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18.05.2013 05:48
as the tomb of the tool antworten

On the outside, the one-eyed dragon sent three men, guarding the entrance, and he took a similar to the second one week of pedestrian feet tied the string, the hole under the hands, holding some thick nylon bag, presumably to install mud used. See the tour's eyes, the one-eyed smiled, "dragon brother, which is used to hold the soil, back and forth to the outside is a little trouble, as the tomb of the tool, we have shipped to the hole, dragon brother, you have a master, in fact do not have to follow us to inside the tomb of dangerous, what you should do is comfortably to the things we value appraisal." The tour rolled his eyes, his mother, now in the tomb, just give me that you don't need to come, if applied to the Wang Chongyang creepy discourse, is absolutely real, with a chick chick fight, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, walk on the road, said the girl some sad, in fact, you don't need to care about my feelings, directly down on the line. This depressed,Jordan SC 1 Sale, absolute can let a person Biequ unceasingly, the Cyclops have so good, I'm afraid he wished himself into the tomb, and then catch all in one draft, their fate to offend him, if he can let me go, I'm afraid he is not a cyclops. "Oh, dragon boss, even the grave had not had have master, how can be called truly have master it, moreover, the grave goods, no one have the master pointing to you, how can the priority with valuable things." The tour said with a smile, and then went on to the tomb. The one-eyed man lengleleng, disdain smile, this guy thinks he is who ah,Coach Crossbodys Bags, a silly child. They also say. If you don't understand curio knowledge, only by experience, they can know where the things of value. This leads to the tomb of the channel can be very difficult to walk, walk a squat, almost can let a person body aches. Looking ahead the sixth son that pain like the tour does not, smiled,Air Jordan Outlet, and then start to escape Shu, will change the soles of the feet sank into the land, and then slowly slide. He can not help but sigh, or the operation is convenient, direct swiftly to the tomb, this channel is bumpy, walking can be said to make people extremely uncomfortable. If not behind Cyclops that a group of people with a light, shining on the front, I'm afraid he early in the narrow channel. Straightened up, head on the ground, feet in the soil, it is a matter of how comfortable. But in this way, the Cyclops and speaking. Nothing, a walk very relaxed. "The guy in front, walk fast...... Oh, my love." At this moment, the men square swim back, see the front speed is too slow. Want to push the tour some impatient, but he pulled out a hand to, just in front of their own. Disappear, let him push the empty, almost did not look on the channel, body and foot was twisted, the pain he constantly draw breath. What's the matter? What's the matter. Cyclops frown. Some says sullenly, he can not think of here. To make the moth. The man fell down on smoking, terrified, "eldest brother, who disappeared, people don't >

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