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the eyes of the monster waves antworten

> Chapter 413: the bottom of the lake a big fuss everyone took off, and soon saw the following intensive flame city building, a lot of flame City monks have sky looked, because the strength of the 16 individuals is simply too strong, fugitive out the atmosphere is also very alarming, in the air, as the mountains fly past, shocking. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM quickly, with increasing height, Feng Ye see the the following faint ring of flame ports, flame City is getting smaller and smaller, and finally until you can not see. Huge volcano is like a monster bowed to the ground, towering tall, the hearts of people shocked. A pedestrian under the leadership of the flames Santo, all the way to South-east flight fly half-day, and fold toward the southwest fly, and later directed the two directions. Which makes the hearts of all men have some strange, why do not you go in one direction, chosen to turn for the better in several directions, which of course is the reason of the flame Santo, he did go a long temple, in fact, according to the landmark go, not according to the direction of each time to see a landmark, and then began to turn the direction, of course, this is to prevent people from tracking them for a good several directions if you can still see suspicious monks, he will direct shot. The crowd followed flame Santo flight all the way, YE Feng side of the flight and enjoy the landscape of purple agate star. Jacinth stars in general is very desolate, the whole planet is basically nothing biological, always a large a large purple soil, there are a large number of ring mountains, but these purple soil wind direction because for many years, making them showing each variety shape the ever-changing variety of monster Pentium, very majestic, to Feng Ye can not help but lamented Mother Nature. Period still on the ground to see a few very strange monster, many of these monster will drill holes, see Feng Ye they feel is dangerous, can directly place a hole to dig into, this is actually the jacinth Star demon beast of shared values, because the the jacinth star intense storms often occur, rolled up purple soil, very strong destructive power, if not holes, it certainly would not live long. Feng Ye a wonder why there is no water,Coach Bags Online, but soon, with the flame Santo, they soon saw a huge swamps. This is a deep blue of the Great Lakes, said the Great Lakes, in fact, into the sea No non-color, like a sapphire, and purple land a great gap, some bright spots, this Great Lakes growing close to it, has become increasingly broad and vast. Flame Santo led the rapid flight toward the inside of the Great Lakes, and soon sight of land, near and far are an ocean, blue blue, can not see marginal. They fly all the way inside, ran into a burst of intense turbulence, so height has also been reduced. Flight in the crowd close to the lake, suddenly, YE Feng feel a huge pressure blowing, he suddenly shocked suddenly lock eyes look, this pressure even from the lake, apparently there are terrorist monster, he immediately suddenly lifting height. While at the same time, the Great Lakes Bi blue beneath them suddenly black, and then a huge shadow appeared from the inside out, and the water rapidly chaos, otherwise calm lake suddenly mess up. YE Feng has raised the height, other talents found this monster struck a rushed pulled. But some late, suddenly showing on the lake from the Great Lakes a Xuepentaikou, a powerful suction at the same time, the powerful storm suddenly they pull down, that is full of fangs in Xuepentaikou the suction directly from the surface of the water jump out and bite up toward the sky, YE Feng fly early, out of the danger zone, he saw this thing seems to be a big fish, but only one mouth accounted for half body, black body covered with a chilled scales. Eyes red red strange light. "Ah ~ ~ ~" scream, the 31-year-old woman because the action slow, unable to control the direction of the wind suction directly, a burst of chaotic pendulum, then closed mouth and fangs. "Plop" sound, Hawaii suddenly opened his mouth into the air a bite, then Zala into the water, sparking a huge waves smashed into a mountain, splashing waves were enough to have more than ten meters high. Hawaii fall into the public personnel have looked at the sea, for fear of this thing out. "Go!" Flame Santo roar, the lead turned into a fire red fly the other many dancing, followed rapidly in one direction feicuan. Wait until after the danger has passed, the crowd a frowning or pale, obviously scared, I did not expect them, and have not shot one person had been eaten. The woman really died poor, the adventure even surface did not see already fed Hawaii. But with this woman a lesson these young elites have only accidentally, began to understand askew Santo before to say, there is full of unknown dangers, "unimaginable" words truly profound and accurate. The flame City Buildings primary and secondary Santo said nothing, after all, for the monks, fall is almost commonplace, can only say that she was as good as dead it would not wronged die here. Flight along the way, they did not speak, but the atmosphere is more gloomy than ever before. Fly nearly half a day later, they suddenly found in the Great Lakes is a small island, as dazzling as the blue gem gold. "Here!" Led spoke flame Santo falls directly on the island. They also rained on the island, YE Feng looked at the surrounding environment, this island is not the slightest sign of life, only the black rocks, the strong winds blowing from the lake breeze, a whining sound. Everyone falls on the island, began marching toward the inside, the island windy, blowing everyone robes fluttering, all the way to follow went in the other direction of the island, followed by flame Santo, on the ground Hill found a stone them arrow. Flame Santo looked slightly consider, will be facing the crowd, said: "Now, we want to enter the sea, where I prepared to avoid the drops." Distributed a small blue beads said to the people, " in your mouth! "YE Feng looked at the Great Lakes, did not expect the flame City is the main place to go even in the bottom of the lake, it seems that this place is indeed unusual unusual. They have to avoid the drops in your mouth, and then follow the flame Santo went to the bottom of the lake, step by step, when they go to the following, around the body of the lake is naturally separately, and then as they enter the water, their bodies around of the lake are separated, or the formation of a large blisters around their bodies, enveloped them inside. Into the lake, Feng Ye see this lake scenery is very beautiful, lifeless look from the outside of the Great Lakes, when you cruising in which you can see a beautiful picture, fish continue to swim in the water channeling group of a group, in the light of the shining reflection waves of silver light, there are all sorts of strange fish swim around them, every person in this group of human monk shrouded in bubbles, and let the fish also was not frightened. As the depth increases, light, dark, original and beautiful scenery has become increasingly dark and gloomy. When everyone is all the way toward the depths of the lake bottom feicuan Suddenly, a huge shadow enveloped them, Like a mountain, they suddenly shocked, looked up and saw a foot several hundred meters long monster from their heads upstream channeling the past, but fortunately does not attack this monster, if an evil beasts, I am afraid that these people had to put an end here. "Be careful, the adder out!" Flame Santo front face behind the crowd, said, flash the same time with one hand, edged strange black fork appear in the hands, many have resorted to instruments used YE Feng Raytheon epee resorted to fly forward, follow the crowd. Along the way, they encountered a few monster, but fortunately these monster may feel that mankind is too small, not enough teeth, and there is no attack. In this way, all the way to near misses, the crowd followed flame Santo came to the bottom of the lake, the lake is very dim, only ray ray fiber through to long before the flame Santo do to prepare, so they have pulled out luminous beads , luminous beads glow with a bright light shining on the bottom of the lake, and if you look around the bottom of the lake is a sand, occasionally there are some plants floating on the white sand. "Follow me!" Floating the flame the Castellan around two glowing pearl, issue a soft light, look for a moment at the bottom of the lake, saw a large black stone, flame Santo seems to have found a direction, so hello everyone. The crowd began to parade in the bottom of the lake, toward the the gloomy front of forward. The bottom of the lake is very quiet, not a shred of sound, only they figure slowly forward, they now face tight, because there is too quiet, tremendous pressure and flew into the hearts of everyone, is like walking on the edge of hell same. YE Feng walked side wary of looking around, feel the bottom of the lake is full of danger, from time to time to see the mysterious fish fleeting, YE Feng always feel that they are eyeing what the dark the bottom of the lake do not know the potential Wicked For the Wicked foreign strangers, or food, for the only year-round survival here Wicked, before the battle had already been located. YE Feng group of monks is not an ordinary monk, the atmosphere has been revealed a very strong feeling, so many evil one hidden in the darkness looking at, but did not dare to easily up hands. In this way, walk all the way, YE Feng found that at least 30 bulls evil eye on them, but they are not worried, after all, the Wicked is not their opponents. All the way in the bottom of the lake road, soon, they went into the bottom of the lake in the pit, the pit or basin is more suitable, because the circle around the Highlands are from here, they will continue to go down the . The sand on the ground is very soft when stepping on silent. Them all the way to feel more and more dull embarked suddenly came around I heard chirping. This soon, chirping is very clear, immediately pass into the ears of everyone, so many are wary of them. "Everyone in a circle!" Flame Santo suddenly screaming other monks rapid polymerization, and then surrounded by a circle on the ground, have hand-held instruments used, be wary of looking around. "Creak ~" a cry of chirping, the sound seems to come from the top left, everyone immediately looked toward the upper left, I saw the dark, a red red things flying toward the side, like a crimson color big eyes, because the bottom of the lake is very dark, so only the eyes is very prominent, shiny. Inferred from this huge eyes, the other is certainly a very large body of the Wicked. Ready to fight in the crowd, red eyes suddenly stuck in the air, and the monks, as it does not advance nor retreat. "Creak" is a scream, a huge red red eyes suddenly flashed toward the level feicuan. Seems to attack. And everyone looked nervous red red eyes, YE Feng found a trace of a strange place, in this eye movement, faint flash of light, and did not see any huge shadow, which means that , this guy's body may not, and he also sensed the ground seems to have some trembling. In the ground! "YE Feng reflect, instant confirmation, and then the body is suddenly up channeling, screaming" below! "His voice faded, otherwise calm and soft sand sultry burst open, dozens of black the linear thing toward them have feicuan the over, dense,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, YE Feng Gang channeling up, black-line has been wrapped in his place, but fortunately he feicuan early, but others were not so lucky. all the rest of the monks wrapped in layers of linear thing, at the same time a great deal of energy is a sudden outbreak of family members along the lake toward the crowd shot go. Enveloped by numerous black line wrapped all the monks have to display their means, and suddenly waves Baoxiang burst out from the black line, although surrounded by a black line, but because earlier they had been huddled in a circle, these black lines accounted for less than a much cheaper, public master a play, hit into a stalemate. YE Feng already jumped into the above, he looked below, this monster seems like something of a starfish, the body was covered with sand, numerous black line was very fast from the five tentacle-like things sprang. The monster seems to feel the black line did not play the role of the body suddenly doubled, the whole body rolled up, the sand and the monks rice dumplings wrapped up, because the first black line harassment, and this monster itself giant, these basic monks have not had time to leave is wrapped up. YE Feng, seen from above, this monster's body are surrounded by spikes, wrapped up, directly form the shape of a hedgehog, six red eyes are glowing red light red Feng Ye see on top of it, there is a small round thing in flight, emit red light, apparently this is their mistaken for something big eyes of the monster. YE Feng angry, whole body suddenly slipped, water resistance is not small, but still fast rushed to the front of this thing, and then in the hands of Raytheon's epee slipped, "shabu" is heard, a Bingjian instant injection things feel under attack, a look, suddenly scared screamed and fled necessary to, but not yet sprang far YE Feng injection Bingjian moment wearing a cool. YE Feng is no reason why cast a Ray Properties spell, because the depths of the water, trying to lightning larger water attack efficiency is very low, so it launched a water property attacks. Kill this thing, Feng Ye see that has been wrapped into a big ball monster body constant expansion and contraction, it seems that there is fierce fighting occurred, YE Feng wanted to come to, flame Santo group of people is no easy feat, even if wrapped up, can also not be easy to solve, so he did not hurry to sell. Sure enough, after a while, that monster body expansion contraction of more and more powerful, the eyes of the monster waves flash, obviously it feels very painful. "Bang". Finally, that monster's body suddenly burst open black blood and body fragments toward the four shot burst, suddenly sprang to cause countless monsters lurking in the darkness, fighting for the pieces to eat, and the flame Santo they have for a light has sprang to look and do not have much cause illness, only a few young monks are scared pale, especially girls named Wan Qing. YE Feng body flash and landed in front of them. Flame Santo looked YE Feng appreciated nodded, but did not speak. He looked around and did not seem to be affected much, they shouted, "after careful, go!" Then took the lead and walked toward the center of the basin, the crowd followed him go inside. Several young monk glanced Feng Ye a, but did not speak, it touches the the Wanqing girl Feng Ye reveal a pale smile. After this war, they are wary of the lot, cautiously forward,Air Jordan 10, spent two hour's time, finally reached the center of the pelvic floor. Flame Santo went to Central, immediately took out four glowing pearl, these glowing pearl dispersed, seems to want to find what. Soon, with the dispersion of glowing pearl, soft waves Guanghua towards spread out on all sides, the original black bottom of the lake also becomes brighter. So all the people, when they see the following, suddenly one shocked. At this point, the bottom of the lake through the light of glowing pearl, you can see a faint huge formation, complex pattern, while the thick sand submerged, but can still see traces of shallow, this matrix method pattern leaves Feng glanced because he absorbed Front Road heritage, Front Road is a genuine master, to see this matrix method turned out to be ancient large array. Has lost more than 10,000 years of ancient large array. Large array enough to have over one hundred meters radius, lying on the bottom of the lake, quiet accept mottled time in millions of years, waiting for his descendants open. <

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