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look down upon us the right antworten

&gt; 394: fighting white-hot blood eagle and the Forbidden City, the main straight face looked Jiansheng and aquiline nose old man confrontation. Helpless fiery play both inside and outside to watch the crowd turned out to see inside, can only see light blue Jianguang and numerous Jian Qi constantly flying brick on the ground was beaten burst waves scattered debris, which also mixed with a trace of a trace of black-red light. This battle lasted for a long time, they were all amazed at the endurance Jiansheng and hooks of silver nose old man able to maintain such a long time, even in rapid confrontation, not the general monks can do. Drink! "After two long trembling, Jiansheng suddenly roar, and then the entire circle of light blue light suddenly thrust a close, all in the blink of an eye contraction in the blade that the blade the burst shot brightness of the sun, "Whew!" bang, the Jiansheng sword toward the aquiline nose old man suddenly waving. "Shua!" Bang, like a burst shot Falls, flee to the direction of the hook-nosed old man,<A title="Air Jordan UK" href="">Air Jordan UK</A>, the moment the light is overflowing, the Vaillant burst dance, a lightning shot out a powerful Jian Qi . This jianpi just called earth-shattering, just a sword, accounted for a small half circle, hit the ground a long printed. Aquiline nose old man suddenly the body of a channeling, Kankan avoid the sword at the last moment, but he really also a Jiansheng almost no signs of contraction of all the sword gas, then a Jianpi, split Huashan, but for his cautious, maybe in the move. But seeing that Jiansheng to hew out this sword power baoshe, has not been recovered, he suddenly a hi body channeling strange moment disappear, and the next moment, sprang from the foot of the Jiansheng, Jiansheng unprepared, aquiline nose and hands of the old man's skull the gripper suddenly caught legs. "Click" is heard on five of the skull gripper fingers instantly buckle, sword raw leg tightly fastened, while the other hand directly toward the heart of the Jiansheng grasping. Jiansheng was shocked, suddenly under the sword toward the old man aquiline nose gripper cut over, sword cut off, but did not move the slightest desperation, he gritted his teeth, sword cut to the leg, body flash, escape back aquiline nose old man that fatal blow. Aquiline nose old man did not expect this the right way monks so ruthless, do not start their own light, a look squarely in the sights, suddenly broken leg, but although he survived the blow, but lost a leg, speed will certainly eat burned! Aquiline nose old man's life sneer, did not give him any respite, directly channeling up. Jiansheng a leg Note blood streaming down the right path monks looked to have not the heart to the hearts of Jiansheng to sweat, Magic monks have overjoyed, seeing have to win this battle, loud call sipping fuel. Jiansheng a look at yourself in the extremely unfavorable, suddenly gritted his teeth and struggled with one leg propped the hands of the sword, the aquiline nose old man coming towards him feicuan when, suddenly a draw, a powerful blue after light moments shine out, looked at the sword of his sadness of parting, gritted his teeth, Excalibur SG, thanks to my God, Yang! "It's a loud shout, the sword in his hand instantaneous combustion from the blue flame , the burning blade, the truculent blue flame burst shot a powerful energy that sword and then their hands constantly shaking like **. Soon, the blue flame of the sword is completely wrapped up, one pure energy burst shot dazzling brilliance penetrate in the the Jiansheng arm meridians, like a river flowing along the river. Although the process is complex, but only a very short time, extraordinary edged sword turned into a dry wooden sword, like burnt wooden swords, exposing blackened carbonation feel. YE Feng reduced pupil, this sword can actually burn itself up after the burning of energy nurturing to the owner, it is the world Church. Hook-nosed old man was taken aback, I did not expect this energy is so powerful, this sword combustion nurturing to Jiansheng energy called terrorist the Jiansheng beat down, the countless powerful Jian Qi instantly greet aquiline the old man's cheek nose channeling up, that the old man suddenly flash, the desire to escape, but he moved at the same time, Jiansheng beat a strong Jian Qi raging out again, the moment will constantly burst of powerful energy dance, like a wave rushed over, aquiline nose old man scared again flash. That Jiansheng anger now occupies the entire body, with one hand split, beat up beat up old man opportunities, almost to the aquiline nose, his body does not move, but with one hand waving,<A title="cheap jordan shoes" href="">cheap jordan shoes</A>, yet, aquiline nose old man fled several times almost fell out of the circle. "Ah ~ ~ ~" Jiansheng suddenly howling, one-handed speed, arm burning a blue flame, flame bursts of ferocious spit it out, the powerful energy crazy sprang, turned into a constantly Jian Qi shot burst. Aquiline nose old man hurry, suddenly the body the red flame Teng around the body straight he went to the sky, and then I heard Falcon sky tweet, everyone looked up to, I saw his body layer of Condor ghost shrouded him with open arms, and then across a circle in the air, straight toward Jiansheng dive down. The Jiansheng eyebrows sank, then both hands suddenly mad split, a Jian Qi is like a the numerous meteors fly punch out wild shot toward the old man of the aquiline nose, the aquiline nose old man wearing Condor ghost, in the air quickly ran fast impact frenzy Jian Qi, a short moment he went to the front of the Jiansheng, Jiansheng suddenly heard Bao, a squat body and arms into the ground, "bang" around his body suddenly channeling are numerous Jian Qi, hit the old man of the moment and aquiline nose, and then "bang" Bao Xiang, aquiline nose old man knocked out inverted, all of a sudden boom in the next Shek Pik on, hit the circle. Crowd gaping at the changes in the field, did not expect Jiansheng at the last minute, but also keep a trick. The right way everyone suddenly cheered, Magic see aquiline nose old man went flying, suddenly one gloomy face, no one to speak, looking at the blood eagle, the blood eagle eyes murderous flash, the body suddenly went to the aquiline nose old man's side, and without the slightest hesitation, raised arm, half arm has become an instant fire red, his pleas had a chance behind the beat and shot it down, old man head suddenly exploded, the Magic face livid. Blood eagle body flash channeling back, his face ashen. Purple Imperial Lord sees a broken leg was carried back Jiansheng, his face suddenly moved, said: "Purple Imperial City if they can continue, you are the the historical hero!" He turned around and looked at the back of the crowd, looking solemnly said: "Jiansheng gave us a good example! you want to learn from him! that we do not retreat!" people have nodded. "Well, who next on!" Purple Imperial Lord a question, followed by a sudden there were three people to be on, the Purple Imperial Lord nodded slightly, and then select a bald Han, "Tiger Master, you on it!!" ! I had waiting for this day! hand blade Magic is the duty of my generation the right way monks! "bald Han wearing a yellow tunic, said body flash channeling up. The Magic crowd saw this person have suddenly looking for a change, because these people are also famous in the Magic, who led the children in the operations of a planet, destroy a city, also causing an uproar in the Magic. "Boss, I'm on it!" Thinking about for whom the ghost, one of his men suddenly sideways up, eyes shot wroth. Is, kill my brother, I have been looking for the opportunity to take revenge, but has no chance, this time I must revenge! "Blood eagle one, suddenly nodded with satisfaction, the young man followed him for years, his faithful men, plus any grudges against this person, the fight desperately, "Well, let you on it, killing Luo, be sure to win this battle!" ah, I will be desperate to win! "Then, this is called killing the young Luo instant channeling up. The right way and Magic factions opponent standing in the circle. Tiger Master tall, standing as secure as Mount Tai, it seems that the Tarzan jump on the top and the color change of momentum, killing Luo standing proudly, as long knife edged rebellious, Feng Ye can feel that this killing Luoken given is a perennial murder, the flow leakage cold as death momentum, should not be overlooked. "Hmmm, Huangmaoxiaozai'm up killed! Tiger Master looking solemn scoffed, then killing Luo hands golden flash of light, and then two gold cone, gold bevel on both sides of attack, the mouth tick smile, "who court death is not necessarily too!" Well, the wife of my practice for many years, in order to deal with you guys beast! death! "Then, the Tiger Master suddenly flashed their weapons, edged huge Buddhist monk's staff,<A title="Air Jordan After Game Sale" href="">Air Jordan After Game Sale</A>, and the body covered with a layer of Admiralty, the Admiralty constantly spinning, golden waves of energy will shine out from, let the whole people are enveloped in a layer of very heavy shielding. Killing Luo a look, suddenly holding a gold cone suddenly pounced, the whole body is turned into a huge black light, and instantly went to the tiger in front of the master, and then the hands of the gold cone suddenly flash, and instantly burst shot gold as a sun-bright light , then a roar, suddenly tie down, "bang". Killing Luo looking for a change, I saw this gold cone tie down, not even each other's Admiralty tie impervious muffled bang, he was instantly bounced off a huge reaction force directly along his gold Cone coming down his body, loss of control of the body in this moment. Killed! "Tiger Master screaming golden light burst dance Buddhist monk's staff towards killing Lo split in the past, it is about to split the moment to kill Luo, killing Luo eyes red light flash, the whole body in air turn in a circle, Kankan avoid the the Tiger Master terrible Buddhist monk's staff, the body instantly like lightning flashing in the air at several points, falls on the the Tiger Master thirty paces away places. Killing Luo wiped his mouth spilled blood, it is just that the Admiralty rebound powerful force damage to internal organs and flow out. "Haha, Magic magician, an old man penance for so many years, to today, to let you kill me, I suffer Qibushibai years!" Tiger Master to see just played against killing Luo beaten vomiting blood, the hearts of a large fast , the right way have also lit up, it seems really ginger or the old lady. Magic the people saw this, a face does not look good, but YE Feng noted that the blood eagle What reaction does not seem to, surface anti with a trace of a smile, want to come to this killing Luo will not be so simple. "Hey ~" to hear Tiger Master's words, killing Luo, strangely enough, laugh, laugh very strange, it seems his mouth huge conspiracy. "Hey ...... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ~" killing Luo Yue laugh more rampant, and later directly into a laugh, the people who broke the momentum of a bully, like sprang from the depths of the Devil his body with laughter rising from the blood-red breath, Double Vision became crimson, like the devil, and YE Feng display their "Big Five Gang Grimoire exactly the same power law of Magic mostly the same air with sticks, so very similar. Feng Ye can think about this cast Mo Dao Gong. Killing Luo body will soon be covered with red atmosphere, layers of red blood breath like crazy energy source spewing out fast, the whole body covered with a layer of red flame, a powerful energy burning up the atmosphere of the whole person becomes a fierce, just like the beast released from the cage. "Roar!" Bang, killing Luo sky and shouts, body suddenly red breath channeling "shabu" he went to the front of the Tiger Master, and then suddenly the bar down the hands of gold cone. "Om" sound, Admiralty broke a mass buzz sound, like the temple bell Shen, distant, lingering, stirring. "Ah ~ ~ ~" killing Luo suddenly go toward Admiralty Mengzha to, constantly scurrying clouds of red breath, very powerful burst of energy from the hands of the killing Luo, a Unit of shock waves emitted from the Admiralty, Admiralty issue buzz, it seems difficult to resist live this powerful attack. YE Feng suddenly felt waves of energy the crazy surging, the air filled with a surge of hot feeling. The tiger Master suddenly felt a strong pressure towards the pressure over because this Admiralty and even he is as one of the Admiralty by strong pressure conduction also gave him, his whole body is dead die pressing, he wanted to kill Luo Buddhist monk's staff will force open, but the body under tremendous pressure to the body's energy is used against simply Teng not shot. "Ah ~ ~" Killing Luo crimson eyes, then instantly significant increase in strength, "bang", heard exploding, the Tiger Master body covered Admiralty was an instant smash, tiger master this powerful gas explosion hit out, a direct hit on the outside of the circle, the ground punched a big pit. The crowd suddenly stunned, I did not expect this game so soon to end, so that even the Magic they were all quiet. Killing Luo slowly stood up, the systemic red flame no converge. "Killing Luo, dry!!" Blood eagle react roar behind the Magic they have started to applaud. The right way everyone was just Sudden react, one by one, his face ashen, totally did not expect such an outcome. Purple Imperial City is lifted back, a look of shame Tiger Master, the Lord looked at did not say anything, patted the shoulder of the Tiger Master. "Haha, your right way is really vulnerable!" Blood eagle laughed and laughed at each other, and the right way is one speechless to. Killing Luo standing in the field, turned around and looked at the blood eagle, said: "Boss, I want a rematch, just completely did not play fun!" Everyone one, suddenly have an uproar, blood eagle ponder a moment, mouth evoke a trace cold smile and exclaimed: "I promise you, you'd better kill all these people, the province of my hands!" the right way to hear that killing Luo so arrogant, suddenly people have uneven , do not wait for What purple imperial city, saith the Lord, a the farmer appeared strange man directly channeling up flash himself, appeared momentarily in the circle, the body layer of green slowly disappear. "Since you so look down upon us the right way, that farmer will you!" Men wearing hats, a crude Bupao, Han Han's appearance, like soil falling plowing farmer, but the right way who knew him, including Magic, but dare not look down upon this people, because this repair is the one of the creatures, although it looks looks like soil falling, but it is because this sloppy, and a set of rather wacky theory, said that what repair Road, in relation to dress, to repair the Road in relation to the farmer's attire, the disciples all farmer is a peasant woman, a soil Diaozha, but the strength of extraordinarily high, forming a right way monks in a strange landscape. "Hey, good to to let Grandpa teach you a lesson!" Killing Luo person have some understanding, but no fear, killing Luo has been able to come this far, the repair is not life-style of play, often the times seriously injured, the strength will be greatly increased, which is a strange Magic power law, so that makes killing Luo young age strength becomes very strong. "Well, the Magic magician touches the tone is not a small farmer to let me have a good repair repair your!" Said the farmer look like a middle-aged body green atmosphere suddenly jump up, ready to come out of a Unit, Peng Bo breath of life, at the same time the number of green aura around him slowly turning. "Shabu" is heard, the enormous energy crazy volumes Bay, an wind farmer body suddenly burst out, and then a step by step toward the killing Luo walked over, every step, at the foot give birth to countless flowers, extremely mysterious. Killing Luo looked at the farmer came towards his step-by-step, in the eyes of the red light flash, directly toward the fly rush, that farmer suddenly one-handed toss and then an emerald green vines instantly shot out in the air fly rapidly volume, then enormous energy channeling crazy Bay outbreak of the rapid growth of the vines, and instantly turned into a large emerald green vines, the same network covering the past toward killing Luo. &lt; <ML></ML>

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