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18.05.2013 08:15
The son also saw Xu Linyuan's antworten

"Small face, what are your thoughts can be directly carried out well, I think you do this decision, should think it again?" "Uncle, I think!" "I think there should be a reason for it, that is the mine someone to bully you!" No. "Or you are not satisfied with the salary condition?" Either. "......" Early in the morning, mine integrated management office high go drinking machine next to a cup of water, pass to the table to Xu Linyuan, sat down and watched Xu Linyuan sincere words and earnest wishes. "Uncle, I have decided!" Old Xu Linyuan a face of persistence, and looked at the table's resignation, the final is still sigh, way: "small,Coach Bags UK, ah, now find a well-paid job is not easy, you're mine on this day, we all think you are good, how all of a sudden resignation resign?" "Uncle, had to mine up, my parents don't want me to come home, two days ago, the town's people always joke that I was a college student, actually ran the coal mine do cooly, no future, let my parents see the people heard about when they feel embarrassed, so......" Gao heard these, just sighed, but felt that the mine is a talent, a little pity. "Lao Gao, this contract...... Hey...... Small face, what do you have in this,?" At this time, Joan Chen took a contract came into the office, habitually with high talk, suddenly see Xu Linyuan sitting in the office, so he asked. But then he caught a glimpse of a desk after the resignation, went to Xu Linyuan sat down, way: "small pro, this is how, why do you want to quit?" Xu Linyuan also not much explanation, just way: "brother Chen,Coach New Arrivals Clearance, you also in, the resignation will trouble you to sign!" Chen Chongyao shook his head, said: "small pro, you think about it, today is not the cousin, cousin to unequal back again?" Xu Linyuan knew it was Joan Chen's alibi, but also out of kindness, was about to speak, then the outside door was' a '. "Come in!" High should a. The door is pushed away, let Xu Linyuan some accident is actually the son came in, holding a piece of paper to the old desk: "Lao Gao, Chen brother, the trouble you have to sign?" Xu Linyuan looked at the paper, he is also a resignation, immediately ate a surprised, looking at to look my son: "son, how are you......" The son also saw Xu Linyuan's resignation, but wry smile a, way: "small pro, you this is what singing out ah, I just took Xiao Ning sent leave telephone, you how good also resigned?" "Ring ring......" The son is said,Air Jordan Store, at this time Xu Linyuan pocket phone rang. Xu Linyuan a look at the numbers, he frowned, and then pick up, suddenly came the Xiao Ning roar: "Xu Xiaolin, you get something to eat ah, such little things will do no good, what can you do, you'll give me away from the mine......" "Xiao Ning boss, you said you mistress thing, or that the coal machine?" Xu Linyuan also not politely. "You have to ask, what happened last night did not say, yesterday you were the last >

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