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Feng without the slightest antworten

> Chapter 403: the realm enhance Feng Ye hear purple Imperial main say, suddenly eyes reveal a trace of vigilance. The WWW! QUANBen! Com addicts need to fear, since I dare say it, naturally sincere. "Purple Imperial master said sincerely. YE Feng nodded his head. The fellow said this to do. "I saw the repair for the state of Yedao You stopped at a four-fold, but the strength is already Kokonoe over clock, only to find realm of addicts delays, two pubic region related and I think the fellow certainly want to enhance the state as soon as! but now this opportunity only! "Purple Imperial lowered his voice and said:" Coincidentally, I have here just to help enhance the state a number of drugs, since that can help to fellow, do not know the Friends of Ken refused to let me help? "YE Feng was silent for a while, did not speak. In fact, he heard purple Imperial Lord say so, my mind a glimmer of hope, although his strength improved significantly, for the realm enhance enhance feel does not matter, but in fact the heart is also thinking about early breakthrough, after all, the strength of and the realm of two things, reach higher conveniently slide to enhance a lot of things, and often with unexpected changes, and now he quadruple challenge Kokonoe early, then to 78 weight, may be able to challenge Kokonoe pinnacle, even critical point ten heavy. If you do not enhance the state, I am afraid that some repair later on want to improve hampered. But he has been to no avail, do not know why the delay can not raise the purple Imperial main say this, hearts he'd want to give birth, there is no direct refusal, but he is a naturally cautious person died once he already will be smart a lot, although this condition excellent opportunities hard to come by, but he still did not hastily promised the matter. To see YE Feng said no, purple Imperial Lord knows to what Feng Ye concerns, he said sincerely: "Yedao You, your contribution to the purple Imperial, we will not forget, I did purple Imperial no objection to the monks, so please you believe us, we fully well-intentioned. "YE Feng nodded," Okay. "difficult, I lived here for a few days well." "Oh, good "Purple the main Imperial hear YE Feng promised, they wreathed in smiles, and behind the right way the monks also a joy up. They then purple Imperial palace of the Lord YE Feng arranged to live a quiet and beautiful small courtyard, then YE Feng will live down here, and purple Imperial main they began to prepare Help YE Feng impact enhance the state all the necessary human and material resources. The days that followed, YE Feng here a constant stream of people came to call on, YE Feng bite the bullet and reception, and a few days later he told purple Imperial Lord himself bear to disturb purple Imperial Lord released Do not disturb leaf The front of the command, after a few days will be quiet and more. Forced to participate in the General Assembly of the Purple Imperial City monks to thank him for his open during YE Feng, a short period and following numerous monks met for a few seconds, the lower the monks have bowed down, YE Feng flattered, even said not dare. These things busy, YE Feng finally quiet down, to find time to practice meditation, especially to enhance the realm of the "Big Five Gang Grimoire upgrade. Three days later, everything is ready, YE Feng room meditation, purple Imperial Lord came. "Feng Ye Daoyou, everything is ready, we passed!" Purple Imperial Lord sees YE Feng is meditation, they cautioned. YE Feng opened his eyes and nodded his head, followed by purple Imperial main two walked toward the Purple Imperial Lord's Basilica Santo, Santo Basilica, there are four people waiting, four people everyone can wear The clothes are not the same,Coach Classic Bags, black-and-white red, yellow, four colors, Feng Ye see the strength of the four channels are God Yaesu strength, three men and a woman, the look has been waiting a long time. Purple Imperial Feng Ye went over to the Lord cometh, that four YE Feng bend and worship, "seen leaf seniors!" YE Feng in return. "YE Feng Daoyou, four, I specifically attracted Chuangong monks that can help you enhance the state!" Purple Imperial the main pointing to these and said, Ye Feng nodded his head, he knew some more forces but repair off than lower, they will spend heavily than their high repair the monks to help them enhance the state, of course, can not always succeed, but can also greatly enhance the probability of break through the bottleneck. Of course, this also consume a lot of things on the transmission power of the master. It was Feng Ye purple Imperial significant contribution, which makes the purple Imperial owners are willing to find so many experts to help enhance the state, but to see how some strange, YE Feng repair than they, but they need to to help break through the realm. The after four and YE Feng awareness, purple Imperial main personally led five and walked toward a small wing of the Basilica of the vice-YE Feng looked into is a very simple wing, a bed, a tables, several adopted son, a desk would be finished, and it looks like year-round clean look. Purple Imperial City main went in, went to the side of the wall below, to take open calligraphy will be hung on the wall, and then with one hand in a particular place by a little, suddenly, in the space surrounding the moment more than a quirky red fire pattern , after the the Purple Imperial main silently reciting a few, this pattern is changing a few, after they disappeared directly, this pattern disappears after three or four seconds, that the original smooth stone walls instantly faint show a transfer mouth, waves of light blue light shine. Purple Imperial Lord said: "Come in!" YE Feng did not hesitate, advanced directly into the other five individuals have to go in, enter, YE Feng found a tunnel, the tunnel which is full of shining the light of the bits and pieces, the end of the tunnel, shining red light red. Purple Imperial master went up to him and said: "This is our purple Imperial forbidden, and most people can not come in, this place is called 'Purple Spirit fire environment', but the first generation of Purple Imperial City main practice has now become our holy places and off-limits, every three years, only repair is amazing, gifted young monks to come to practice, this time in order to enhance the state to the fellow, I made an exception open. "Feng Ye side thanks to side Down the back, feel the space around the temperature slowly improved, more and more hot. Obviously, this "Purple Spirit fire environment is a fire properties gathering place, In general, the gathering place for the fire properties yuan force reach higher planes have a lot of help, often because the fire properties yuan force to the greatest degree Reduce the environment to break through the bottleneck when a stable environment for the break through the bottleneck is crucial. Six people quickly ran across the tunnel, placed in front of Feng Ye, is a huge space, the following is plump magma and fire properties began with the entire space is very hot, full of fire properties of elements force, above the magma and fire properties began, Feng Ye see suspended in a huge fire spar compass, the compass carved in accordance with the pattern of the Nine-palace gossip,Nike Air Jordan, the eight surface there suspensions fire spar beads, trace of the wire of Mao Chuhuo of properties spiritual power, fire spar compass center, a Jade Terrace in,Coach Bags Outlet, apparently ready for washed off, space, waves of hot air swept. "Here is the first generation of Purple Imperial City main cultivation place after the first generation of purple imperial city of the Lord came to this planet, this is still pretty barren piece around the beast Wicked grow not many monks were attacked, Purple Emperor The city is just a wilderness, but a chance, the first generation Purple Imperial City main found this place, we practice here, the final breakthrough to uh shut tight, powerful demon slayer achievements fame, and thus as the basis Purple Imperial City. followed by purple Imperial continued to expand gradually to its present size, here is a rare treasure, and this will certainly be able to assist his fellow break through the bottleneck! "Purple Imperial Lord while introducing, while said. Feng Ye see here, the hearts of more than a glimmer of hope. "Ye Daoyou, to the time you sit down at that Jade stage, the four Chuangong monks sitting in the four directions, I start a big fuss, to help you, time or long or short, as short as three to five hour, as long as one week, during every second possible breakthrough. so not slack relax. "Purple Imperial main Road. YE Feng nodded, "Well, this Yemou or know of." Said four other people are in place, ready to go YE Feng, purple Imperial Lord cried: "Daoyou Wait a minute, there are some spirit the grass cure-not to the fellow. "spoke from his arms pulled out a four Kodama box, and then open the first, YE Feng suddenly surprised a moment. , "Xingyuan grass?" This is to help you break through the bottleneck star grass, Purple Imperial City in the possession of one, I took out, in addition to avoid drops of water, the two together, you can significantly may enhance break through the bottleneck. "Then purple Imperial Lord opened another box, which is a light blue beads. "These two together for your first layer breakthrough, after fellow there may be attached to break through the second layer from five break through to the six-story, I have here a dragon's liver and Feng Jing soul, for from time to time the need! "said the purple Imperial main other two open, there is a golden yellow solid, sparkling, Occupant, the other is a fire red crystal, which you can see a faint only crimson Phoenix Spirit feicuan the the very mysterious. The two can be said are very rare good baby. Feng Ye see, suddenly the hearts of joy. Grateful and said: "Santo come up with such a heavy gift, really I was flattered ah!" "Do not say that, no Yedao You, we should all have these things away to the Magic crowd, not to mention these things, is to come up with the baby of the city I also willingly! "Purple Imperial Master said with a look of pride. Feng Ye hear the hearts of endless emotion, "Purple Imperial main is really a sense of justice and pride, admire!" "Ha ha! Each other each other, YE Feng addicts Haoqiganyun, I also admire the" Purple Imperial City main laughed. YE Feng the first Star yuan grass and avoid the drops with the disc sit down at the table, and then begin to instill the gas, the gas within the systemic circulation along the meridians, star yuan grass and avoid drops of water began to slowly float to the YE Feng's side above the surrounding YE Feng rotation. "Well, now open to the large array!" Purple Imperial City main sound to remind himself a flash, he went to a carved with a dragons building before, press toward the dragon body, systemic gas quickly Teng wound up, along the arms directly poured into the body of the dragons. Suddenly, the dragons originally closed eyes suddenly opened, and a yellow light sprang directly from the eyes, then turned into a powerful burst of energy, the fast fired into the top of a bead sub otherwise dim bead sub- almost spent, and waves of yellow light emitted from the bead sub-space expansion burst of energy, and that energy is like fire as quickly and expands outward from the beads, and soon a light has space flows out toward the fire spar compass save shot eight directions. With the firelight shining fire spar compass, began to shine from the waves of red light red, the entire space of the heat began to rise rapidly, the energy of waves of red light in space to feicuan back and forth, almost the entire space squeeze full. While of Feng Ye and four Chuangong, monks figure also completely shrouded in the inside, can not see anything. Purple Imperial master disk to do the position of the main array, while responsible for maintaining the circle operation, while the circle began to adjust. Time is of the past, the heat rising in the air, began to emerge after the space waves of light to sparking. Wait until the heat reaches a matter of degree, began to stop rising space to maintain a constant temperature. At this point, YE Feng disk sitting inside, feeling the waves of energy in the space feicuan the two pubic region of his body began to rapidly turn up waves of vibrant energy along the meridians ran in his body, At this moment, YE Feng feel seems to remain the pinnacle of the gas operation. He slowly close your eyes, feel the space around the waves of heat flow into his body down his pores, the energy of waves Peng Bo ran fast, powerful source of energy in the air constantly expanded substantially telescopic huge the space began to diffuse the a Unit powerful external force, star yuan grass and avoid the drops scattered escape the aura, the golden light on the Star grass and clear water beads on light blue light interwoven in together, waves of energy and light rapid channeling Bay, both light intertwined, and then poured directly with numerous outside YE Feng body. YE Feng felt my body is full of foreign energy aura, his body at this moment and the surrounding environment to quickly reach the point of fusion fluent. At this point, the four monks also exercise our powers is completed, each person is shrouded in the corresponding light, black and white, red, yellow, four light intertwined, and then after a while hovering in the air, directly into the Feng Ye body, YE Feng only feel the body are caught in a very soft environment, a Unit of the trickle along the meridians to his body perfusion, very comfortable, and gradually YE Feng began full access a nothingness, the people did not seem to feel. Nothingness, YE Feng faint trace of soul wandering, he seems to see also a lot of things, it seems everything did not see, only feel the waves of bizarre light enveloped around him, so he are not clear, he walked in one direction Hunhundundun has no end in sight. Suddenly, he saw a door, it was a flash of floating in the air the door, the door is golden, emitting a faint light, inscribed complicated pattern, but he can not see, only feel this The door itself contains a very powerful force, YE Feng felt a desire to want to get into those behind the door, he had a hunch that it must be followed by a majority of the mystical world contains endless supernatural powers. In his thinking about how to open the door, the golden floating door suddenly opened, quick bursts of energy emanation, a golden light emitted With the crack, the entire space is the door emitted golden light enveloped. YE Feng without the slightest hesitation, and ran toward the door into a burst of golden shine, warm feeling all over the body, YE Feng felt tremendous pressure, he only soul directly chaos, his brain blank , suddenly, to see his past, his past have taken every step, and even from the absence of rebirth, his life here again he watched over his every step, he killed everyone, he hear every name, see every face, ugly, beautiful, gentle, terror and so on and so forth, in his mind anew again, the entire space is full of his memory fragmentation . Suddenly, the final screen freeze in the moment of his birth. He saw the mother postpartum weakness and holding the child's father. "We gave him a name?" Mother sweating, looking still crying wah-wah. The father thought about it for a long time, pacing back and forth in the room, and finally with your fingers curled desktop, said: "called Feng Ye!" "Ah," the mother's face blooming from a gentle and beautiful smile. YE Feng felt the warmth in through his life, it is a beautiful beginning of life and memory, he had already forgotten, but here it aftertaste. Suddenly, his whole body feels a burst from his body born out of another, his body dirty black air, comparison, since this dirty black gas he and his separation, his body has been purified waves of mysterious golden light released from his body. Around the screen already disappeared, only, and is not far from a group of light on his head, the light groups like clouds and everything changes in a burst of golden light shone through from the inside. Intuition tells YE Feng from out into golden, he has a light body and pounced go toward that group Cotai, at the same time, the original dirty black body dissipate rapidly. YE Feng from golden to fly into the moment, feel the world suddenly see the light, the people seem to out-of-body experience the same feeling, originally, it seems that the whole body there are obstacles in the breakthrough when the moment of the Sinar Mas group disappeared, he felt himself seems sublimation. In fact, Feng Ye do not know, that he crossed golden light group, is hindered his progress bottleneck. <

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