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18.05.2013 08:23
That day happened to run into antworten

A power outage yesterday, has a few only the middle of the night, one more chapter earlier today, go on the new list, please support and recommendation ticket!...... "Small pro, this procedure also do Tailisuo, Zhenshuang ah!" Pickup trucks speeding on his way back to Guan Yang Zhen, the son is a beam with joy, when driving is dance with joy. Xu Linyuan sat in the seat, offer a mouth cigarette, toying with his newly bought apples, hearing this, raised her head: "this is the somebody else see it so neatly in a single still face, if we have to do, don't say what the director of Vice Mayor Han, even small section,Nike Air Jordan 4 Sale, the don't hang you hanging!" "It is the!" Son nodded, his chin looked with Xu students, said: "this pickup but picked up the stool should be, today thanks to the single still, how are you going to thank people ah, I heard she don't have a boyfriend, I look better than you......" "Less poor, think of family background!" Xu Linyuan didn't fly he one mouthful smoke, continue to play his fruit ninja. The son did not make fun of, see Xu Linyuan took the apple and play games, look now, just way: "small pro, you these days, is it right? Made a what business? "Xu Linyuan way:" son, Zhou Zhengxiang the people you know, the last time down from the mine, I met the man, and he made a small business, others generous gave two hundred thousand! "" what, week, Zhou Zhengxiang?" The son was startled, almost car into the ditch, busy screwing up, just way: "is that it was the president of the group?" "It seems!" "How do you and the cattle people take online ah, your boy's luck is good insane?" Just son one face of can not believe. "That day happened to run into, he is back to the provincial capital through there!" "Hey, small faces, how do I feel the total car is following us?" The son walked, total hope the rearview mirror, discovered an ambulance as container trucks followed them, finally unbearable say up. Xu Linyuan knew that it was bad driving a fine yuan, followed him,Air Jordan Shoes, also said: "OK, the car was lent to me to help him do something weeks the boss, I hired a driver to help me open, always forgot to tell you this, I now work for weeks the boss!" Xu Linyuan said, is no way, had to take Zhou Zhengxiang to make the shield. "No wonder you make no reply to what, what the ore, the original was made Zhou Zhengxiang the expert ah, admire admire!" Just son sincerely praise....... Guan Yang Zhen located in Nanjing, Jinze District, West backed the Yellow River, East a Guan Yang Lake, is a city of agriculture and aquaculture, irrigation is rich in resources,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, is a town rich. This town is usually more agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises in the city, like some big what flour mill, feed mill and other enterprises are located here, while the industrial enterprises was much less, only one town government support, iron alloy factory is half-dead, and a bankruptcy for several years steel ball factory. Afternoon, after the son and Xu Linyuan back to the Guan Yang Zhen, Xu Zhengqing is still the government didn't work, so the two of them and make a hurried journey without stop to the town government. Only >

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