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18.05.2013 05:42
but Fang You in a small auction out antworten

Are some people chat very joyous, from the auction house door, entered a confident young with a thick,Air Jordan UK, straight to see the tour. The tour feel the familiar eyes, set fine a look, not from smiled, "Shen Gang, for you to take ginseng, this auction, I think we should not let you down." This strong self-confidence, Shen is just, then heard the party tour, his face smile, "the auction, although I think is not simple, but also just feel surprised me that, finally, it makes my heart deeply shocked, this kind of shock, to it is not deleted." Then, Shen Gang face peep out one silk bitter s è, even if he so confident the wise, nor that the tour, press a root not antique auction, but between the antique and non antiques. Hundred years Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine, the thousand year ginseng, these two things, I am afraid of any one person,Jordan 14 Shoes, cannot say they are not antique, they rarely, even to their own each held an auction, is not excessive, but Fang You in a small auction out, visible soul the powerful force. "The tour, through the auction, I have realized and difference between you, however, I will never give up, next year's Burma male dish, I'll wait for you here." Then, Shen Gang is respectful to Qi old said hello, and then in the presence of all the people nodded, strode into the auction house, prepare payment, for his ginseng. The tour is helpless on smiling, so keep on carving a rival in life, do not know is good or bad. Qi Lao smiled, "you, who is he, like you and he knows, maybe you should thank the boy, without him, the two pieces of the thousand year ginseng, will never reach one billion four hundred million of the price." "Oh,Coach Bags Store, the old. He is my friend, is my opponent, "you said with a smile, and looked at Shen Gang. Filled with regrets, recall and Wu Yang in a small bet stone shop meet, so far, he has become a cheesy very Yuwang, almost as if a generation had passed. Qi Lao smiled, "this guy is really good, confident but not arrogant. The life can have the opponent, not wasted." Look at the tour some emotion expression, together with thick old smile, "however, is it right? The small tour, we went to eat." The tour immediately head out on a N black line, watching Dong Qilin, he didn't bring Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine. Only to take Dong Qilin's top. They just walked out the door, but you see two people, from the auction house. Is carrying a jar of Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine, slowly walked out, it was the film Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine middle-aged people, and the fat man, the two of them cautious move Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine, like ants move slowly, for fear that their own walk a little faster, jar Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine spilled in general. See the J ī ng beautiful Huadiao Shaoxing medium sweet wine, access from the auction of Longyou's people, can not help but stop. Seem to have thought of it as the amber Cheng Huang Mingliang, with intense aromas of the wine, they each mouth parched and tongue scorched at jars, hate not to attack back, fill a big. In this case, can not help but let the fat some fear. But seeing the auction house door stood an >

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