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virtual like withered claw from heaven antworten

Chapter 337: desperate drive away the track hapless, YE Feng et al. Described above according to Yu-Jane image, what you want, quickly found that they said is extremely remote and extraordinary cave. Www quanBEn, com entered the cave, according to the instructions into the Yu-Jane, everyone has gone through several fork, came to a very strange place. At this moment, in front of the crowd has no anterior, also said, everyone's body is no longer the cave, but a still if the endless Xinghai, but they were black and the vast, there is no trace of bright Mans singular. Looking at the front of a vast black, do not know why, they were all feeling a little uneasy, depending on each one, while everybody else to see each other in the eyes of the meaning of the high degree of vigilance. "It seems that we are really looking for the right place, but this place seems really very scary ah!" Firmly fixed on the black Xinghai Road Wentian your breath. Hear the words of the Wentian smile Foluogaga: "Nothing, as long as we are careful that the world is large, there are many places we can not go!" Everyone heard have nodded: "Since to have come , will be able to go home empty handed, do not hesitate to the Big Brother! "Wentian heard this, laughed:" When I hesitate, I just remind you to be careful bit of everything, well, since all ready, We now go! "Wentian said, acted in a self out a two-edged the heavy long knife,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, leap, suddenly gone into that boundless shady. Looked Wentian when the previous row, they also follow suit, have jumped into the shady. Into the shady, YE Feng suddenly feeling he was already extremely safe stature suddenly involuntarily roll up, how is this going? This is spatial send? But also a very long-range disorder transmitted? Careful induction with all the changes of the whole body, YE Feng hearts of vigilance meaning more and more grave, YE Feng suddenly felt dangerous this trip seems to have more than previously expected. YE Feng heart to have doubts continue rising of a hoarse voice suddenly rising in the minds of the YE Feng. "Ye Xiaozi you do not order it? How come this damn place!" This is the one with the sound of surprise and wroth. Listening to the familiar voice suddenly sounded in the minds, the hearts of the YE Feng suddenly hi, and then the habit of acoustic: "predecessors, you have not dead!" Hear the words of Feng Ye, just boundless To lose in thousands of machines to wake suddenly burst gripped you very much hope that I died is: "So how do you speak?" Feng Ye heard, suddenly know something wrong, quickly replied: "No, my not think predecessors, this time missing for too long, and missing too sudden, so the hearts of worry! "Hear Ye Feng say, thousands of machines to be a cry, but did not for one second, but immediately asked blunt: "You do not talk so much, you give me about how it happened, how do you come to this place, do not order? Or do you really think you will not die ? "Feng Ye heard the sound of thousands of machines so angry, suddenly feeling very surprised, and he began to ask:" a place like this? what place is there any more special? Or say you had been there? " Feng Ye heard questioning in thousands of machines suddenly sense of wonder: "how your kid do not know even their own place to go, which in the end is how is it? you feel the things I talk about, or else you kid maybe his life there is no guarantee it! "in thousands of machines very often do not fly, but we live in this strange place, YE Feng feel better to believe that the old guy is better, so it is a deft will out of things to say about this 'sea absolute domain'. Quietly listening to YE Feng said, in thousands of machines suddenly hop thirty feet high, and said angrily: "shit, shit, the Ye Xiaozi you really fool others this is obviously a lie to you, there is simply not the so-called Fam, you fools! "We fooled?" hear the words of thousands of machines, YE Feng suddenly hit a Ji Ling Feng Ye have always felt Wentian and others said makes sense, think divination is not 'm a one-time calculation of so many people, but now hear thousands of machines so frantic to say, the idea of ​​mind got a little shaken. With the hearts of surprised and bewildered, YE Feng on track to thousands of machines open asked: "That in the end what is, and what danger?" Heard thousands of machines, know that it emergency, there is no more guessing, so back said: "you are in the endless space cracks, and you're about to go were referred to the space gap, this space gap fate born, are generally of collusion between the unknown world, and Whenever this space gap at its birth, tend to have a big disaster, and that is the presence of other unknown world tend toward the invasion of our world, so unless there is a half-step the presence of God levels, the use of their own world the laws of perception, changes in the reversal of space, it would only be able to completely eliminate the space gap of course, these are okay with you, as long as you know, very dangerous, very dangerous, and there's Wicked Xiongshou, demons are necessarily very strong and your identity, they will not have the slightest concern in this, so if you have a case, it is a dead end, absolutely no one can save you, since you have nothing to plot, then you simply or Quit, or dangerous! "heard on thousands of machines to remonstrate, but Feng Ye careful thought, but shook his head and said:" I understand the meaning of their predecessors, but since it is not what happens, but evil, then I to be careful when it wants to, does not have a big problem! "in the thousands of machines originally thought YE Feng listened to remonstrate turned to leave this extremely dangerous place , but did not expect the YE Feng Sixingbugai, even going to risk this situation immediately so that thousands of machines endless rage. But is that thousands of machines intended the rage Zaiquan of when the sense of one soul tear suddenly rising into the sky lies in the minds of thousands of machines, induction changes in thousands of machines, but the issue lament silent again the indulged go. Hear the lament of thousands of machines, YE Feng heart burst of anxiety, but when YE Feng again to ask when thousands of machines, YE Feng found that he can not find the presence of thousands of machines. Hearts sigh loudly, YE Feng had to pull ourselves together, re-induction around all the changes. Soon, along with a burst of sinking sense came, YE Feng suddenly recovered again the sense of this manipulation of the body. Sensing this change, YE Feng Zhang eyes around, and then suddenly see the positive Situated on a floating park above Wentian people. Without hesitation, to mention gas jump sideways YE Feng came Wentian front. Standing on top of the floating garden, YE Feng had just idle properly looked at this strange world. This is a slightly black sink the vanities of the world, the vast, dark, only a handful of inexplicable light shone. Endless emptiness, separated by a distance in the always has some weird items, these things or a piece of dead wood, or a floating grass, or a Weiran mountains, a magnificent palace, and so forth. YE Feng looked up, they found the original of but a shape changing crack. Looked at the cracks, YE Feng suddenly just said those words in thousands of machines more one-third of the trust. "It seems really simple ah!" The hearts of emotion, YE Feng looked toward the side of the crowd, saw Wentian et al look abnormal four watching. "We seem to come in a the not the place ah? Aspect Celestial so many years, large and small, Fam also saw a lot, but they never come across this vast, strange place!" For a long time, recovered from the shock, Florida usual uttered a harsh muttering. Heard the muttering of Florida, Fang Qiang Hey smile, mischievous and said: "That is your own little experience nothing, just a mere Fam nothing, no big deal? I see here is very interesting thing, the place is big mess things and great, very sort of Uncharted feel it! "Listen to the words of the square, the all Jieyou an ironic feel, 'places, very sort of Fam feeling,' This is what a mess ah. Heard these two words clown speech Wentian, who was originally here too dark and slightly low and gradually restore the natural, originally wary look whom also relax many. However, just in this moment everyone to expose their smile,Coach Bags Outlet, relax the mind, had a quiet wave space suddenly burst into shock, and then has been like a virtual like withered claw from heaven. This sudden dry claw extremely huge, and five dry withered claw above refers to the hard-edged, like King Kong siderite Suozhu in general. Withered claw sudden pressure Wentian, who at this time is the hearts of vigilance on the occasion of the most under, so wait until Wentian people react when the time is already late some, though they are trying to return to God shot, but it also felt the time difference between the two. Seeing the blight claw is necessary pressure in the top of the head of the crowd, suddenly a thunder sound, touch Yinmang to flash, the original vigil the tread lift-off of the side of YE Feng, the hands clasped the Raytheon epee,New Arrivals Coach UK, looking a distinction. Other people do not know the ins and outs here, so dare to relax but YE Feng has just been in the thousands of machines solemn warning, and now see here with thousands of machines said there is no difference, it is the most vigilant when moment occurred Aurora in space, YE Feng's mind is already illegal channels is not good, the moment appeared withered claw, YE Feng has been removed Raytheon epee, and it is precisely because YE Feng give full alert, YE Feng to striking, Ying air and on. Peng! With a bang, the original Frightful YE Feng suddenly feeling his body startled, chest pain, and after involuntary suddenly inverted fall. "How so soon there will be such a strong character strikes, which in the end is how is it?" Life and death of an idea, looking at the withered claw the head constantly keep falling, YE Feng heart suddenly filled with unlimited unwilling, this Juzhua master is definitely not the average person, even if there is no supernatural powers throughout the eight heavens, at least Seventh Heaven pinnacle of supernatural powers throughout the period for the repair, or can not make a move defeated, even if this trick then very suddenly. <

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