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afraid of the following antworten

> Chapter 425: Peak City back to the flame City, Wan Qing take the initiative to give up further than pool cloud-lan know not YE Feng opponent, will no longer participate in the contest. The WWW quanBEn, COM vice Santo go back announced that the the flame the Castellan fall, because the flame Santo long funerary front, others have no objections, Vice Santo boarded the lord of the place, to become the city's new flame Santo. And he knew the strength of YE Feng, YE Feng announced another main city on behalf of the flame Santo and purple agate Star Peak City on behalf of the game, YE Feng has lived in the flame Santo Santo palace to live down, at the same time constantly in the fire spirit secret territory practice, waiting for and Peak Your City showdown. This day, Feng Ye just finished practice, intended to breathe out and suddenly see the top of the main hall, the Wan Qing pool and cloud-lan two people sitting watching the sunset in the distance. The two chat, I suddenly saw YE Feng, they both fly down. YE Feng, your practice is over! "Wan Qing said, grinning. YE Feng smiled and nodded. "Yeah, you two how to sit on the roof is not ...... pool cloud Lan's face flashed a trace of embarrassment, Wan Qing face with a pink," Which do you want to go, the two of us just want to chat Chat, afraid of the following people, was sitting on the roof. "Oh Well!" YE Feng is no puncture chuckled. "Yes, YE Feng, a few days and the representatives of the Peak City to play it, come on! I support you!" Wan Qing laughed. YE Feng nodded, "Yes, do not know can not play." "Do not worry, your strength, willing to Dili no problem!" Wan Qing said, with a smile on his face, since that longevity the temple line, Wan Qing Feng Ye a lot of goodwill, but YE Feng Wu Chi, but also heard him say already have a wife,Air Jordan Son Of Mars, so she was not close to. "You have any plans, would not have been left the city in flames!" YE Feng asked. "We Wan Qing slightly ponder, and then a little sigh, said:" I'm going to go with him to continue practicing until the repair of progress has been made, then back to the planet I was born, looking for my sect, when a Presbyterian worship where I think is also very good. "YE Feng looked to see Chi Yun Lan, pool cloud-lan, dry cough twice, did not speak, YE Feng smiled," Well, yes, I support this idea! out of practice for a long time, roots! "Oh, ah!" Wan Qing nodded, "But we go, will be watching your game before you go!" very nice of you! "...... leave two, YE Feng rolled out, and then again back to the fire spirit secret territory. A week later, the of flame City and Peak City game is the start, and later to discuss for a while, decided to organize competitions in the Peak City, this YE Feng also have no objection to, and then, a large number of monks of flame City is mighty towards the Peak City backdrop Peak City prepared a place to stay for the monks of flame City. With a large number of monks went to Xiao Ling City, YE Feng far to see layers of white clouds, a huge floating island suspended in the air, a layer of blue mask enveloped the entire Santo, a seat white and cyan building clouds across the floating island, in the sunshine, emitting a bright light, like silver. YE Feng is the first time to see such a building, suddenly the hearts surprised,Air Jordan Store, did not think there is such a main city, built in a void above. The fly getting closer, he saw the amazing island building a seat circle use very mature, many Flame city monks filed into the room, to the inside, YE Feng found this Peak City is also very clean and tidy, without the slightest dirty and messy, people feel very comfortable, see the flame city monks came the Peak City many monks came out to watch. Monks of the flame City is arranged in a huge residential area, YE Feng game players, so separate arrangements in a room, the room is well-made, which is very rich aura, making it the fastest YE Feng the speed of return to top form. YE Feng spent three days in this state adjusted to the best. During Peak City of Santo came to visit YE Feng, the Peak City Santo is a few extra pounds monks, strength also Kokonoe interim, walking gait is very light, a look that is the speed of the master, and Feng Ye a few pleasantries, repeatedly praised Feng Ye young and promising, and finally an aquamarine glowing pearl in the room, YE Feng, this glowing pearl refreshing effect, was the first time I saw YE Feng gifts. Feng Ye will not decline, this was in the room, Sure enough, glowing pearl will emit at night Biguang slight waves of fresh air flows from the inside out, YE Feng refreshing whole person. the spirit of a lot. This morning, YE Feng from the practice room to come out, flame city of Santo already and so on in the outside, he knew the strength of YE Feng, YE Feng full of confidence. Feng Ye, you work hard, the Peak City to your strength, can certainly win, what I have learned. Your opponent is not the Peak City monk, a foreign monks, strength of the powerful was the deadliest battle by taking the offensive as long as you take advantage of the speed, you can win the final victory, I believe in your strength! "flame city of Santo smiled, YE Feng said. Feng Ye hear, did not mind, his strength, and really look at the entire the jacinth stars, few people can play too, so do not care who we're playing, and he nodded his head, thanks to flame Santo good intentions. Finally, the flame many of the city surrounded by monks, YE Feng came to the Peak City Square, this square is the the Peak City Centre Square, the above has been placed a meter radius of the ring, covered with a red ground paving around already The sea of ​​people, with YE Feng is surrounded came suddenly noisy crowd. YE Feng step by step onto the ring, looking around the sky, white clouds floating in the distance can faintly see the ground below, waves of strong winds blowing over from the surrounding, YE Feng robes volume dances. Distance a monk, pairs of eyes looked curious Feng Ye. "Well, brother, you say YE Feng win or Peak City on behalf of the cold heart will win?" Next to him, a monk asked some curious monks, seems to want to bet the same. "I look at this situation, I am afraid YE Feng is going to lose, did not seen cold heart do?" Dignified man said: "Among other things, the strength of that cold heart is no trivial matter, not the general monks than I seen him once, but this time, enough to lifetime. that strength, high, you see a body can trembling, a surge of pressure lunged like seeing God as shocking. " bar, but also high in such a way "that monks seems that some do not believe. "Nonsense, I lie to you to do, while he's, you know, YE Feng looks strength is also good, but lost a lot of momentum, often fighting between the master, the momentum has a decisive role, both The monks level of strength, momentum is completely exposed. "This monk looks very knowledgeable said. "Well, let it out, strength is not strong a dozen on the look out!" One monk looked YE Feng said. YE Feng and so on for a while in the middle, see today's weather is good, do not worry, he found powerful, like a lot of mind of the whole person, and is not always unstable mood, and now to enhance the strength of what do not care about. And so on for a while, YE Feng suddenly saw the periphery of monks have noisy, it seems that there are people to, after he saw the happy event have to give way, and then, YE Feng felt an majestic atmosphere from that look to pass to his mouth can not help but evoke a smile. Judging only from the atmosphere, the strength has been by no means general monks than certainly a master, a long time no hands, YE Feng hand, some expect. Soon, YE Feng see automatically separated from the crowd, a monk in his eyes slowly, this tall and slender, a fire red hair, robust action steps came to the stage, and YE Feng opposite straight stand, looking at YE Feng. A red tunic, sharp eyes, faint revealing an intention to kill, YE Feng him sniff out the evil in the air, like a huge Wicked stood before him, not the general monks comparable , this person should be outside year round practice, a sharp murderous attack and flame Santo said to keep very consistent, and can feel this powerful internal forces, the speed apparently not weak. The strength of this man, worthy of a master-class. If YE Feng probably feel some trouble, for him it does not matter, not to mention his "Big Five Gang Grimoire" to the second layer, Single said he is now eight heavy strength, it has been extremely Guards the. YE Feng, who looked at the cold eyes burst. "You are?" YE Feng Ye Feng nodded his head. "Yes." "I heard you beat the Magic in the purple Imperial monks? Is not it?" This cold heart of a murderous, but not in a hurry. YE Feng nodded his head. "Yes!" "Hey, that your strength should be very good! But do not think you kill monks Magic is very powerful, I practice outside to kill Modao monks fun!" Cold heart looked Feng Ye , it seems that some ridicule. Feng Ye do not mind, nodded his head, "Well, it seems you very much!" Cold heart sound hollow laugh. "In general, but enough to beat you!" Feng Ye see Kokonoe strength, and smiled, "Well! Moment we broke know." "I know it must have stunt, or else a mere eight heavy impossible now strength, while broke, you can directly display their most powerful stunt so that we both do not have to waste time, you say it is not! "cold heart talk only filled with arrogance taste,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK Sale, YE Feng some unhappy, but he did not say anything. "Good!" YE Feng heart sneer, his face still indifferent. Watch the game outside the monks also have whispering, the two give lessons, sitting high platform flame City and Peak City senior monk looked at the ring YE Feng and cold heart, smiling, laughing that Peak Santo strange He looked at look indifferent Feng Ye, his eyes flashed a conspiracy light. YE Feng Feng Ye, this time you do not plant me your name! "Peak Santo extra padding on the face with the slightest sneer. As the referee monks gave the gong. YE Feng and cold heart start of the race. YE Feng hand-held standing, there is no trace of the slightest shot, cold heart mouth evoke a hint of sneer, Bao He soon, "arrogant!" Voice hardly ever, the whole person to turn into a red light appeared momentarily YE Feng him, then shot directly , a powerful energy rapidly crest out as a strange snakes generally channeling. YE Feng when he went up to him soon at each other before suddenly shot, the hands of lightning AIDS around, and suddenly a split, a powerful lightning instantly sprang the enormous energy turned into electrical Dragon, a burst of bright purple light, the moment hit and cold heart. "Bang" Bao Xiang, cold heart is fried enormous energy back Baotui, suddenly enraged, and then the body flash, and Feng Ye two are mixed together immediately, a Unit of the powerful waves of energy instantly enveloped around, "bang bang bang" They first played against in an instant reached a fevered pitch before the energy suddenly enveloped the entire space, a Unit powerful energy like a flock flood ** fly towards the four red spectators outside can not see inside, only to see numerous energy gas wave and dazzling light group exploding. YE Feng single waved his hand and the hands of Thor the epee suddenly appear, and then a powerful burst of energy in the epee, Promise Ray network coverage around instantly, with the strength rose YE Feng, display their induction Ray also let scared endless, the of a Road powerful electric dragon back and forth in the mine network feicuan, huge amounts of energy with a powerful impact, and instantly enveloped the space. "Bang" Promise Ray network sudden contraction, and then fast crowding the space, hit go toward the heart of the cold, cold heart arms show, suddenly a loud shout, the body suddenly fled the colorful light, colorful color enveloped his body, his body rapidly cohesion, turned into a road blade, cold heart arms again a split, then countless Blade crazy gush, cast and YE Feng Promise Ray network instant hit with huge the energy burst out like a tsunami surging toward all sides. YE Feng legs lightning shine, the whole body turned into a condor the instant energy wave break out, toward the the cold heart feicuan away, cold heart just cast out of a move, I did not expect so YE Feng speed fast, caught off guard, YE Feng beat up to play the Wang Chu inverted toward the outside feicuan, cold heart hearts surprised, and teeth, functioning body energy, the whole body down under, "bang", about to fly off the edge when forced to fly it on the ground of the ring. <

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