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18.05.2013 08:29
to the bank account to Xu Linyuan antworten

To clarify, the housing problem for Apple 4 please don't talk, the book that mentioned in chapter two words, so I'm not going to change, also a vest, also no need to discuss it, absolutely not white, you don't have to worry about TJ problem, in addition to warn people, please don't misunderstand some words in the book chapters and district mislead the reader that I am that write, people can not afford this was deliberately misrepresent rhetoric against flattery, finally thank 'octopus' brother' WOWFER 'rewards!...... The friend Liu Haiyang mediated Chao is silver jewelry home furnishing decoration materials, is taking the high-end route. Other do not say, is that they are building materials city out of the store, it is elegant, one account, the shining floor, can shake the flower people eyes. Xu Linyuan was received by a man about forty years old, the dress is exquisite, works with a British aristocracy Butler style, treats people also talk is very decent, filling gentleman. Because it is in advance of both good contact each other, so the name,Kristin Coach Sale, the name of the man Biyue directly with Xu Linyuan to their warehouse. Warehouse covers an area of large, the inside of the cargo is very neat, later Qing Yuan, up, is still very small, several workers also clothing neat, mental outlook is very good, they after Qing Yuan, stop, just driving dress truck on standby, ready to unload the goods. More than a ton of silver and three tons of copper no clear yuan, much work, only Xu Linyuan and Biyue talking Kung Fu, was unloaded down, look at those handling workers a see things in a blur, they did not know when how cargo is unloaded, it was the pile of silver. The blinded eyes. Biyue seems to be in regular contact with gold and silver, took a piece of silver brick just saw one eye, and purity is good, on the electronic said above said, this just nodded with satisfaction, and the copper he just saw several eyes, nodded his head and let the workers loading weighing. I just spent ten minutes or so, the silver and copper by test weighing after Biyue statistics, the total, calculated directly in a calculator on the total amount, just way: "Mr. Xu, 925 silver recovery price of 5.8 yuan per gram, 1420 kg a total amount of 8236000 yuan, in addition you these copper are. Good copper, purchase price of 60500 yuan per ton,Nike Jordan After Game UK, 3.13 tons of total 189365 yuan,Coach Online Outlet, your final transaction for 8425365 yuan!" Biyue very readily, after the calculation of the total, to the bank account to Xu Linyuan, just a phone call, do not have to about ten minutes, his mobile phone receives the short information, bank card account for 8420000, this money earn just like robbing a bank. But thought, milling machine, drilling machine, punching machine, high pressure forging bed, multifunctional five axis linkage CNC machine tools and so on, these machines, chemical equipment, ion combination machine, biochip, etc....... What are the same as the hundreds of thousands to millions of unequal, even there is no technology can reach the manufacturing requirements, manufacturing to make hydrogen of coke refining equipment, this silver is still not enough. "

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