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> Green bamboo hat, green hygrophila, Inclined rain do not need to go. Www! QUANBen! COM early summer rain, the next morning, but a moment stopped, looked up the trail through the woods is foggy. Trace of fog, there is a touch of sunshine, and swayed the colorful rainbow, shining from the other end of the shed. YE Feng driving a horse-drawn carriage, raised his whip in his right hand, "Wow," bang, beat the horse's rear haunches, suddenly, the horses eat pain, she bolted up, but while out of the woods, into the Official Road above. Carriage, YE Feng's mother the Unconditionally holding Yeling Xi, sitting quietly inside. YE Feng, a person, in fact, secretly from the city of Hengyang slipped out. For Feng Ye fair and square, the dauntless Hou learned that the message does not MingMian blocking, but afraid afraid of the road what "accident". Feng Ye would not bet, did not dare to bet. But now the coach left the Hengyang City all the way, the road is no exception, YE Feng even deliberately detour to go, even if the dauntless Hou want to go, afraid YE Feng, a person can not find the. "From the Hengyang City about the hundreds of miles of road, it should be safe." Suddenly, YE Feng put the carriage speed calm down, open the door, Unconditionally and Yeling Xi Fu the carriage. Bumps along the way, even in the physique like YE Feng, some feel tired, do not say Unconditionally and Yeling Xi, ordinary people. "Mother, front not far away is Baidicheng, here, our family should be safe before you break for a while." YE Feng, and he begins with dry food and water out of the carriage, and gave his mother and little sister. A drink of water, eat something,Air Jordan 5 UK, the time has not earlier. Watching Yeling Xi bounce flowers flutter butterfly play, YE Feng smiled, no matter how hard we can give mother and little sister bring happiness enough. "Ling Xi, come back, we go!" "Oh, I'm back." Yeling Xi flew running back,Coach Online Store, her hands holding a handful of unknown flowers, wildflowers dew reflects the colorful colors. All the way, although a little tired, but could see Yeling Xi an excellent mood. At this time, her mood is like a trapped locked for a long time finally break out of the cocoon butterfly, wait for them against the wind dancing. A smile on her face, and that joy is like diffuse out from the heart. Drove, YE Feng up along the Changjiang River, about three days, YE Feng suddenly saw a huge Gap, appeared in the distance, a huge flow of water down from the Gap at soar down like a huge Pilian to general. Gap, but see the north and the north shore of the towering hills, blocks cornices pavilion, nestled in lush greenery. YE Feng suddenly a hi drove horse galloping up. "Kuimen male, white, Purple Palace Emperor! This is Baidicheng ......" Kuimen is that commandeered a large Yan maximum waters Yan Jiang Gap, Purple Palace is this life General last name. Avenue of looking at the front with big, YE Feng heart filled with the Titanic. Own kick towards finally boarded the goal. The legend goes, the city had a crane wells, wells often emits white mist, its shape is like a one-stop straight Jiuxiao. The dragon emperor but a symbol of so, and this city is called Baidicheng! Paid into the city in the gate fee, YE Feng then drove away to the city. White Emperor City is the Yin Dynasty in the number of significant Ayutthaya, 12 southwest of the county's largest and most prosperous city. Of course, is also the most populous. Hengyang City that can accommodate a full ten horse wanton parallel streets, where almost everywhere, there is nothing between people are upright and energetic look at the foreign people, with a superior momentum . Baidicheng entered in the streets everywhere find fault with dizzying, mouth praise continually, it is certainly outside. Baidicheng between people who like to be looked at with disdain in the eyes of those people from outside, and then turned backwards, secretly blame the "a naive country bumpkin. And that condemning absolute or light weight, both so that people from outside to hear, without causing public outrage. "Mother, the weather has been getting dark, we catch a few days on the road, you and your little sister must have tired me to find a B & B to rest for a few days. Tomorrow, I went to the Jingyang Princess. Baidicheng the future, it is necessary to be here when the writer have come a few days, we will buy a small courtyard. kind of three, buy a few of her maid servant, and ministered to you and your little sister. sons grew up, the future would surely honor your mother. "YE Feng spoke, I heard the carriage gently uttered" ah ", they looked up on both sides of the street. He just looked up to see not far away, a three-storey restaurant. This is a whole body wooden structure restaurants, coming and going, excellent business. The main entrance of the restaurant there is a gilt ground plaque, a letter the flamboyant words - Bai F! "This restaurant is not the top, but it looks good business clothing of people coming and going is not luxurious, but it can be considered rich Lok will not get into trouble, it will not be dramatic., This is the place!" Ye front off his burden, just stepped into the restaurant, now a small two meet up. That small Futami YE Feng busy schedule to see that this is out of town, and he dressed simply, is clearly not what the rich children, but the second face did not act like a snob low, his face still hanging signs smiling. "Ke Guan, your Faces students, playing where ah? Want to eat or stay? We Taibai local cuisine features to ensure that your tastes are met we Taibai floor, but Today, business is good, the second floor on the third floor are full only the position of the first floor of the stay, the never ending did not make, but the common rooms and two or three touches you? "This small two said enthusiastically. "We stay, but before a meal." YE Feng eyes glanced inside to see the floor, almost full, and now is the time to eat, and then crap down, maybe there is no place to eat . Not to say nonsense, arms pulled out a small ingot of silver, about twelve, then the small two: "Xiaoer Ge, trouble you, table dishes, as well as the carriage trouble you look for pulling the back. "" Go ahead, Keguan inside, please. "Xiaoer Ge sing a fat promise that hanging towel slung over one shoulder white" pop "toss, will fill drill they go they sing: "Bai Di overturned, home cooking table." YE Feng, a man walked into Taibai floor, into the seat, and soon, people would end on meals. Three of the road to are hungry eat dry food, thirsty to drink water, YE Feng and mother Unconditionally Fortunately, but Healer Xi already starving, one can see the color, flavor and taste of the food, they suddenly gobble up . Slowly, careful choked. "Mother, you have fast food this good to eat." Delicious eat a little brother money, after Ling Xi what to eat, we can buy YE Feng patted his the ManDangDang burden, which is full of hundreds of miles of golden ticket. This golden ticket is the big generals palace open, 12-county southwest Universal! YE Feng finished, such as the mother and little sister at the same time, he did not idle, ears carefully listening to the conversation of others. Baidicheng is a big vat, but also a secret place will never exist, even if last night on the Great General Wang which reprimanded the son, that son back took it out on the which Shiqie body the next day will be preached BAIDI city. At this time, one of them said: "Oh, you heard it? The Jingyang Princess some time ago to go out hunting, was assassinated, and now find that behind!" Feng Ye the thought that those people will be excited for a while, But they saw the man's companion Pieliaopiezui bar, dismissive, and said: "...... I thought it was a big deal you the news is out of date. Great General Wang is not already said? barbarians sent the assassin, deliberately framed to Brave Hou! the dauntless Hou guarding the southwest border, Dayan steady as a rock, the barbarians can not account for what is cheap on to make Chu Zhedeng dirty means to major general Wang wise incomparable, how could the barbarians small The trick to fool? that person is interrupted impatiently companion, and continued: "You do not interrupt, I'm talking about is not the news the news who do not know ah! I want to say is that this Xiaojun Zhu assassinated, almost died in that wild woods and did not come back. However, it is a young master of the Brave Hou saved! I also listen to a relative next door to me, he has a daughter in Princess House errand, A few days ago came the news, said the the Princess past few days even if to sleep, always looked a dagger sleep. still dream, muttering cried that leaves the name of the young master. "several other The people listened, eyes suddenly light. A Duke of the young master, a proper young Princess, a game full of conspiracy to assassinate, beautiful story of a hero to save the United States. After that, coupled with the the great general wreck duck cruel Master Princess Love Over Gold had ...... This is entirely the Dayan version of the most popular storytelling story template. The moment, it was tut a few times, said: "Xiaojun Zhu really poor sleep now looked a dagger, but afraid of the assassination of her! Baidicheng, who do not know Xiaojun Zhu good-natured. General king of so many children, it Xiaojun Zhu never bully, but often aid to those south of the sleepy households "" ah, I remember last winter, Dongcheng Draw, burned a house, a house live, no place to spend the winter. Baidicheng winter, but people froze to death. owes Xiaojun Zhu, their dozens of people all connected to the other homes that a person can be are all remembered Xiaojun Zhu, Xiaojun Zhu company commander Students memorial tablet erected do not know which suffer a thousand knives actually going to assassinate Xiaojun Zhu? also thanks to the young master of the Brave Hou, without him, Xiaojun Zhu maybe come back. "that take the lead at first to speak, then see all of a sudden they begin Xiaojun Zhu good, do not listen to him, suddenly increased his voice, said:" You have to guess Wrong! dagger, is not Xiaojun Zhu afraid someone to assassinate her, only to get in the hands of peace of mind. Instead, that dagger, is dauntless Hou's young master, gave her! "Boom" look, everyone Hearing this explosive news, all of a sudden feel the soul of the gossip in my mind burning up. They suddenly began to constantly guessing, Xiaojun Zhu and dauntless Hou, the young master in the end progress to which step, when talk of marriage like. And speculation that the Duke of the young master is not extremely handsome, Takeo extraordinary ...... can all of a sudden, at this moment, I heard a thundering general laughter pass out from the third floor. "Haha, never five years back, the original, my little Ella has grown up ah!" Subsequently, after which a laugh, everyone will hear the windows on the third floor suddenly open, and then I saw a streamer, suddenly fly west of the city. The crowd suddenly rushed to the window, looking at a streamer disappeared in the sky, very surprised. "What is this skill? Volley wasted? Apart General, this southwest Some people have such ability? How could that be? Who?" Said the man never came back five years ... five years ago, what people Baidicheng leave? "suddenly thought of what suddenly slapped the desk, his face extremely excited, loudly:" the back Fushuai! to royal palm Thunder, unparalleled in the world, is Fushuai Cheng Tian Xiao back ! "Now when they heard this, suddenly excited along, you do not see recalls:" one another five years, Fushuai style has become increasingly excellence.? Just Fushuai volley wasted body, the body has no purple Ray dry the Gang traces the Fushuai must have break through the shackles further! "said a good five years ago, the unaccompanied Fushuai Ru Kunlun said to break the ultimate martial arts, these years alone dyke of General, it is hard Southwest barbarians Wicked, as well as the underground inferno are just around the corner, and now return Fushuai, is southwest of people lucky! "was seen Fushuai back, and then contact recently, which results in a possible vice The handsome return, I would like to, if not unexpected, when the Great General Wang in charge of the Court of excellence I southwest army, adding countless Reggie hero! "the word went out, suddenly causing everyone again and again affirmed. "Not bad, the brethren these words visionary." Just then, upstairs, walked down a rosy and plump, middle-aged man wearing the clothes of the word blessing, everyone met, only hand over commendable "Lin boss" It turned out that fat Taibai floor boss. That the boss submissively bow facing the crowd, then suddenly said: "today I have the opportunity to Every Lin Fushuai your visit was graced you witness when I swig some." Forest boss he finished, everyone suddenly they cheered, said Lin boss soaring high, the inevitable business is booming. The Taebaek building so lively, suddenly attracted people in the street seems to have the inside. Two young men then heard movement inside, over and over again the boss said to treat flooded in, come see this restaurant my wife is already full, could not help but call: "small." small very quickly ran out, politely asked: "What is the Keguan commanded?" "Give us a place." said the man impatiently. The two exposed embarrassed, bitter: "Ke Guan sorry, business is good today, one full." "What? Fully booked? Such a thing ah?" Za Za whirring door, he looked at, found that the restaurant is really no position, and could not help but complained: "I am today, but specifically to you Taibai House dinner for my brother my brother a few days is going to participate in the Great General Wang Court of excellence today, I want to give him Jie Feng welcome home, you actually said the position? rooms on the third floor, I think! the second floor of the first floor common position did not? "the little lost smiles:" Ke Guan, really sorry, you look here there are no position, or you may soon was eating away. "That small two said, his eyes glanced at the man to his side. This Court, of excellence Baidicheng biggest recent hot topic. But want to go to the Court of excellence must be older but less than 200,000, and the repair must meet the fourth realm of martial arts can be selected. Even to become the elite, in the Court of excellence can not be acquired strong peak. Suddenly,Jordan 2 Sale, two small multi-looked the young man glances. The man is not old, wearing a white robe robes, extravagance touches not say, but it kind of special feeling of calm, go near, will be able to feel a burst of pressure, the weight of the heart muffled. Small two other skill can not, except that the eye can not do without, suddenly, he would understand that this can not be ignored, did not dare to look more slowly pull back. That young man wearing a white robe, his eyes entered, touch the sweep in a circle, but when he swept YE Feng, suddenly brow of a challenge. Immediately, he was like do not like to believe, and Tsai looked at from Feng Ye, but this time, YE Feng has their own strength completely hidden up. Volts turtle interest-grabbing surgery he has been practicing very skilled, as long as he is willing to pretend to ordinary people may be difficult, but put on the appearance of a bad power, no problem. "Am I just wrong? Exactly what the young man, how that just a moment, I clearly kind of illusion, to see his brother's breath in his body?" Then, the young man put his head the idea of ​​expulsion out, "24-year-old brother practice to the birth of the environment, is the pride of the family! the boy just how much ah? absolutely impossible!" It looked YE Feng looks not some old, about as big as 17-year-old than YE Feng big on some, but it is a family of children. He just thought he was wrong, at the moment, he walked closer, looked YE Feng is found, YE Feng strength is probably in Budokan heavy [twelve meridians] about. The vigorous breath in the body, infuriating eruption, it is difficult to control the underlying strength, it is the characteristics of this state. However, when the man saw YE Feng, a dress is probably the children of civilians. Civilian children in this age practice to this realm, does not count. "The hearts of man have been identified, they would not want many things, this time, YE Feng family also began eating slowly toward the restaurant behind away. Front yard, restaurants, followed by live, general are so restaurants. Ye Lingxi look around, see what all feel extremely curious, YE Feng is thinking of excellence Court just that all of a sudden the sky away Fushuai Cheng Tian Xiao style. The reverie which day, so splitting, the subject of worship. Man when the case! Tomorrow, I went to see that at the entry of the Court of excellence. "Feng Ye think to myself, at this moment, the mother Unconditionally suddenly spoke up and said:" Little Feng, just restaurants, they say dauntless Hou master, should you? "Feng Ye heard this, his face suddenly an embarrassing would like to explain what, if then regardless of anything to say, for fear that the mother will not believe. Suddenly, he stammered spoke. Mother Unconditionally was a faint smile, did not speak, made YE Feng face increasingly embarrassed, or even face some heat. <

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