Zhao Yanming simply >

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