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> 382: the Front Road inheritance sword box slowly opened. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM Feng Ye see the first burst of Emmanuel shine out, Emmanuel colorful, very good-looking, YE Feng felt a charm dizzy feeling, true God is like staring at the same perspective directly go to the bottom of my heart, YE Feng feel heart shocked, he did not expect Raytheon to epee own comes out of the energy has reached such a point of terror, so he was familiar with cast conscious, it would be very scary. YE Feng Raytheon epee taken from Jianxia yard, and suddenly felt a burst of very familiar feeling, like once again to old friends pour into the arms of the feeling, let him feel at home. Raytheon epee and the former did not make much of a difference, but in the middle of the blade a film gems like eyes, apparently cyan beads inlaid, in fact, this position is also refining the master and the usual refining the difference because each weapons are living, stone setting where has a very important role, for example, to a person with jewelry, with the best looking in the neck with the hand, but you can not with the thigh refining tend to choose local errors, make gems greatly reduced the role of the master of the mixing device is able to find the most suitable place for the power of the gems to get the maximum play, so the need for refining the people will find the master to refining. The true God relic embedded in the Raytheon epee, not only look good, and power can be maximized, YE Feng very satisfied. YE Feng took Raytheon epee, he knew this Xiao Jian what should be, then he can not put something, so he bowed to show their gratitude toward the direction of the Xiao Jian, YE Feng the highest level of courtesy, "Thank you!" Xiao Jian did not speak, still meditating with closed eyes. YE Feng handheld Raytheon epee, to the home, the front door, Xiao Jian was opening. Said only one sentence, "take good care of it, it is a rare weapon has been the spirit!" YE Feng suddenly surprised a moment, "With the spirit!" The highest stage of the weapon is spirit can be nurtured a spirit weapon is amazing, often automatic mutual aid in the release of energy can automatically align the maximum power, if others take it, is the Spirit will not, that this weapon is substantially equal to the waste. It can be said that their weapons. Spirit, each monk most wanted thing. "When?" "I get the feeling it had, then the mosaic process, and is spirit contact, after having a chat, I made sure your weapon gave birth to the spirit." Feng Ye hearts a happy and stroking Raytheon epee, heart sigh, Raytheon the epee has been spirit, he did not feel as the owner, he is not a qualified master, and later must cherish Raytheon epee. "Thank you!" YE Feng sword away. Just went downstairs, the Xiao Ling followed down, looked at Xiao Ling Feng Ye, did not speak, he suddenly felt some dismay, this do not know the future will see, and Xiao Ling together, though not much, but there is always a feeling of home, he liked. Xiao Ling looked at YE Feng, "you where are you going?" "Do not know, go to the place where I could go." "Where?" "Celestial any corner, can improve the corner of my ability." "Oh ... ... you will not come back, right? "do not know, maybe." Xiao Ling does not speak, looking at YE Feng, YE Feng looked into her eyes, but there is no impulse, he knows very well, and occupy themselves The the inner Purple Palace Ella, other women, maybe he likes, but never what might happen. Two gazing, YE Feng suddenly felt a hint of lonely. Monks is a group of people without roots, the Celestial large, four at home,Coach Purses Clearance, in the reign of survival, to live their lives in the wind and rain. He slowly hand over, say good-bye. Turned away. Xiao Ling looked at the back of Feng Ye and would like to go to catch up, but she did not. Life will encounter a lot of people and a lot of people never meant to predestination, only in heaven and live their lives together. YE Feng Raytheon epee, speeding all the way, ending the days of sound Valley trip, he has a non-stop rush toward another goal. ...... Two weeks later. In a cave days Juegu Centre. YE Feng hunkered down boulders inside the cave, which is a stalactite cave, everywhere around the underground undercurrent, YE Feng around around the stone there is a clear pool, stalactites wonderfully light, more psychedelic beautiful. By this time, YE Feng is hunkered in boulder, the body around the red light group, waves the same light as the blood flows out from his body, huge energy with evil atmosphere from his pubic region that comes out, YE Feng throughout the body along the meridians, YE Feng, sweating, head all at risk of red steam, apparently in vivo in rapid operation. Half a month, YE Feng parameters repair "Big Five Gang Grimoire" After two weeks of the study and understanding of practice, three days ago, YE Feng success of the "Big Five Gang Grimoire practice from the basic level to the first layer of the critical point, three days, YE Feng all the time feel to break the practice of his continuous efforts, never pause, the body of a Zhou Zhou cycle "Big Five Gang The Grimoire "formulas, his body heat to more than a hundred-degree heat, the energy consumption also very fast, but Feng Ye are never going to pause, stop and may again come to naught. At this point, the space around by the impact, and a layer of crimson rapist gas like a giant cocoon, enveloped him in which the manic atmosphere throughout the cave are one people, if we a person or an animal, to be less than a minute will go mad, which is magic in the air is very horrible place, mania, killing, madness atmosphere filled the cave. YE Feng suddenly opened his eyes, shot a red naked pupil. Bang ~ bang, huge amounts of energy surging crazy, YE Feng pools around instantly blasted stones of the cave suddenly burst open. YE Feng's body in this moment fled enormous energy, crimson energy let the entire cave fled with crazy energy, the surrounding rock groundwater fried flying scattered. "Call out" is heard, YE Feng fly down from the boulder, the body shrouded in red light red skin a red light vein from the skin vines twine twisted, the skin becomes hard as dragon skin, eyes shot red shirt, a Road red lightning course around his body, the whole person as a spree station. This is the "Big Five Gang Grimoire" layer turned. YE Feng feel a burst of crazy energy flows endless, the body energy expansion in body movement, he felt the brain chest filled with manic feeling, this feeling was a bit unhappy, but leaves Feng can feel if fighting strength will be very crazy, manic feel YE Feng mostly only play very hard, or extremely angry when, but now have this feel, obviously this " The energy of the Big Five Gang Grimoire "is crazy huge. YE Feng, slowly, the body cools down, the layers of red red light dissipated the magic gas gradually shrink, and his skin, the pupil and violence from the veins along with the magic gas Tuisan dissipated, and soon leaves The front becomes a normal person, he recalls just feel crazy, but let him excited and agitated, and this feeling must have men are hard to resist. "No wonder the Magic exercises so popular." YE Feng, he told himself, "finally practice to the first layer of the" Big Five Gang Grimoire feel a lot of benefits and changes, do not know the future with the repair To increase what will happen, will be more powerful! "YE Feng hearts of some anticipated thinking. He came out from the cave, walked toward the day Juegu depth. He once again came to the days array Stars, and when he first came here no difference, still desolation and terror, he also remember the last thing to kill Bo. He is in the days Juegu edge of town where the rest after the break directly into days Juegu. Days Juegu still Wicked clouds, but feel the waves of trouble YE Feng, Wicked is not his opponent, but one act recklessly rushed towards him over to court death. YE Feng, all the way to the line for a long time, and killed more than 30 Wicked, YE Feng also feel the difference and previous kill Wicked, basically a sword to kill. Soon Feng Ye to the days Juegu the heart of and everywhere large tracts of wild forest, from time to time there are some small scurrying Wicked. Dangerous with that days Juegu ago, but now YE Feng did nothing. He was about to go to the center, Qixing Jian Zhen Jian Zhen extremely powerful, the days array Star Front Road is the entire Celestial arranged first, will be able to see it from the name, and the array of days Front Road Star big family Feng Ye do not believe, that they can not ultimately unlock the seven Jian Zhen Front Road layout, not to help him improve this extremely powerful seven Jian Zhen, consider again before deciding to days must Valley, days Juegu reportedly hiding the days array Star largest array Road secret, come here might be able to find some way to enhance improved Qixing Jian Zhen. Help ah ~ help ~ ~ YE Feng is thinking, suddenly, I heard screaming erupted from the forest, the ground began to shake up, it seems that what monster rushing. YE Feng suddenly surprised a moment, it seems that someone is evil to kill, but he was too lazy to control this kind of thing, trying to escape, was surprised to find two people mad fled to see YE Feng did not want to after I want to run over YE Feng, suddenly furious, which is obviously to put the blame on him, the monks worst, his body flash to be channeling open. But suddenly surprised a moment. Behind these people, a powerful fiery serpents instantly sprang to the enormous energy continuously ran waves of powerful flame energy fast coarse sprang wherein were fiery serpents surrounding forest, suddenly ignited by the high temperature, huge waves of energy the crest of the entire ground earthquake cracked numerous large hole. "What is this!" Feng Ye was scared, I did not expect to chase the two men of evil so powerful, already beyond the general scope of Wicked. Help ah ~ ~ "The two men seeing YE Feng stood, suddenly shouted, YE Feng saw two men covered with burns and blood, looks miserable. Seeing the two men also channeling over a Feng Ye he went for a change, "hissing" sound, that fiery serpent loud roar, and then the body instantly down channeling, suddenly one of the two a bite in , and then devoured the belly and the other suddenly paralyzed. "Hissing" fiery serpent to eat after a sky and I heard screaming, and then rushed over toward YE Feng, YE Feng Yi Leng. That the fiery serpents Speed ​​swift pace, and instantly toward YE Feng bite over, YE Feng suddenly angry, cis Price Raytheon Epee scabbard, a Road powerful energy surging crazy, the numerous lightning flash turned into a sky Ray network, toward that fiery serpent pounce, fiery serpents out of his mouth three magma arrow shot over. Moment, grid and magma bump into each other, "bang", numerous magma turned the droplets toward surrounded by scattering, grid exploded and landed on the floor of the suddenly consigned to the flames, flames like demons from hell , suddenly engulfed the surrounding forest. That the fiery serpent sky and I heard screaming, and then the body twist, huge tail instantly sweep up towards a rude shock, carrying the "whiz" harsh wind, the moment to, but YE Feng prepared, legs huge flash of lightning, to display their Kuanglei nine riding with a loud rumbling he went to the side, to escape the pursuit of the fiery serpents. The fiery serpents instant crazy, intense flame burning tail in the forest gangbusters rotation, suddenly to surrounding forest swept away down a large, papering the intense heat, so that the entire original quiet forest instantly as hell, and countless demon beast panic channeling huge flame burning black smoke straight into the sky. That huge fiery serpents tail impact YE Feng, YE Feng Yun within Kuanglei nine riding scurry into a burst of lightning in the air, fast and every time Kankan avoid the attack of the fiery serpents, a snake, and it lasted half stick of incense, the distance of dozens of miles of forest has been completely ruins all over the flames and smoke charred land. The fiery serpent sweep half an hour to finally slow movement down, YE Feng body energy crazy rotation, just to the spirit,Air Jordan UK, his keen awareness the fiery serpent attacks hysteresis immediately seize the opportunity, body flash to avoid the fiery serpent tail and went to the front of it, Feng Ye see the fiery serpents Zhang a huge flame mouth, eyes suddenly cold, the body's energy crazy turn, a layer of ice instantly covered his arms, his arms together, pushed the body's energy instantly cohesion properties of water per force, huge amounts of energy surging crazy, immediately in front of Feng Ye a huge hockey. When the "sound of the roar, ice hockey instant burst shot two ice dragon with a cold chill ran constantly, enormous energy crazy channeling the Bay of burst powerful Chill energy like crazy tsunami, instantly poured them into the fire the snake's mouth, and then immediately burst open, countless Bingzha chaos splash, the flames of the fiery serpent body and magma suddenly extinguished many. "Hissing" that fiery serpent hit pain screaming, and then the body suddenly twist into a ball of twine. YE Feng shot a hit, the body quickly flash, ghosts, like in another place, and then do the same, huge ice dragon impulse in front of the fiery serpents and explode, suddenly the space around the bursts of air conditioning broke. That the fiery serpents this time he feels powerful YE Feng, the body originally torrents burning flame quickly extinguished, opponents know that they are not YE Feng, agile body flash, YE Feng tail in the air will push back, and then he slides soon as channeling toward the place back. YE Feng originally did not intend to and fiery serpents care, to see if it ran, no longer catch up and dropped to the ground. Just dropped to the ground, that had previously been chasing YE Feng scurrying monks ran to him, and fell down to worship opened. Feng Ye see this man covered with broken light injuries, to help him up and asked: "You are doing, how will encounter this fiery serpents?" The man body tattered, hair coke, still heart palpitation, and his face pale, while to react, "predecessors, we are actually the monks of the day matrix Stars Beidou cases!" Beidou cases? "YE Feng thought, never heard of. "We sect be regarded as minor door in the days array star than the older generation never heard of." The man to sit down while panting while said: "We are a sovereign life to the day Juegu looking matrix method heritage, but found a large valley, in the valley to see the location marked on the map, go after accidentally this fiery serpent, fiery serpent saw us coming in, and began to attack in the wild, all the way to escape, but fortunately encountered predecessors, or else I have to die here. "Feng Ye a,Nike Air Jordan 3, suddenly interested," what array Road heritage? "The older generation does not know? than the older foreign monks heritage of the Front Road, days array Stars relied on 'Growth - matrix method heritage, it can be said that all the tactical deployment of our ancestors, but rumored to have been more than ten thousand years ago disappeared, many of these doors are looking for, but did not find, we were sovereign Beidou happens to get a pair of Sea Scrolls, careless burned a map, use the old saying from the map and labeling of view, is very likely Front Road heritage, the sovereign before consuming a great deal of manpower and resources to do This is an adventure, did not think hard to find the place, he was fiery serpents losses. "That monk said in horror. Predecessors strength of high strength, if there is no predecessors, we would be finished. "Feng Ye do not bother to care for him about something else, Front Road heritage caused him great interest, he said to enhance Qixing Jian Zhen, from time to find this stuff I did not expect even met these people really wear out iron shoes in hunting to totally waste of effort. "You still askew map?" The man shook his head, "That map in the sub-sovereign hands, he has been fiery serpent to eat, but I still remember the route to go there, seniors save my life, if our ancestors you want to go, I can do it with the seniors go, but I have to go back to the door. "Feng Ye thought that the strength of the fiery serpents powerful, but can not stop him, even if that hole in the other fiery serpents , as long as a small number, he can still go, this is one day fall accident, he could not give up. "Well, lead the way!" "Ah!" The man nodded, then walked with YE Feng overturned Juegu,'s depths. <

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